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New team building ideas for 2023

As an event organiser you want to continue engaging your colleagues with the latest captivating corporate team building activities to improve company culture and boost team morale.

New team building ideas for 2023

Technology, social media trends and how we communicate and interact with each other are advancing at a pace year on year. From Facebook and Instagram to Tik Tok and Metaverse, we are spoiled for choice. No industry should lag behind, and finding new ways to stay relevant, fresh and up to date will not only attract talent but also retain it… and the events industry is no different.

If you are an event organiser then you undoubtedly want to continue engaging your colleagues with the latest captivating corporate team building activities to improve company culture and boost team morale. Be it for a large or small team, a small office or a new team in your organisation, your decisions can make or break the day!

Or you are a seasoned organiser and have done more or less most of them for years, but you want new and engaging corporate team building ideas. However, finding the time to research what is trending and which new team building activities are most suitable for your organisation, its goals and its diverse workforce can be time consuming. But you have a choice! You can leave it up to an event management company as they will know what the latest and newest trends are. After all, they are the experts!

To help you, we are going to discuss four latest team building activities for 2023.

360 Video Booth

The original photo booth was great fun. The choices of props were endless and the end result had lots of us in stitches.  It did not take up much space and if you got the chance to have photos taken you were the lucky one. Hello, technology and cloud storage!

The 360 degree video booth enables your guests to capture a slow motion video from any angle that instantly uploads to your phone or social feeds. Just like the traditional booth this stand is only 1m x 1m. A Go Pro camera is attached to a slow motion arm that circles around to take a high definition, low angle, slow motion video. Swiftly processed and uploaded to the cloud enables your guests to save and share until their heart is content! This new and unique take on the traditional photo booth is the perfect addition to your event, which is sure to add to the party atmosphere as well as provide lasting video content for you to enjoy!

This can be enjoyed by an unlimited number of guests from 60 to 240 minutes and only needs a power supply with minimum 12ft x 12ft space. We think that this event activity will be very popular in 2023.

360 video booth set up'

Get Me Out of Here!

Many of us laughed and at the same time cringed at this year’s Celebrity Get me out of Here. Great entertainment! If you had a chance, would you have eaten those bugs and been covered by spiders (some looked like the size of the house!) to get stars for the team?

If your guests don’t fancy a stint in the jungle, but instead just a taste of the action, then Get Me Out of Here event is just the “trial” that your team needs. The teams compete for as many stars as possible before tackling the famous Cyclone finale! Teams take part in a series of themed challenges, with a focus on not only fun and entertainment, but also working and communicating to complete the varied tasks at hand.

Challenges will include:

Word On The Grapevine – teams must rearrange the letters from the washing line, to create the correct phrases in the quickest time possible!

Bush Telegraph – using a bush telephone, teams must recreate a piece of artwork, using their communication skills alone.

Magnetic Maze – a member of the team must guide the magnetic tokens through the maze, but as they will be unsighted teamwork will play a major role in this!

Bush Tucker Trail – no eating or drinking required… instead teams have to balance and transport their food up, down and around the course spilling as little as possible.

Shooting Stars – using custom combat archery bows, teams will have to prove their accuracy by shooting out the stars to earn as many as possible!

Depending on your guest numbers this new team building event can take 120 to 150 minutes. All you need is flat grassed outdoor space.

get me out of here'


Do your guests have what it takes to become the ultimate landlords in the classic board game where evictions, tantrums and the frustrated throwing of boards and pieces are strictly prohibited? Teams will be tasked with tackling themed challenges based around the famous Monopoly game in this unique outdoor activity. Teamwork is the key to success in this highly competitive event!

Challenges will include:

Property Development – teams must move their houses and hotels from one piece of land to another, however, only using the provided equipment.

In the Balance – this challenge provides a chance for teams to demonstrate their balancing skills along with their inner equilibrium.

Stack your Cards – each team must sort through and display their property cards on a giant board, as instructed and in the fastest time possible!

Dice Roll – a lucky roll of the dice will determine how quickly or not guests are able to move their thimble, iron and top hat across the course.

Other themed games can include Jail Break and Passing Go, whilst the finale will see each team in with a chance of winning, another team can scoop the price with a community card lucky dip!

Depending on your guest numbers this new team building event can take 90 to 120 minutes. All you need is flat grassed outdoor space. We think this will be another popular event in 2023 as people like to compete.

monopoly game'

Wacky Races

Want an evening with a difference for your guests, then look no further than wAcKy rAcEs night! Featuring an “eclectic” mix of races from a variety of sources such as Greyhounds, Horses, Piglets, Ice Racing, Dads Sports Day and Ostriches…yes we said Ostriches!

All the fun of the races, but with a much broader range of entertainment – rookies are sorted from the bookies as your guests gamble their fun money and hopefully ‘clean up’ after the race! After an explanation of the format of the evening, your guests will be invited to “place their bets”. With a huge variety of races, this event is certain to keep them entertained and amused in equal measure! The objective is to accumulate as much money as possible in an attempt to be the most successful ‘punter’.

This activity can accommodate 10 to 400 guests and last 90 minutes.

Hopefully, these new events caught your eye and you might like to consider them for this year’s event. Should you need any support, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. At KDM Events, we have a long track record of supporting businesses and organisations to deliver second-to-none events that are memorable for all the right reasons. From initial planning to venue finding and post-event management. We can support you when and where you need it.

So please get in touch if you need any help. We’re always happy to help!

wacky races'