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Fun Quiz Ideas

In the realm of team building activities, there are numerous approaches to foster cohesion, collaboration and camaraderie amongst team members. While traditional team building activities and problem-solving challenges have their place, there is a hidden gem that often goes overlooked: the humble quiz.

At first glance, a quiz might seem like a simple recreational activity, reserved for pub nights or leisurely gatherings. However, beneath its surface lies a wealth of benefits that make a fun quiz for team building, an effective tool for bringing teams closer together. We have plenty of fun quiz ideas for team building that can help your colleagues to get to know one another and learn to work together as a team.

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Why Is A Quiz For Team Building Purposes Important?

While the idea may seem trivial at first glance, its potential as a fun quiz for team building should not be underestimated. By fostering collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and building morale, quizzes have the power to unite teams, strengthen bonds and create a more cohesive and resilient workforce.

So, the next time you are looking for an effective way to bring your team together, consider holding a fun quiz – it might just be the missing piece in your team building puzzle. A quiz can be a fun way to break the ice, stimulate conversation and inject some humour into the workplace.

Looking For A Quiz For Team Building? Look No Further…

Mega Quiz Team Building

With rounds such as True or False, Movie Quotes and General Knowledge, in this KDM Events quiz for team building, teams must work together to come up with the correct answers, score points and ultimately become quiz champions! There are several varied rounds incorporating music, observation, video clips, response and fastest finger first rounds. Each question appears on a giant screen with automated scoring to keep track of the points. Each team has their own remote keypad, creating a fast pace, ensuring interaction and competition between the teams. A scores round up is available at any time to see who’s currently topping the leader board. A winner’s medal is awarded to each member of the winning team to celebrate their success at the end of the final round!

Totally Trivia

Totally Trivia is the classic choice for those who revel in the pursuit of knowledge and enjoy the thrill of competition, offering a fun quiz for team building idea. These quizzes delve into a diverse array of subjects. Whether you are a history buff, a geography whizz, a pop culture enthusiast, or a sports fanatic, there is something for everyone in the world of trivia. Every answer provided is a testament to the team intellect and breadth of knowledge. Where quick thinking and knowledge reign supreme – think Totally Trivia!

Movie Buff

Movie fanatics will enjoy a quiz that challenges their knowledge of films, actors, directors and iconic quotes. From timeless classics to contemporary masterpieces, this quiz for team building gets teams to showcase their expertise on everything movie related. With questions that range from identifying iconic movie scenes to matching actors with their most memorable roles. Whether you are drawn to the glamour of Hollywood’s golden age or the cutting-edge innovation of modern blockbusters. Delve into specific eras or genres – the possibilities are limitless!

Music Bingo Icebreaker

From KDM Events, this quiz for team building is the perfect energising icebreaker for guests to kick- start a long day or as an after-dinner activity to get the party started. This is bingo with a twist! Each guest will be given a dabber and bingo card containing 25 songs split across 5 decades of musical history. There is something for everyone – so long as you can differentiate Kylie versus Madonna and Little Mix from the Spice Girls! Once guests have their clipboard, dabber, and bingo card, it’s then over to the DJ to tease you with snippets of songs and mark them off on your bingo card before the next hit plays!


In Hi-Lo the fun quiz for team-building, teams embark on a quest to decipher the numerical mysteries hidden within each statement. With each turn, team players must predict whether the upcoming numbers will be higher, lower, or equal to the current one, adding an element of suspense each time. This seemingly straightforward task offers a satisfying challenge that keeps participants engaged. As the tension mounts with each revelation, resulting in moments of triumph or defeat (as the correct guesses are revealed) Hi-Lo transforms the mundane into a great fun quiz idea for team building.


For music lovers, there is no better challenge than a music quiz. Tailored to delight and challenge, these quizzes are a journey through the landscape of musical genres, artists, albums and lyrical landscapes. In this quiz for team building, team members test their knowledge on everything from classic rock anthems to contemporary pop sensations. With each question posed, players must summon their inner maestro to fathom song titles from short clips or complete lyrics from beloved tracks.

Food and Drink Trivia

There is no greater feast for the mind than a food quiz to tantalise the taste buds and stimulate the intellect. Perfect for foodies, this quiz for team building serves up a savoury blend of questions that touch on culinary history, celebrity chefs and explore exotic ingredients from around the world. With each question posed, teams are challenged to summon their inner foodie, whether it is guessing the origins of renowned delicacies or matching cocktails with their signature ingredients. Every correct answer is a triumph for the taste buds!

Name that Game

For sports enthusiasts hungry for a challenge, there is no greater thrill than diving into a sports quiz for team building, that also tests knowledge and passion, for the game. Whether you are a die-hard fan or a casual observer, this type of fun quiz for team building offers an array of questions that cover the spectrum of athletic competition. With each question, teams can embark on a journey through the world of sports. Whether it is trivia about different sports disciplines, Olympic events or astonishing records, rally your team, lace up your trainers and get ready to race to the lead.

Where on Earth

Tailored to spark the spirit of exploration, this quiz for team building invites team members to delve into world geography, landmarks, cultures and tourist attractions that adorn our Earth. Every question can offer a glimpse into the diversity of our world. Whether it is deciphering the colourful hues of country flags, identifying the iconic silhouettes of famous landmarks, or matching cities with their famous monuments – every correct answer is a triumph for the adventurous spirit!


Virtual Team Quiz Ideas For Team Building

A virtual or online quiz for team building provides a versatile and enjoyable way for teams to come together, have fun, and strengthen their connections. In today’s word of hybrid working, supporting enhanced collaboration is key.

Virtual Google It Quiz

Not your standard general knowledge quiz, this is a cryptic challenge where you must use the internet to find your answers! Each question is a 3-part conundrum which requires you to find information via Google to piece together the final answer. Using password secured Zoom conference software, the KDM Events team will keep the engagement high, the pace lively and the score honest!

In The Limelight

Break the ice with this virtual quiz for team building by creating a question around each of your team members’ personalities and ways of working. The team members themselves share the answers when the spotlight is placed on them.

Terminology Terminator

A fun virtual quiz for team building with emphasis on recalling the terminology common to your area of work, combines both amusement and learning. Team members must guess the meaning of relevant terms from your industry or sector.

Fact or Fiction

This is a quiz for team building purposes where employees must guess whether a particular piece of information is either a fact or a myth (maybe circulating on the grapevine!)

Clients In The Crowd

This is another team-building virtual quiz that is sure to be a crowd pleaser, based around the clients or other companies you work with. General information can be included, but also consider adding statistics and facts that team members might not know about.

How To Create A Bespoke Quiz For Team Building

Here are some fun quiz topics that that can be engaging to do at work, to help foster teamwork.

Company Trivia

Test employees knowledge about the company, its history, values and milestones. Include questions about the company products or services and recent achievements. This can help employees feel more connected and foster a sense of pride in their work.

Team Building Quiz

Design a quiz for team building that encourages teamwork and collaboration among colleagues. Divide employees into teams and include questions that require input from multiple team members to answer. This can help strengthen bonds and improve communication and problem-solving skills.

Industry Insights Quiz

Test employees knowledge about the industry in which the company operates with this team building quiz. Include questions about industry trends and competitors. This can help employees stay better informed and enhance their professional expertise.

Professional Development Quiz

Create a quiz that focuses on topics relevant to employees professional development and career growth. Include questions about leadership skills and time management techniques. This can provide employees with valuable insights for advancing their careers.

Customer Service Quiz

Assess employees knowledge of customer service by including scenarios or case studies that require employees to demonstrate their problem-solving skills. This can help reinforce the importance of delivering great customer experiences and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Remember to tailor the quiz topics and questions to the interests and preferences of your colleagues, and consider offering small prizes or incentives to make the experience even more rewarding.

What Are The Benefits Of A Quiz For Team-Building?

Fostering Collaboration

One of the most significant advantages of doing a quiz for team building purposes is its ability to foster collaboration among team members. A quiz designed for team building requires participants to work together, pooling their knowledge to tackle a series of questions. This collaborative effort promotes communication, idea sharing and mutual support, strengthening the bonds between team members as they strive towards a common goal.

Effective Communication

Using a quiz for team building also provides an excellent platform for honing effective communication. Whether it’s discussing potential answers or debating the merits of different options, participants are encouraged to communicate openly and respectfully with one another. Through this process, team members learn to listen actively, express their ideas clearly and engage in constructive dialogue.

Building Trust

Trust is the foundation upon which strong teams are built, and quizzes provide an opportunity to reinforce this vital element. By collaborating, communicating and problem-solving together, during a quiz for team building, team members develop a sense of trust in one another. This mutual trust
forms the basis of a supportive and cohesive team environment, where individuals feel valued, respected and empowered to contribute their best.

As you can see, there are lots of fun ways to use a quiz for team building purposes. To build a strong relationship with your team, consider a quiz as a fundamental team-building activity. Contact us today for more information about how KDM Events can help you to organise and plan your next team-building activity or event.