Choose the Right Team Building Event

Choosing the Right Team Building Event

You want to ensure that the team building activity you choose is focussed upon the needs and objectives of your team to get the best possible return. You don’t go to see a medical practitioner, say "I'm ill" and be given some "Illness Tablets". You explain your symptoms, your doctor reviews them and recommends the most appropriate, targeted treatment.

Similarly, when beginning to choose your team building activities you must first undertake an evaluation and establish quite clearly any issues you wish to tackle and the objectives you want to achieve with your event.

If there are problems in your team, you need to determine the causes and consider the best way to tackle them and part of the solution may be a team building event which is designed to build upon the team’s strengths whilst tackling any weaknesses.

If there are no problems, maintaining and improving performance will be your goal and activities which are seen as a reward but which will also build and develop internal communication will maximise your return upon the spend.

The most effective activity event forms part of an integrated programme that combines your event with ongoing team development in the workplace. It is not a single event that takes place off-site, but part of this ongoing process and the event activities chosen will have objectives that match the issues in your team and will make a long-term contribution to team development.

Things To Consider When Planning Your Next Team Building Event

When you then take a more detailed look at your shortlist of team activity ideas, there are various things you need to consider:

Should our Team Building be Indoor or Outdoor?

There are numerous event possibilities and whilst old-fashioned events seemed to involve mud, rain and misery for all but the enthusiastic, active, outdoor types in the team, time has moved on and team building events are now heavily focussed on delivering the message in an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment.

Outdoor events are still popular and very effective – and are more thought based and gently active without involving discomfort. A well-considered event will minimise any impact the vagaries of the British weather might have - without the underlying message of the activity being lost in an effort to stay warm and dry!

Whilst not exclusively seasonal, outdoor events invariably take place in the summer months whereas indoor events are popular all year round and are tending to be in the majority as they can have a speedier turnaround between conference sessions without any change of clothes being required.

Post Activity Review

After your team activity event you should perform a review or evaluation of its effectiveness in meeting your objectives as this will help you in evaluating the return on investment and help in the choice of your next step in developing the team.

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