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Crystal Ball predictions for 2021

With our crystal ball, we give you predictions about the way forward for meetings and events, with an unapologetically positive slant!

2020... where to start?!

Well, it’s safe to say that we are absolutely delighted to see the back of 2020… which from an events industry perspective can politely be described as a “challenging” year.

However, as a company, we are proud to have adapted our events offering to embrace the virtual possibilities, indeed to the extent that we ran circa 100 virtual team building events & activities in December 2020 alone – with glowing reviews as you can read here.

So what have the experiences of the past year told us from an events & communication perspective?

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What have we learned?

  • Virtual is here to stay – to what extent who knows, but from a cost, time & environmental perspective there will be a certain long-term shift towards virtual communication from a business meetings perspective
  • However, conversely, the value of face-to-face human interaction & communication has also been hugely reinforced
  • These two competing forces may well mean fewer in-person events and meetings – however when they do occur a premium will be placed upon these face to face meetings & events, hence leading to a potentially higher budget for fewer events
Face to face meeting'

The situation today

Whilst today on “Blue Monday” 18th January the situation may still appear rather bleak – if the vaccination plan for all over 50’s to receive their 1st injection by late March holds true, then exactly 60% of the population shall have a high degree of protection shortly after Easter – hence a return to “normality” & permitted gatherings of people (from within the UK at least) may be far closer than is currently thought.

Key to this from an events planning perspective will be Government advice and guidance – as companies will understandably wish to err on the side of caution, only feeling confident to plan ahead with clear guidance and communication from the Government.

Covid vaccine'

January to July

January to April:
As noted previously, whilst it is technically allowed we don’t consider it either wise or appropriate to be holding in-person events during this period. However 3 to 4 months of home working (and home schooling for some) will take their toll… so do not fall into the trap of just waiting for things to improve during the Summer, a weekly event such as our brand new Master the Task will ensure that your team are kept engaged and communicating!

May to July:
All being well, we anticipate outdoor team activities to be in high demand come the Summer months, as many employees may be chomping at the bit to see, interact with or even meet their colleagues for the 1st time in the case of many new starters. We expect there to be a primary emphasis on fun and reconnecting from a social perspective, with company updates and conferences to follow later in the year…



September onwards

September to January:
We expect that indoor conferences and overnight stays at venues may in the main take a little longer to come back, returning strongly from September 2021 onwards as companies seek to re-engage with their employees and discuss strategy/plans face-to-face for the first time in 18 to 24 months.

November & December:
Whilst many companies did celebrate in 2020 with a virtual event, a large number likely did not & hence the chance to celebrate should not be missed! Key dates such as Thursdays & Fridays in December may book out very quickly, as companies look to reward/thank their staff with a  Christmas party or themed event.

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The path forward

Whilst for many companies it will understandably be too soon to be planning ahead for a Summer event, Autumn conference or Christmas party – our Covid-19 booking policy linked below should hopefully give you the confidence for when you are thinking about or even ready to plan ahead.

With our close relationships with a huge number of venues, we are well placed to both source and advise on the terms of your contract with a venue – and have a wealth of resources available on this website such as how to plan your next event.

Alternatively, please do feel free to contact us as we would love to take a weight off your shoulders to deliver your most memorable event yet!

Our Covid-19 booking policy