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Future is bright for the events industry

...and those who embrace the latest trends and adapt to the changing landscape will thrive.

Future is bright for the events industry

Adam Parry, a writer for Event Industry News, summarised what industry experts had to say about industry growth, change, audience understanding, sustainability, data, and technology at the MPI’s EMEC conference in Brighton in March 2023.

The events industry is constantly evolving and the future looks bright. Technology is playing an increasingly important role in event planning, with virtual and hybrid events becoming more popular. This means that event planners need to be familiar with the latest technologies and platforms in order to stay competitive.

In addition to technology, sustainability is also becoming a major trend. Event planners are increasingly focused on reducing waste and minimising the environmental impact of their events. This means that sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials will become more important in the future.

Another trend is the focus on experiential events. Event planners are moving away from traditional formats and are instead creating immersive and interactive experiences for attendees. This means that event planners need to be creative and innovative in order to stand out in a crowded market.

The content covers a range of topics related to event planning, including the skills and qualities that are necessary to be successful in this field. As well as tips for managing the various aspects of event planning, such as budgeting, timelines, and vendor relationships. It’s important to remember that the events industry is all about relationships so you will have to have strong communication skills.

The article is designed to provide practical advice and guidance to individuals who are interested to be a successful event planner. Planning an event can be a lot of work, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Some key tips for successful event planning include creating a detailed timeline, staying on top of deadlines, and making sure you have a solid budget in place. You should also be willing to think creatively and come up with unique and memorable ideas for your events.

Other important skills for event planners include negotiation, problem-solving, and flexibility. You never know what might come up during an event, so you need to be able to adapt quickly and find solutions to any issues that arise.

Overall, the future of the events industry is exciting and full of opportunities. By staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, focusing on sustainability, and creating immersive experiences, event planners can succeed in this dynamic and rewarding field.

As the author said: “Events industry needs to embrace and evolve the new normal if we want to make events truly sustainable, inclusive, and relevant to future audiences.”

Brad Davies, our Managing Director, added: “Here at KDM Events, we have seen team building activities evolve gradually over the past 5/10 years to now be much more experience-based. Coupled with a younger generation and more diverse religious beliefs either drinking less alcohol or not at all, we have seen boozy overnight stays replaced with more inclusive daytime teambuilding activities as the preferred choice for a wide range of companies. The knock-on effects from the Covid pandemic (such as working from home) have certainly placed a greater emphasis on the value of in-person meetings, connections and activities, so I feel the future is definitely bright for the events industry as a whole.”