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4 Quick and Easy Team Building Activities For the Christmas Period

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holiday period. Snow storms have started to batter the UK, Last Christmas is playing on the radio once again, and the shops are full of baubles and other Christmas decorations. That means only one thing: your team’s head is probably on a lot of other things than work.  For a manager, that kind of thing sounds like something you want to avoid, but with a little work it’s very easy to harness that energy and excitement in order to help your team’s productivity. In this short news article, we’ll be going over some of the great team building activities you  can do this holiday season in order to build synchronicity and synergy in your team.

Office (Christmas) Trivia

The first of our recommended activities for the holiday period is the traditional quiz. It’s really easy to put a quiz together; all you have to do is create a list of questions and then organise your teams into smaller groups for competition. From there, it’s a simple case of getting the team together to ask the questions. What could be easier than that?

Quizzes are great because they bring everyone together and have a layer of competitiveness — which can really bring teams together. To make the event more christmas-centric, you might choose to theme your questions after the holidays or office-famous holiday events. 


Elf on a Shelf

Another great activity for the office is to set up an elf on a shelf and then track its movements around the office. As with every entry on this list, it’s very easy to accomplish a great elf on a shelf event. All you need is an elf doll and a team willing to keep the elf moving through your office. 

The rules for elf on a shelf are simple. It can’t move when the person whose ‘domain’ it intends to invade is looking. This means that you have to wait until that person is away from their desk —  either at lunch, on a break or in a meeting — before the elf can move. From there, it’s just a matter of keeping the elf moving through the office with some regularity. 

Elf on a shelf is a great team bonding activity, especially for large groups. It improves employee engagement, as well as team communication skills and teamwork skills as groups of people try to work out where the elf should go next. If you want, you can even coordinate this with your marketing/social media teams to record your elf’s movements over social media.

Elf on a shelf'

Gift Exchange

The next activity you can do over the holidays is a communal gift exchange or a secret santa amongst your staff. 

Once again, this is a really simple event to put together because everyone provides a gift. All you have to do is announce a Gift Exchange and set a spending limit. From there, it’s just a case of making sure that everyone on your team gets someone else and (if it’s a secret santa) that the secret is maintained. 

At KDM, we love these kinds of activities. Not only does it bring teams — even remote teams — together, but it also has the additional benefit of improving communication between team members. By doing this, you are laying the building blocks for higher levels of synergy between team members.

secret santa exchange'

(Ugly) Christmas Jumper Day

Our final recommendation in terms of recommended fun team building activity is an easy one to pull off. It doesn’t require any additional effort on the part of management, nor does it require any additional funding. All you have to do is wear an ugly holiday jumper, make sure your staff does likewise, and then hold a competition to find the ugliest. 

If you want to take the Ugly Holiday Jumper Day to the next level, you can hold a competition amongst your team and have them vote on the ugliest Holiday Jumper in the office.

ugly sweater competition'

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