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Our Favourite Team Building Activities For Summer

Didn’t that winter last forever? It just seemed to stretch on and on - like a Monday morning meeting. But now summer’s here, your team is going to want to get out there and absorb some golden rays. And who can blame them? Scroll below to see our favourite team building activities for summer 2021!

1. Combat Archery

Did anyone else really want to be Robin Hood or Legolas when they were a kid? Just us? Okay then…

A fun and creative alternative to paintball, Combat Archery is a fast-paced and energetic challenge designed to aid team building in a fun and interesting way.

Depending on your needs, your team can compete against other teams or you can divide your team into smaller sub-teams. From there, they’ll compete with each other in games such as Capture the Flag and Last Team Standing. Our arrows are felt-covered and designed in such a way that the only safety equipment your team will need is a mask to protect their face and eyes.

What we really love about Combat Archery is that it creates incredible memories. Your team will always remember that team building day they spent shooting arrows at each other, and you’ll immediately notice the positive effect it will have.

Combat Archery'

2. Out of Office Olympics

It would take so much time for us to list the reasons why we love the Olympics. If we were to start now, we could find a stadium, design an opening ceremony, bring in all the teams, and walk them into that stadium before we were done! But our Out of Office Olympics isn’t only inspired by the Olympics, it’s also inspired by TV’s It’s a Knockout! — meaning your team gets the excitement and team building benefits of both.

To start with, your team will be briefed by our Compere. Then, they’ll compete on a large inflatable obstacle course, in a series of knock-out challenges and bonus rounds. We can easily add a 90ft assault course to the event if you really want to test your team’s mettle.

Just like the real thing, the winners of the Out of Office Olympics will receive medals at the end of the day at a winner’s ceremony.

Combat Archery'

3. Dragon Boat Racing

Row, row, row the boat
Quickly down the stream
Hurry up
They’re catching up
We will win this thing!

Dragon Boat Racing is one of the quickest growing sports in the world and one of our all-time favourite events. Our forty-foot-long boats can carry sixteen people – making this challenge ideal for smaller teams.

To start with, your team is briefed by our fully-trained events managers, who will show them how to stop and start the boat and how to keep it from capsizing. From there it’s just a case of pitting your team against the water and each other as they take the challenge.

Dragon Boat Racing is one of our most festive and exciting challenges, with an incomparable atmosphere. It creates synergy and synchronicity in a way that few other challenges can, building strong teams and bright memories.

Book your team’s Dragon Boat Race today to see the team building benefits of Dragon Boat Racing.


4. School Sports

In the grand tradition of the School Disco-themed party, we’ve themed one of our most fun events after an aspect of school life that we all dreaded at the time but now we miss. Take a trip back in time and relive the golden days of long summers, awful school dinners, and the glory of school sports days with our School Sport Event.

With team sizes from 10 to 400, your team will love to take part in a series of traditional sports day games — including egg and spoon, skipping, and sack races. First comes a brief and a gentle warm-up from our experienced event managers. Then your team will compete against each other in a series of races that requires both strategy and actions. Finally, just when your teams think it’s all over, they’ll take part in a final relay race which will determine the true winner. At the end of the event, winners will be invited to take part in a medal ceremony — including a podium!

For extra authenticity, a fully qualified medical technician and car will be on-site during the event to serve as a school nurse.


5. GPS Treasure Hunt

Now, we’re not saying that we can perfectly recreate the excitement of a big-budget thriller. But our GPS Treasure Hunt was rated 5 out of 5 stars by the team from the National Grid for a very good reason…

Like all of our events, the GPS Treasure Hunt starts with a brief from our event managers — who will outline the event and explain the rules of the challenge. From there, it’s up to your team to solve the puzzles and discover the next GPS location. Along the way, your team will also be given optional challenges to complete — giving them extra points. At the end of the day, the team that has made it to the very end with the most points wins.

Our GPS Treasure Hunt Challenge would be an great part of any team building campaign, and is ideal for any kind of landscape – whether you work in the middle of an industrial estate or a city. But not only is the GPS Treasure Hunt a great opportunity for your team to get out into the world, it’s also a great opportunity to test their knowledge of your company or any other topic you wish. We can easily create bespoke challenges for your team on any subject you want to test them on.

Wherever you work, whatever your industry, we can customize your challenge to suit your team.

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