Updated 22nd June 2020:

The world in which we live has changed substantially over the past few months... and like many events businesses we have been closed for business since late March, making the best of lockdown and above all else very much hoping for an improved health situation across the country.

Whilst we now await further guidance and confirmation from the Government, we are looking ahead and planning to gradually reopen as a business throughout July and August - hence should you be planning or considering a potential event for the Autumn, Christmas or into 2021 then we very much will be here to deliver a memorable event for you, whatever shape or form that may take!


As a company we are committed to offering maximum flexibility so that you can book with confidence, whilst keeping everybody safe is absolutely critical - we have therefore taken the following actions for all new event bookings:

Any deposits paid for new event bookings can either be refunded in full, or held as credit towards a new event date.


As you can appreciate we currently have an abnormal amount of spare time on our hands... so for any queries, advice or just a friendly chat please do give us a call or email to get in touch!