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5 Virtual Events For Christmas 2021

If the past 24 months have taught us anything, it’s been that sometimes it’s necessary to change plans. Whether it’s a holiday or a team building event, it’s never been more important to embrace pragmatism and be flexible with your plans.

No where has this been felt more keenly than in the event management business, where what would have once been done face to face has now migrated to the virtual space. Hundreds of organisations have had to shift away from face-to-face team building events and meetings towards internet-based ones. Based on the most recent news reports, it’s very possible  it’ll happen again.

But just because in-person activities are looking to be unlikely, it doesn’t have to mean you can’t have a great festive period. Well planned and executed virtual events — like the ones created and provided by KDM — can provide just as much enjoyment and just as many benefits as face to face ones. Whether you’ve been forced to modify your existing plans or are simply looking for a set of virtual events for a team working remotely, KDM has the pre-planned virtual events for your team.

Christmas at work'

Our Activities

In order to give your team the best opportunity for some semblance of normalcy during these complicated times, KDM Event Management has put together a number of virtual team building events and activities. These activities are designed to replicate the positive effects of a face to face team building event without having to compromise on safety. 

For the Christmas period, we’ve curated this great list of Christmas themed virtual team building activities. Scroll down for our full list of activities.


Virtual Chocolate Making

Learn more by visiting our Virtual Chocolate Making Page

Our first Christmas-themed virtual event is one that isn’t particularly Christmas themed at all — although it is one that will make you and your staff a lot of friends come Christmas Day! 

Virtual Chocolate Making is, as its name suggests, a session wherein your staff make chocolate treats under the direction of a bona fide Michellin starred chef. During this session, your team will learn about the cocoa bean, how that cocoa bean becomes a chocolate bar, before watching the maestro make chocolate themselves. Following this, you’ll learn lots of tips and tricks to make your own chocolate something truly special while working to put your chocolate creation together.

chocolatier kdm'

Christmas Cook and Dine

Learn More By Visiting Our Virtual Christmas Cook and Dine Page

Of all Christmas activities, the one most tied to ‘tradition’ is no doubt the one most closely tied to tradition. Every year, friends and family groups come together and celebrate  — which is why we have Christmas parties. And although the recent pandemic has meant that we can no longer come together as we once did, there’s no reason why we can’t have a meal anyway! 

That’s where our Virtual Christmas Cook and Dine Virtual Event comes in. During this activity, you and your team will cook your own individual meals under the careful guidance of a Michelin Starred chef. 

To set it up, your team will receive a box of ingredients a few days before the event, along with login information for the day itself. On the day itself, the chef will take you through the cooking stage itself, making sure that everything is prepared properly. Afterwards, you, your team, (and your families) can enjoy the meal you’ve cooked together.

Christmas Hamper'

Virtual Music Bingo

Learn More By Visiting Our Virtual Music Bingo Page

This time of the year you can’t take twelve steps outside your front door without hearing at least one Christmas song — and there’s more than a good chance that it’s Last Christmas. But does your team really know them? 

For this event, your team will be given a clipboard, dabber and bingo card that contain 25 songs split from a long space of time. They’re all big selling songs  — so even if you’re not a big fan of Christmas music you’re sure to get at least a few right! 

This event is really simple. All you have to do is listen to the lyrics, name the song, find the title on your bingo card and then cross it off before the next Christmas song plays. Once you’ve got a line (or even a full card)of correct songs, all you have to do is shout bingo and let everyone else know you’ve won.

kdm musical bingo'

Virtual Christmas Quiz

Learn More By Visiting Our Virtual Christmas Quiz Page

Everyone enjoys a good quiz, regardless of whether it’s in the office or pub trivia. During the first lockdown, quizzes were a common activity and have been proven to keep people together — even when they can’t be together.  

Taking pace over Zoom, this remote team building activity is perfect for bringing both close colleagues and remote workers together. Throughout the event, our Event Managers monitor proceedings, ensuring that energy levels and engagement are suitably high throughout the virtual team event. Depending on the number of guests, your group may be split into smaller teams, adding a competitive edge to your Virtual Christmas Quiz.

Christmas Quiz event'

Virtual Hampers Page

Learn More by Visiting Our Virtual Hampers Page

Our final recommendation is one which, to be honest, isn’t an event by itself. It’s an addition to  any other virtual event — something you can add on top. 

We can add a range of delicious hampers to any existing event, customised to your specific needs and wishes. Our hampers can be customised in a range of different sizes and packaging, made specifically for your team and your event. 

Virtual Hampers are fantastic, regardless of your team. For small groups, they’re a cost effective way of heightening your existing events. For remote teams and remote employees, they’re a fantastic way to show that, although you may not work with them on a day to day basis, they’re still thought of as members of the team and not simply ‘employees’.

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For more information about our range of virtual team building activities, contact KDM today. Based in Stoke-On-Trent, we are an events management company dedicated to providing excellent service and first-class events. 

For more information on our range of virtual team building activities, get in contact with KDM Event Management today. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team are  looking forward to hearing from you. 

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