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Team Building Activities

Whatever your group size or objectives, whether in-person or virtual - we deliver memorable shared experiences!

Team Building Activities

As the UK’s leading event specialists with over 30 years experience, KDM events has built up a fantastic portfolio of team building activities for every occasion. From light-hearted fun to more focused team and personal development, we have a range of activities and events to meet every need!

Whether you want your team to take to the rough waters and test their mettle against each other, or would prefer something a little more easy going — perhaps a night of comedy? — we’ve got everything you need to make your team building event extra special.

As we are a supplier to the industry, we also own all of our own equipment and have our own team of experienced Event Managers on staff. Our Event Managers will deliver your activity or event, just as you requested it. With KDM, you maintain absolute control over the quality, delivery and price of the end product.

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Event objectives



They’re simple questions. But they’re also a very important questions, and they should be asked at the outset of every event:

Why are you holding this event?

What exactly do you want your team to gain from taking part in this event?

If the answer to this question is that you’re holding the event just for fun and a bit of team bonding then the range of options are endless. You could have your team take part in the Out of Office Olympics or have them pick up some very useful Circus Skills, for example.

But if your ambitions stretch beyond fun, we have a range of team building activities that are specifically designed with the following Learning Objectives in mind:

  • Use of Resources
  • Creative Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Develop Time Management skills
  • Team Communication
  • Demonstrate and improve Teamwork
  • See the benefits of Delegation

Indoor Team Building Activities

We have developed a range of indoor team building activities that are designed specifically with this in mind. These will keep the team within your conference and meeting room – and will keep you well away from the elements!

With the UK’s unpredictable climate and a large number of event venues having little or no outdoor space for activities, there are many advantages to holding your activity indoors.

If you have a tight schedule, for example, holding your team building activity indoors gives you an extra level of stability when it comes to the weather. It also allows you to have a fast turnaround, enabling you to better use your allotted time.

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Outdoor Team Building Activities

If you wish to take a fresh air break to re-energise and relax as a part of your conference or meeting’, KDM can work with you to choose the right outdoor team building event to achieve your objectives … and make the most of the sunshine!

But, if you would like the option to switch indoors if the weather does not do as you hoped, then our optional Wet Weather Contingency will keep you and your team in the warm and dry, even if the worst does happen and it starts to rain.

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Ice Breakers and Conference Energisers

Ice breakers and conference energisers are a great way to get people talking to each other, put a group at ease, and build trust — regardless of whether your team building event is a small meeting between a small insular team or a large seminar involving a hundred people who you have never met before. Each ice breaker is designed to complement your conference programme and ensures that it delivers the maximum benefit to you and your team or guests.

Invigorate your guests by giving them the opportunity to benefit from a break in the conference schedule, refocus their concentration and get to know their colleagues in a cooperative environment with a Conference Energiser — a short, sharp cooperative activity designed to get your delegates on their feet, energise them and put their concentration back on track.

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Virtual Team Building Activities

Whilst the concept of virtual is anything but new, 2020 was of course a year of substantial and rapid change for everyone and everything. Especially so when it comes to team building.

Because of the massive societal changes, we’ve had to rethink some of our existing events and invent some brand new ones. And we’ve created some great new virtual team building activities.

Using our decades of experience and ability to think on our feet, we have swiftly adapted to offer a range of over 25 different virtual events and experiences to suit all tastes and objectives. Crucially, all of these events have the same important goal: to enable your employees to stay connected and engaged during the pandemic.

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How to Plan & Host Successful Team Building Activities

In 2009, a group of researchers set out to investigate the effectiveness of team building in the workplace. This study considered the impact of four specific team building components on performance outcomes. These components were goal setting, interpersonal relations, problem solving and role clarification. The results of this study showed that team building has a positive effect across all outcomes.

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What Are The Benefits of Team Building?

Often a business’ success depends on how well its employees can co-operate on a day-to-day basis. Team building can play a vital role in not only strengthening and developing workplace relationships, but also ensuring that goals and deadlines are met. If we look through the lens of Bruce Tuckman’s group development theory at team building, there are many benefits…

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Competitive vs Collaborative Team Building

When searching for team building activities, you may notice that events and activities are often grouped into two types, “competitive” and “collaborative”.

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Why is Team Building Important in the Workplace?

Team building events are terrible, right? You’re thrust into a room with your colleagues and pushed out of your comfort zone for as long as a full working day.

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How Does Team Building Lead to Team Cohesion?

Before we explore how team building leads to team cohesion, we must first clarify exactly what is meant by team cohesion.

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Do you provide team building events anywhere in the UK?

Our team building events are available across the UK. From London to Manchester and everyone between, find out more about team building with KDM Events...

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