Beat Box

A form of vocal percussion involving the art of mimicking drum beats, Beat boxing is a super fun and original way to get all your guests energised and jamming to the same tune! 

Perfect as an icebreaker or energiser, this is an easy and satisfying way of successfully working together to create something memorable. No musical ability or previous experience is necessary as this event is presented in a fun visual way, and made accessible for everyone. Demonstrated and led by our instructors, your group is allocated to different percussion sections such as bass line, hi-hat cymbals and snare drums! With icons and images pulsing on screen to remind and trigger the group to make the accompanying sounds, guests will be following the beatbox rhythms in no time. Your guests will be amazed by the range of different sounds, beats and music they will be able to make together using only their mouth, lips, and voice. 

After practising each section, all are then performed together in an amazing finale which demonstrates the power of collaboration in action. A high energy memorable experience, you’ll never look at pictures of boots or cats in the same way again!


Your event will be tailored to suit your particular requirements and your chosen venue. Just make a quick call to one of the team and you’ll have detailed options within four hours.