Conference & Event Management

We only remember 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear – but a striking 90% of what we experience. That’s why when we help you manage your events we strive to ensure that what your delegates see, hear and experience is knitted tightly together to clearly get your business messages across.

Whether through a conference, training roadshow, overseas incentive or hospitality event, whichever ways you communicate with your audience we help deliver your projects in an effective, efficient and cost conscious way.

Building upon the theme and creative elements, we continue to work with you to add value to your event by careful venue and supplier selection, meticulous logistics planning and audience impact measurement. We are big fans of planning and attention to detail because turning your event strategy into a well-formulated plan is vital to guarantee success.

Applying expertise from all of KDM’s resources and collaborative supplier relationships might involve all or just some of our event management services:

  • Strategy and Theme development
  • Graphics and Video
  • Event Production
  • Venue and Accommodation Management
  • Registration
  • Travel Management
  • Signage, Venue Decor and Furnishing
  • Supplier Management
  • Post Event Measurement

Want to see what this all means in practical terms? Take a look through our client case studies and get in touch to talk to us about crafting your messages into successful events.