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Team-building games are usually used to enhance team collaboration and strengthen the bonds that grow between your team members. Whether your team works virtually or in the office, each of these team-building games and activities will be fun and easy to slip into an everyday or weekly routine. 

Team-building games will help you to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for one another and help shed some light on team member’s strengths and capabilities. Choosing the right exercise is important, as not every team is comfortable with all activities, so it is important to choose an activity that everyone feels safe to take part in

Why Are Team-Building Games So Important?

Beyond having fun, team-building games will often reveal important insights about team dynamics and can be a stepping stone to addressing underlying issues. Incorporating regular team-building games into your weekly routine can lead to improved communication, trust and overall team performance.

Teams who foster an inclusive culture will usually be much more transparent, supportive of one another and happy as everyone feels accepted. It is essential to make any team activity feel as productive as possible to ensure that it is a worthwhile investment of time. Before choosing a team-building game, you should take note of everyone’s abilities and find an activity that everyone in the team can have a go at.

Team-Building Icebreaker Games

Icebreaker games and questions are excellent for getting to know one another, but they’re also fun to play with team members who have known each other for a long time. You can play them to get everyone up to speed for a meeting, or use them to introduce new team members.

Sell It!

Ask each of your team members to bring a random object with them to the meeting. Everyone then has to come up with a logo, slogan and marketing plan to sell their object. After a short period, each team member has to present their new product to the rest of the team. If you have a larger team, divide them into a group of 2-4 people and ask them to help one another on their product pitches.

Matching Pairs

First, you will need a list of matching objects such as salt & pepper, day & night, sweet & salty etc. Write each of these words on individual sticky notes and tape them to each team member’s back. Then you ask your team to ask one another a set of ‘yes/no’ questions to find out what object they are. Once they have figured out their object, they must then find their matching pair. Your team can use this team-building game to bond with each other and improve their communication skills. If you have a larger team, this exercise can also offer them the opportunity to interact with people they may not usually get to speak to within the office on an everyday basis.

Human Bingo

A perfect, high-energy icebreaker challenge that encourages networking and communication. Human bingo is a team-building game with a twist, allowing team members to learn some interesting facts about one another. This team-building game is a great way to kick-start a conference or meeting and allow guests to interact with one another. Each guest will receive a bingo card listing interesting things a person may or may not have done, such as ‘can run a marathon’ or ‘can speak multiple languages.’ Team members must then talk to one another to find one person who can do each of the activities on their bingo card. Great fun and a high-energy indoor team-building game, perfect to encourage networking and conversation in a fun and informal way.

Insights Discovery Profiling

This team-building game will help you to build confidence in your people and teams. Imagine if you could find an engaging and practical way to help individuals develop their skill sets. The Insights Discovery Profiling activity paints an incredible picture of how we think, act and work and is highly relevant to all personal and team development. Every profile is unique and includes personalised information about personal style and decision-making, strengths and weaknesses, and information on how to communicate with each other as well as tips on how to communicate with opposites. This team-building game allows your team to find out more about each other.

Back-To-Back Drawing

Split your team into 2 groups and make them sit back-to-back. Hand one person a pen and a piece of paper, and show the other person a picture of something relatively easy to draw. This person now has to describe the image to their pair without telling them what the item is, and the other person must draw what their pair has described to them. This team-building game is a great way to polish your communication skills and listening skills.

Common Thread

Divide your team up into groups of 3-5 people, then ask your team to find things everyone in the group has in common. This can be a favourite TV show, how everyone dislikes the same flavour of ice-cream, or a common hobby. Encourage your teams to find common threads that aren’t too superficial or obvious. This fun team-building game allows your team to find commonalities that they may not get a chance to discover otherwise. It is also a great way to reunite teams that feel a little divided.

Remote or Virtual Team-Building Games

Bonding virtually with team members can prove to be much more difficult, however, with the use of online and virtual team-building games, it is easier to improve collaboration remotely and motivate team members to help to create a sense of community when you’re physically apart.

Personality Tests

This team-building game would also make an excellent icebreaker for newer teams. Send a personality quiz to your team members and ask everyone to share their results. This can be a formal test such as Myers-Briggs or something a little more light-hearted such as a sorting hat quiz to find out which Harry Potter Hogwarts house each person belongs to or a “what are you” quiz. Depending on the type of quiz you choose, this can become a funny icebreaker before you begin a meeting or can be a longer team-building game where you can deep dive into the results each person has.

Quarterly Challenge

Create an optional challenge for your team to participate in. This challenge can be centred around any type of exercise that may require motivation to complete, for example, health eating challenges, fitness regimes, meditation challenges, or journaling challenges. Creating a meeting or chat space for those partaking in the challenge allows the team to support each other in the challenge throughout the quarter. Make sure your team members are made aware that this challenge is optional. Creating a challenge like this for your team shows them that you value their work/life balance, and it provides team members with the opportunity to share an experience.

Virtual Zero Hour

This team-building game is a virtual activity that pits teams against one another in a fast-paced variety of challenges. Virtual Zero Hour allows teams to connect and engage remotely in a fun environment and race against the clock to complete a combination of challenges before the timer runs out. With numerous activities happening simultaneously, the energy and atmosphere will be through the roof. Using your chosen virtual video platform such as Microsoft Team, Slack or Google Meets, your KDM event manager will host the event in its entirety. Organised into teams of 6 each team is presented with a portfolio of varying challenges with different points available for each task if they are completed successfully. Activities range from table-top puzzles and quizzes to complex physical challenges and games.

Virtual Escape The Box

This virtually hosted activity is ideal for groups that love solving problems and cryptic puzzles. Inspired by live escape room games, this is a fast and furious challenge as teams go all out to successfully decode the master cryptic message to gain the means to open the box. This team-building game encourages teams to work together to solve problems and discover each other’s strengths.

Indoor Team-Building Games

Most of these indoor team-building games can be played in an office space or conference room or a hallway with a small team, but you may need a bit more space if you’re inviting a larger group to join in. 

Memory Wall

For this team-building game, you will need a whiteboard and sticky notes. Take time to write different work-related themes on the whiteboard such as ‘my first day’, ‘a team celebration’, ‘an achievement I’m proud of’ etc. Hand each team member a sticky note and ask them to write down their favourite memories or accomplishments associated with each theme. Ask everyone to share these with the team and take a short walk down memory lane together. This is a lovely activity to share positive experiences and leave the team smiling.

An Escape Room Adventure

Visiting an escape room is always a unique experience and a great way to spend an afternoon with your team. If you are lucky enough to have multiple choices of escape rooms in your local area, then ask your team members what theme they would be most interested in taking on, try to pick something that all team members will enjoy. Solving puzzles in an escape room will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your team members and help them to foster communication and collaboration, as well as build trust between each other and become a shared memory which connects the team as a whole.

Master The Task

This activity is inspired by the award-winning ‘Taskmaster’ TV show. Master The Task is a fast-paced, fun-filled event with a broad series of challenges that will appeal to all. Rotating around each activity in turn, teams must use their skills wisely and put their strengths to the test as they collect points in a bid for success. Whilst a little physical effort may be required, no task is physically demanding. The element of surprise is part of the challenge, participants won’t have seen the tasks prior to the event, so they’ll have to have their wits about them! This is an excellent team-building game for your team to have fun with whilst also demonstrating their strengths and abilities to navigate the tasks.

Game Your Thrones

Inspired by the iconic HBO ‘Game of Thrones’ TV series, this challenging event requires mental skill and physical dexterity as teams compete to ascend the throne. Game Your Thrones is a brilliant team-building game if your team are fans of the show. The themed event ensures team members work together to demonstrate their strengths throughout the task. There is an element of competition to give everyone something to play for. This team-building game is brilliant for larger teams and has outdoor options too.

Great Baking Challenge

If you’re looking for a team-building activity that is much calmer than physical team-building but still fun and offers something different then The Great Baking Challenge may be the perfect team-building activity for you. Inspired by Channel 4’s ‘The Great British Bake Off.’ Teams will work in groups to learn a variety of baking techniques from a professional pastry chef! With the chance to bake a variety of afternoon tea treats, your team is bound to have lots of fun getting their hands floury and getting creative. This activity helps to bond teams and offers them a shared memory as they find out who will win the Great Baking Challenge.

One Word Answers

Pick a phrase related to the meeting topic and ask everyone to write down one word that comes to mind on a sticky note. Then gather these words on a whiteboard or put them on a slideshow. This is a great game to play to collect thoughts and opinions from everyone and share them quickly, it also encourages teams to openly share their thoughts with the rest of the group.

Show & Tell

Ask each member of the team to bring something they’re proud of or something that brings them joy to the meeting. This can be anything from a pet to a plant, a painting or a certificate that they received. Everyone gets 2 or 3 minutes to show off their items and answer questions from the team. Show & Tell isn’t just for children, it’s also a great way to connect with your team. You’ll probably learn something new about your teammates and have a few conversation starters for future meetings.

Outdoor Team-Building Games

If you want to get a larger group of team members together to take part in a team-building game, then there is no better excuse than to head into the great outdoors. Outdoor team-building games are a great way to get your team to interact outside of an office environment.

Volunteer As A Team

Organise a team event during your regular working hours that will contribute to or raise funds for charity. Try to choose a cause that your team cares about and come up with an activity that everyone can take part in and enjoy, like a bake sale or community gardening. Even though these events are enjoyable, scheduling them during working hours can make them feel more like a treat. If there are many charities that your team members would like to help out, then you may consider making this a quarterly event. You can also rotate the charities that you fundraise for to accommodate every team member’s interest. Carrying out charity work can help you to improve your personal health and mental state. Sharing this experience with others can help the team to bond on a deeper level.

Plan A Team Day Out

Plan an outing for your team. You can attend a cooking class, go to a museum or simply have a calming walk around the local parks. If you want to have something your team is working towards together, then plan a 5K or host a sports tournament. Taking your team to new places, away from the office, will help them to break down the walls that people often put up in a professional, office environment. After all, you’re more likely to have casual conversations at a restaurant or a park than you would within an office.

Squad Games

Squad Games is an immersive team event inspired by the Korean TV sensation where contestants battle it out in a series of playground-style games in a bid to avoid emilnation. Play as a head-to-head battle against opposing teams, you will take part in a series of 8 games with different skill sets required in each. This team-building game requires teams to work together to overcome challenges and create a competitive atmosphere where each team member can shine in order to beat their opponents.

Garden Games

Create a lovely, relaxed atmosphere with a selection of garden games and entertainers. The scene is set outdoors with an array of activities, whether you have a steady hand on ‘Beat The Buzzer’, or are balancing on ‘Surf Simulators.’ All these games are great fun and offer an exciting enhancement to any event. The games are all achievable, interesting and fun and the event is run on an informal basis with guests taking part at their leisure.

What Are The Benefits Of Team-Building Games?

Team-building is more than a fun break from your day-to-day routine, it also helps to improve communication, trust and collaboration skills. Team-building games promote a collaborative culture by bringing teammates together and help teams foster agile decision-making and problem-solving skills. Team-building also aids in boosting team members’ productivity rates and team morale, and encourages them to use creative and out-of-the-box thinking.

As you can see, there are lots of ways that you can choose to build your teams’ confidence, connection and teamwork skills. While team-building games are fun, they are also important for helping you to connect with your team on an everyday basis. To build a strong rapport with your colleagues, team-building is key.