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Team Building Activities for Small Groups

Whether your team is small or large, it can be difficult getting workplace groups to interact when it’s not out of obligation or necessity. A lack of a relationship outside of work-related tasks can impact their efficiency when working together; that’s where we come in! Keep reading to find out the best ideas for group team building. Whilst all the below activities can be adapted for a team of any size, we cover options for large and small groups, as well as longer and shorter activities to work around your schedule.

If you’re looking to get a smaller group talking and working together as a team, giving them a common goal or activity to work on can be a great way to break the ice. Great options to get your team talking and working together effectively include: 

Classes & Tasting Sessions

An interactive class can be a great way to bring a smaller team together. Not only will it give them more of a chance to get involved, it may even help them find a new shared activity they can bond about outside of the workplace. Ideas include a barista class, a cocktail making class or a canapé-making workshop. Activities like this make team building feel like a reward for your employees’ hard work, and in the case of cocktail glasses or gin tasting, they even get a new skill (and an edible or drinkable treat) out of it!

Problem-solving Games

For a smaller team, giving them a mystery to solve or a code to crack is a sure-fire way to get them working together without even realising they’re doing it. It’s a great opportunity to get your team thinking outside the box, as well as making them feel more comfortable to share and voice ideas amongst their teammates.


Charity & Sustainability Activities

Working on a charity or sustainability project can do wonders in terms of making individuals feel like they’re a part of something bigger. Activities like carbon footprint challenges and charity bargain hunts are a great way to get your team working together and having fun for a great cause. Choosing a set of charities you regularly work with could be great for strengthening wider company values, as employees will see the impact of their input cover time. Ultimately, this will help them feel connected to the wider company, as well as their team.

Team Building Activities for Large Groups

It can also be challenging for team members to form a bond and get to know each other in a larger group. This is because they may not know enough about each other to start a conversation, or may not feel able to start a conversation in more populated settings. Activities to help get them out of their comfort zones include: 

Game Shows & Competitive Sports Activities

As counterintuitive as it sounds, the best way to bring people together is often by introducing a little bit of competition. Activities like country sports, obstacle courses with Ninja Warrior-themed challenges, or dragster racing can be a great way to encourage team spirit and strengthen the bond between your teams. Sports-based competitions can also be a great way to learn about individuals’ strong points, so you can best use them to your advantage in the game and in the workplace.

Squad Game doll team building

Problem-solving Games

Another great way to get your teams thinking and leveraging their individual skills for the good of the group is in a problem-solving game. They can strategically work to escape a room, try their hand at Taskmaster-style challenges, or even try their luck against the Crystal Maze. This will help them get familiar with team members they may not ordinarily speak to, whilst encouraging them to bond over the shared experience.

Company Goal-focused Event

If you’d like your team building exercise to be engaging in a more conventional and streamlined sense, something like a facilitation event is a great option. This gives you the opportunity for experts to encourage individual contributions around values, messages and topics you want to focus on in a company setting. It allows individuals the chance to voice their ideas in a comfortable, more informal context than a large board meeting or an open room. It will help individuals focus on how they can work more effectively in themselves, and as part of the wider team.

Virtual Group Team Building Ideas

If your team is particularly large or partially remote, we know it can sometimes feel quite isolating for your employees. However, it doesn’t have to be this way – virtual team building events are a great option to bring them together from the comfort of their own homes, as well as teaching them a new skill. They mean that everyone can get involved and share the experience, without needing any extra materials. This also makes it very budget-friendly! There are a number of options available, such as:

Cooking/ Mixology Classes

If you’re looking for an activity that will both engage and bring your team members together, whilst teaching them a skill they can take forward, then a class is perfect for you. Participants can learn a skill, like cooking with Asian Flavours, cocktail making, sushi making or chocolate making, and you can even make it competitive with a Bake Off element! Your employee may even find a new hobby they can share with their teammates, and they’ll have you to thank for it.

Quizzes & Challenges

If you want to inspire teamwork and get your employees thinking together, you could opt for virtual quizzes or challenges. Why not get them on the case in a Murder Mystery, or use their code cracking skills for an escape room? You can even add a festive twist to team building for the holidays with a Christmas Quiz or a Festive Music Bingo.


Just because your employees work from home, doesn’t mean they need to miss out on the fun! You can organise a food tasting or a cooking competition where they can eat the spoils. Alternatively, you can add an alcoholic twist to your at-home event with a wine tasting or gin tasting, offering the opportunity to learn and drink at the same time. Having a common item to try, talk about and learn about is a great way to make your online social more interactive.


If you’re looking for more of an entertainment-based approach, this is still possible over your chosen video calling method! You can offer your team the opportunity to watch a live magician, band or comedian from the comfort of their own home. This will provide a memorable shared experience for all to enjoy.

 Icebreaker Games

If your team doesn’t often have open conversations outside of work tasks, an icebreaker game like human bingo can be a great way to learn more about each other. You can discover each other’s special skills, hobbies and interests. This may even help form bonds outside of work, as there may be a few people with common interests who were nervous to speak about them before. Opening the channels of communication will mean that employees feel more open and comfortable to approach each other and work together to develop ideas.

Longer Group Activities

If you’re looking for a longer, more in-depth team building activity for your large or small group, options include:

Problem-solving Activities

In terms of longer, more in-depth activities, problem-solving is a great way to get your team exploring vital skills. They can practise their observation, critical thinking and communication skills in themed escape room games, or crime scene investigation activities. Problem-solving challenges also encourage group participation, with teams acknowledging, sharing and discussing ideas within the group.

Sports & Racing Activities

If you’re looking to activate your team’s minds, bodies and competitive streaks, a sport-based or racing activity may be the way to go. Your employees can develop their teamwork and communication skills, and get a mood boost from exercise while doing it. You could go for a more modern dragster race, or take it back to their childhood with a good old-fashioned school sports day. Laughing alongside each other about mishaps in the games will help bring your employees together and encourage them to cheer each other on. 

TV Game Show-style Activities

A good bit of nostalgia or pop culture can be a great way to bring a large group together. Your team could become immersed in a TV game show with their colleagues, creating an entirely separate environment from the office. This will make it easier for them to communicate with people they may not normally speak to. They could try their hand at a wideout-style obstacle course, which would be sure to get them laughing, or have them combine their logistical skills and cunning to ascend the Iron Throne

Creative or Skill-based Activities

Learning a new skill together can be a great way to boost communicative confidence. If everyone is starting from square one, it can make them feel more at ease as everyone is learning alongside them. It also helps to break down the potential lack of approachability that comes from working in different levels of the team. You could opt for something more whimsical and unique like archery, or learn how to cook a fabulous Indian dish

Treasure Hunting Activities

Working towards a common goal with a prize at the end – what’s not to love? A treasure hunt can be the perfect way to get team members combining their individual skills, from logical thinking to strategy and map-reading. It’s also a great way to make people feel at ease contributing ideas in a group situation, free of the confines of the office.

Adrenaline-fuelled Activities

If you want to escalate the fun and excitement of your event, for a team building activity your team won’t forget – we’ve got you covered. An adrenaline-fuelled experience like a rib boat ride is a great way to get your employees talking and laughing. It’s a really effective method of team bonding, as well as giving them a chance to let loose and let off some steam. 

Quicker Group Activities

Team building doesn’t always have to be a series of obstacle courses or longer games. If you’re slightly shorter on time, or want to incorporate team bonding into your regular working life, you could do so using:

Timed Challenge Activities

Timed activities are a great way to keep the activities short and sweet and maintain employee interest, without losing the benefits of the activity. Timed points-based competitions can be as long or short as you want, and can even be incorporated into the regular office week. Seeing points on a leaderboard for a bit of friendly competition each week can give them something to look forward to. Or, something like music bingo can be a great way to get your team to have a laugh, reminisce about good memories and find common interests.

Game Your Thrones indoors mother of dragons activity

Food & Drink Events

Another shorter activity with a long-lasting reward is a food and drink-based event. This can even be incorporated into your regular week, and no one could say that coffee and cake events or gin tasting wouldn’t be positive for team morale. You could even introduce a charity bake sale element or get a local bakery or coffee shop involved to help inspire a sense of community in your team.

Quizzes or Bingo

Quizzes or bingo games don’t have to be long; this is another ideal option for incorporating into your working week. You could have a short 30-minute session, or even introduce weekly quizzes or bingo sessions. This can be done in smaller or larger teams and is a great way to bring people together for a common incentive or prize.

How to Book Group Team Building Activities

If you’re looking for exciting, creative and engaging group team building activities – look no further! KDM Events offer expert bespoke event organisation, from team building activities to conference management. Get in touch with us or submit an enquiry for an event of your choice. We will help make sure your event runs smoothly and aligns with your company goals. Let us help you put your stamp on group team building! 

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