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12 Must Try Physical Team Building Activities

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are gearing up to reinvigorate team spirit with exciting team-building activities. Ignite collaboration and strengthen bonds among teams. We’ve curated a list of our top 10 must-try physical team-building experiences. At KDM Events we help teams embark on an adventure of camaraderie and fun!

What is physical team building?

Physical team building events, activities, or exercises are designed to foster teamwork, communication, trust, and collaboration among team members through physical challenges or tasks. 

Physical team building can include activities such as obstacle courses, sports games, ropes courses, adventure challenges, and problem-solving tasks that require physical effort and coordination among team members. The goal is to not only enhance team cohesion but also to promote leadership skills, problem-solving abilities, and mutual support within the team.

1. Ninja Workout

Show us a person who says they don’t love ninjas, and we’ll show you a ninja in disguise.

Our Ninja Workout recreates the excitement of the TV craze in a safe way that brings your team together — all your team needs to bring is a pair of trainers and some suitable sports clothes. Taking 90 minutes, up to 160 people can compete in four zones — Agility, Balance, Endurance and Strength — each with their own unique challenges. Finally, your team will compete in the Ninja-inspired assault course finale.

Lady on monkey bars'

2. Game Your Thrones

The show might be over but our Game Your Thrones Team Building Activity is still going strong and worthy of a king. Taking direct inspiration from the show and book series, our Game Your Thrones Challenge isn’t so much a physical challenge and team building opportunity as it is a war of (more than) five kings.

Game Your Thrones challenges have either a Mental, Physical or Skill component, and your team will be tested in all three. After testing their mettle in the Mother of Dragons and Free House, a successful team will take part in the Wild Fire finale — where each member of the winning team will duel their own teammates for a chance to win the throne.

Does your team have the potential to take the throne? Try our Game Your Thrones challenge and find out!

KDM Events - Event Management Company - Team Building activities'

3. The Games

There’s nothing quite like the Olympics. We’re not sure if it’s the sacred flame, the sheer number of flags, or the excitement of competition. Whatever it is, it inspired us to create one of our most engaging outdoor activities to date.

In The Games, guests are put into teams representing a country. Then, our Head Coach gets them ready for The Games by taking them through a lively aerobic warm session. Once everyone’s warmed up, each team will compete in a series of official events designed to test skill, stamina, and team spirit – including softball, archery, and shooting. Your team will also undertake one of the track and field disciplines. Options available include: Tug O’ War, Cross-Country ‘Skiing’, and ‘shot put’ and javelin.

If you’re considering planning a company sports day, The Games offers a team building event that your colleagues will always remember and with the Olympics taking place this year, there’s no better timing!

KDM Events - Events Management Company - Team Building Activities'

4. GPS Treasure Hunt

These days it’s rare that we have the time to just look around and explore the world around us. Most of the time, we’re all struggling to get where we need to be when we’re supposed to be there. The GPS Treasure Hunt is our way of overcoming that.

It’s not just an over-engineered tour, it’s a challenge and a great way of doing some team building. Your team will have to work together to solve complex puzzles and unlock the next step of the treasure hunt.

To get started, your event manager will brief your team. After that, it’s up to them to navigate their way through the challenges, working together to complete the mandatory ones while also deciding whether or not they want to take the time to complete the bonus ones. At the end of the day, the team with the highest score will win.

KDM Events - Event Management Company - Competitive Team Building Events'

5. The F1 Method

F1 Teams are some of the most highly coordinated groups of people on the planet, able to do amazingly complex work at a speed that’s almost as fast as the cars they race with. Why not channel some of that energy for your own team building endeavours?

With the F1 Method, your team will recreate those amazing results by recreating the total F1 experience.

The F1 Method is one of our most intensive physical challenges. It’s also one of our most exciting. Firstly, your team will design their logo and branding for their team. Then, they’ll all learn the pit crew and driving skills and practice for the big race day — where they’ll take part in three high-stakes challenges designed to test their teamwork and communication skills, as well as their reaction times.

Build Teamwork With the F1 Method'

6. Crystal Mazed

Some icons don’t last long, others are made of crystal and last forever. That’s why we created our Crystal Mazed challenge.

Using the template established by the iconic TV show, teams compete in a set of 8 challenges based around themes such as Medieval, Futuristic, Aztec and Industrial.

Finally, your team will compete in the crystal cube, where they will attempt to collect as many golden tickets as possible within the time limit.

You have two options when it comes to this challenge. Your teams can either complete the course indoors — and get the authentic experience — or they can compete outdoors and really get the adrenaline pumping. Either way, your team building campaign will  soon see the benefits.

KDM Events - Team Building Events - Event Management Company - Crystal Maze team building activity'

7. Dragon Boat Race

Based on an ancient Chinese fruitfulness ritual, the Dragon Boat Race has quickly become one of the fastest growing team sports in the world and one of our favourite challenges.

Each 40-foot long boat fits up to 16 people — giving you a lot of choice when it comes to how to organise your team. Will you challenge your small teams to beat their own score or will you have multiple teams competing against one another? It’s up to you. Either way, we’re sure they’ll love the challenge of moving as one against the harsh waters and you’ll appreciate the team building benefits.

Your team will be fully briefed by our experienced instructors before taking to the water to ensure their safety — including on how to stop the boat and how to stop the boat capsizing. Weak swimmers and those with medical issues will be identified before the race and advised on a case by case basis.


8. Circus Skills

Does your team have what it takes to be the circus master? In Circus Skills, your team will have fun and learn traditional circus skills, such as juggling, plate spinning and unicycling. Once they’ve learned the skills and been able to practice, your team will be able to choose their strongest skills and take part in the finale — where they’ll find out whether they have what it takes to be the greatest showman.

This challenge is great for team  building because it helps to bring your team together without the competition in a fun way that brings everyone together — no one’s left out and everyone can take part.

Man juggling'

9. Activity & Adrenaline

If you’re looking to get the adrenaline pumping amongst your team and build some synchronicity, we have just the thing! Our Activity & Adrenaline day out offers an exhilarating option for incentives, rewards or simply breaking the ice. Our Activity and Adrenalin days are designed to motivate your team into action in a fun and controlled atmosphere.

A fun packed day with a little bit of fierce competition thrown into the mix, Activity and Adrenaline is a great opportunity for some serious team building. There are a number of activities to choose from for this exciting event — from defying the laws of gravity with Rage Buggies, to practising your marksman skills with rifle shooting.

Other activities to choose from include:

  • ‘Gladiator Jousting’ on an inflatable podium to test strength and reflexes
  • A wipe-out inspired ‘Sweeper Arm’ challenge to test speed and agility
  • The almighty ‘Eliminator’ challenge – tied together by a bungee, colleagues can go head to head in opposite directions!
  • Long bow archery
  • Zorb ball racing

Enjoy multiple options of activities allowing you to create a unique and diverse event that will get your guests hearts pumping, adrenaline flowing and working creatively together.

Rage buggie driving'

10. Country Sports

Escape to the country with our fun filled Country Sports event! Perfect for incentives, rewards or just to break the ice amongst new teams – or teams that have been working remotely for some time now – our Country Sports event has something for everyone.

There are a number of activities to choose from for this exciting event, from testing your accuracy in rifle shooting, testing your co-ordination in sheep dog handling, finding your inner Robin Hood at archery. You might even want to  get up close and personal with majestic birds of prey in falconry. We even offer ferret racing!

No matter which events you choose our Country Sports Event is bound to have your guests entertained!

Duck herding experience'

11. Get Me Out of Here

Get ready for an adrenaline-fuelled adventure inspired by a hit TV show! Teams of up to 8 participants will take on 8 thrilling challenges, each boasting branded signage boards and impressive prop replicas. From navigating the Magnetic Maze to deciphering clues in Word on the Grapevine, teams will engage in a variety of activities including Bush Telegraph, Buck Tucker Trail, Shooting Stars, and Roller Ball Rapids. 

Our event crew oversees the action, team compete to earn points on each challenge, the top-performing teams will advance to the ultimate test: the Cyclone finale, where only one team will emerge victorious and claim the title!

Get Me Out of Here team build'

12. Dragster Race

You’ll feel the need, the need for speed building and racing dragster cars! Challenge your group to the ultimate test as they design, construct, and put to the test their very own Dragster Car. With each team equipped with the same materials, it’s all about collaboration and ingenuity to craft the swiftest model-sized racing Dragster. From aerodynamics to style, teams must balance various factors to create their speediest masterpiece. 

Safety is paramount, with each Dragster secured for spectators’ peace of mind. Using electronic timers, teams will race to determine the fastest average speed over multiple runs.

But the thrill doesn’t stop there—watch as these Dragsters show off their skills in a stunt race, adding an extra layer of excitement. From the boardroom to the factory floor, this event is perfect for all levels, with our expert staff on hand to guide every step of the way. Get ready to rev your engines and experience the thrill of speed with our Dragster Team Building Event!


The One You Make Yourselves

The best physical activity for your team is the one your team designs themselves. At KDM Event Management, we can customize your team building activity and make it whatever you want it to be. Want to split your team into smaller groups and then have them compete in a game of king of the hill? We can do that. Would you like to have us design an Indiana Jones themed scavenger hunt that takes place in your office and is designed to increase team building? We can do that, too.

KDM Events has a wealth of experience making ideas a reality. Get in touch today with your ideas and we’ll see what we can do for you. If you’d like to book a pre-designed team building activity, make an inquiry on the event page you’d like to book. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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