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10 Fabulous And Fun Summer Team Building Activities

Summer Team Building Activities

Warmer weather presents an ideal opportunity for companies to engage in exciting and rejuvenating summer team building activities that foster teamwork, creativity and productivity amongst employees. With longer days and increasing temperatures, there is no shortage of fun team building summer activities to choose from that will leave your team feeling motivated. Let’s face it, who doesn’t relish the thrill of victory or the satisfaction of excelling? Winning triggers dopamine the happy hormones, that help with infusing motivation and a sense of achievement.

As the summer sunshine beckons, KDM Events offer an array of outdoor summer team building activities and events centred on competitive challenges. No matter which summer team building activities you choose, the key is to focus on creating opportunities for employees to connect, collaborate and have fun together outside of the office. By taking advantage of the warmth and energy of the summer months, you can strengthen relationships, boost morale and create a more cohesive and productive team. So why not plan a fun-filled summer team building experience for your employees today?

Here are our top 10 summer team building activities to get your team motivated, working together and fully engaged in the action!

1. Spy School

Join our Spy School and attempt to graduate top of the class, as a secret agent. Becoming a spy for the day, you’ll undertake a series of challenges befitting of an adept spy, designed to test mental agility with weapons training, to complete an espionage mission. Including pistol training, hand axe throwing and a grenade drill, this activity involves quick decision-making, clear communication and a sprinkle of spy charm. With the challenges complete and the scores collated, the team with the highest total will graduate from spy school as the top-secret agent! Contact us for more details about this our summer team building event and discuss with us how your employees would benefit from this wonderful experience.

2. Out of Office Olympics

Out of Office Olympics is one of the extremely entertaining summer team building activities that KDM Events has to offer, with the emphasis on participation, interaction and much laughter! It’s an exciting blend of inflatable games and fun bonus rounds, as each team competes head-to-head against one another. Plus, the games are imaginatively designed to facilitate full participation by everyone. Designed to energise and motivate participants to work together in a fun and entertaining environment. Go back to your childhood roots on the bouncy castles, with this activity that everyone will love.

3. The Hungry Games

Inspired by the Hunger Games phenomenon, our Hungry Games summer team building activity allows you to step into the world of arena survival! Pitted against your colleagues, team members test their target, combat and survival skills as they aim to triumph for their district. Including an exciting combat archery tournament, with specially designed bows and targets that shoot back at you, this is a competitive action-based activity that will get your heart pounding!

4. The Games

Perfect for team-building in summer, whichever sport is your passion, everyone can be a superstar and participate in The Games. With guests allocated into teams to represent an adopted country, this summer team building activity starts with in a lively aerobic warm up session. Then a selection of track and field events designed to test skill, stamina and team spirit commence. To finish off the competitive element, the winners make their way to the podium at the end, for the victory presentation!

5. Game your Thrones

Inspired by the iconic show, Game Your Thrones is a great summer team building activity which requires both mental skill and physical ability as teams compete to ascend the throne! Rotating around each activity zone, teams must use their skills wisely and pull together their strengths in their bid for power. A series of games gets underway for each ‘House’ leading up to the ‘Wildfire’ finale, where the competition to take the throne takes battle. This is a great one for the super competitive. Contact us today to discuss how this could work for you and your team.

6. Crystal Mazed

Crystal Mazed is another fun summer team building activity for stretching teams to the limit! Requiring mental skill, physical ability and creativity to complete the challenges, you will collect as many time crystals as possible and earn your time in the Crystal Dome. Teams trade all their precious crystals for time in our giant inflatable for a show-stopping finale! Working together, team members grab gold tokens out of the air whilst the timer counts down – this is a fun and fabulous summer team building activity for everyone.

7. Master the Task

Master the Task offers a fun and competitive atmosphere, with each team set a series of tasks by our Taskmasters. The event concludes with our Grand Finale as each team attempts to fire a catapult the furthest before launching their hand built rocket! One to really get your creative brain flowing, teams bring their wacky, weird and wonderful missiles and launchers to the staging area for a fun finale.


8. Krypton Factor

Get ready to tackle the Krypton Factor. You’ll need strong communication skills combined with fitness and speed, to demonstrate some superhuman powers, to score highly in this fast-paced summer team building activity. Teams compete head-to-head with each round designed to challenge a specific key skill, including mental agility, observation, physical ability and general knowledge. The challenges are both interesting and fun as you strive to be top of the leader board.

9. GPS Hunt

This is not your normal treasure hunt. Our KDM Events GPS Treasure Hunt draws upon inquisitiveness, creativity and skills. Designed to maximise the potential of your location, you’ll need to correctly answer questions on your hotspot, before unlocking the rest of your route. This is an enjoyable and unique outdoor summer team building experience, that also lets you explore and learn about a chosen landmark or location. Get in touch today to discuss how this could work for your teams and to learn more about this exciting team-building activity for summer.

10. Scrapheap Challenge

This is a summer team building activity where collaboration between the wider group is crucial, as you’ll need to swap both ideas and equipment to overcome the fiendish challenge ahead! Whilst the huge pile of equipment may appear destined for the scrapyard, Scrapheap Challenge involves teams building their individual modules and then linking them all together – as their hard work comes to life! Contact us for more details about this summer team building event or any of our other summer team building activities and challenges.