The Royal Heist

When Scotland Yard breaks the news that the Crown Jewels have been stolen, it’s up to you to step in to assist in recovering them! Teams use maps and GPS tablets to solve a series of clues to identify specific sites in the local area and travel to the spots either by foot or using their very own private black taxicab with driver. Once there evidence must be collected and used to unmask the culprit! Tasks range from code cracking to fingerprinting and artist's impressions.

A fun and unique team experience, this event combines mental agility, intuitive leaps and good old fashioned footwork!

Note: If the Black Cab option is chosen an additional charge will need to be added. (Approx. £75 per hour per cab).

Your event will be tailored to suit your particular requirements and your chosen venue. Just make a quick call to one of the team and you’ll have detailed options within four hours.