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Dive Into Our Summer Team Building Ideas

Summer Team Building Ideas

Summer is the perfect time for companies to engage in fun summer team building activities that enhance teamwork, creativity and productivity amongst employees. With longer days and warmer weather, there are countless enjoyable options to motivate and inspire your team.

As the summer sun invites you outdoors, KDM Events offers a variety of summer team building activities for work, focused on competitive, yet enjoyable challenges. Regardless of the summer team building ideas you select, the main goal is to create opportunities for employees to connect, collaborate and enjoy each other’s company outside the office. By leveraging the warmth and energy of the summer season, you can strengthen relationships, lift morale, and cultivate a more cohesive and productive team.

So why not plan some fun summer team building activities? Here are our top three summer team building ideas. KDM Events is always ready to provide inspiration, especially if you’re considering summer team building activities for work. Contact us for more ideas.

Summer Time Means Fun Time

Get Me Out of Here team activity

No.1 Outdoor Adventure Challenges

An outdoor adventure challenge is a fantastic way to get your team out of the office and into nature, where they can engage in physical activities that promote teamwork and problem-solving as well offering a range of fun summer team building activities.

Choose a location that offers a variety of terrains and natural features, such as a national park, a nature reserve, or a large grassed or forested area. Ensure all guests have the necessary gear, such as comfortable shoes, appropriate clothing, water bottles and any safety equipment required.

Hiking with a Twist

Divide the team into small groups. Provide each group with a map and a set of checkpoints they must reach. At each checkpoint, place a challenge or a puzzle that the group must solve to proceed.

Challenges can range from physical tasks like building a makeshift shelter to mental puzzles that require group input to solve.

GPS Treasure Hunt

This isn’t your typical treasure hunt. Our GPS Treasure Hunt leverages both curiosity and skill set. Designed to maximise the potential of your chosen location, you’ll need to answer questions at designated hotspots to unlock the next part of your route. This is a superb summer team building ideas providing an engaging and distinctive team building experience which also offers an opportunity to explore and learn about a specific landmark or area.

These types of activities aim to foster collaboration, communication and mutual support among team members, leading to a more cohesive and productive work environment through summer team building activities for work. Contact us to discuss how this fun activity can benefit your team and to learn more about this unique summer team building option.


Team Scavenger Hunt

More summer team building ideas include a team scavenger hunt. This can be a highly interactive activity that encourages collaboration, strategic thinking and creativity.

Choose a theme for the scavenger hunt that aligns with your team’s interests. Select a location that offers a variety of landmarks and interesting spots. Prepare a series of clues that guide teams from one location to the next. Ensure the clues vary in difficulty and type (e.g., riddles, puzzles, and physical tasks). You can also create a list of items or locations that teams must find and photograph within a set time limit.

Encourage creativity by awarding extra points for the most imaginative photos or those that include all team members. Provide themes for photos, such as “funniest pose” or “most creative angle” as even more fun summer team building activities.

No 2. Outdoor Team Games

Getting your team out of the office environment and participating across fun games, are great summer team building ideas. If it’s convenient, a beach or park day offers a relaxed atmosphere where team members can engage in fun summer team building activities, promoting a sense of camaraderie and team spirit. Make sure you select an area that has ample space for various activities and amenities like picnic tables, seating and restrooms.

Sandcastle Building Competition

Provide teams with buckets and shovels. Set a time limit for building the most impressive sandcastle. Have a panel of judges evaluate the sandcastles based on creativity, size, and structural integrity!

The Games

KDM Events offer fantastic summer team building activities for work. Perfect for summertime, whatever your preferred sport, everyone can have fun and participate in The Games. With guests allocated into teams to represent an adopted country, this team building activity starts with in a lively aerobic warm up session. Then you’ll undertake a selection of track and field events designed to test skill, stamina and team spirit. Get competitive, with the winners reigning triumphant on the podium at the end for the victory presentation!

Want to learn more about fun summer team building activities? Contact us!

Obstacle Course

Design an obstacle course that includes various physical challenges like crawling under nets, balancing items and water balloon tosses. Ensure safety is a priority by having trained staff on hand and proper safety measures in place. Incorporate tasks that require coordination and communication, such as guiding a blindfolded team member through a maze. Create mixed teams to encourage interaction amongst team members who may not work together often. Offer small prizes for winning teams to add a competitive element and deliver fun summer team building activities for work.

Out of Office Olympics  

KDM Events can source and find the ideal outdoor space to hold your summer team building activities for work. Our Out of Office Olympics is an extremely entertaining team building activity encompassing a fun blend of large inflatables, as each team competes head-to-head against one another. With the emphasis on involvement, interaction and lots of laughter this is great summer team building ideas.

The games are imaginatively designed to facilitate full participation by everyone. They are designed to energise and motivate participants to work together in a fun and entertaining environment. Who doesn’t want to go back to their youth diving around various inflatables, with this team building activity that everyone will love!


fun summer activity

No. 3. Fun Picnic or BBQ

Arrange for a casual picnic or BBQ, to provide an opportunity for team members to relax and socialise in a more informal setting. Create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere by offering a variety of food and drink options that cater to different dietary preferences. To add a personal touch and encourage team bonding, consider inviting team members to bring their favourite dishes to share. Make sure to provide all necessary picnic or BBQ essentials ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone. This relaxed summer team building activity for work can help strengthen team connections and create lasting memories.

Company Fun day

Our experienced team here at KMD Events, have a wide range of summer team building ideas to share with you!  A very popular summer team building activity for work is a company fun day.

A fun day provides an excellent opportunity for employees to interact in a relaxed setting, fostering stronger relationships and improving teamwork. It helps break down barriers and encourages collaboration among team members who may not usually work together. Holding a fun day also reflects a positive and employee-centric company culture, helping to demonstrate the company values, which can enhance overall workplace atmosphere and loyalty.

Fill your company fun day with a wide range of fun summer team building activities such as our Country Sports team building event, where you can try your hand at pistol shooting, sheep dog handling and ferret racing! A wide range of arts and crafts – such as face painting – is also an enjoyable activity for many especially if families are attending. You may want to host a BBQ, food festival, or alternately why not try our Great baking Challenge for added fun.

Plus nothing beats live entertainment as the pinnacle of summer team building ideas, KMD Events can arrange live music and fantastic performers to create a festive, upbeat atmosphere.

These summer team building activities for work can be tailored to fit the interests and preferences of your employees, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy and participate in – to make it a fabulous company fun day.

How can I boost engagement across my summer team building activities for work?

Healthy competition in your summer team building event increases participation and enthusiasm. Embrace head-to-head team challenges for fun rivalry or opt for collaborative competition, working toward a shared goal.

What type of venue is suitable for my summer team building activity?

There are a wide range of venue options across the UK, to fulfil your summer team building ideas.  Consider factors like location, budget and group size. Explore venues such as local sports facilities, parks or stadiums. KDM Events offer a complimentary venue-finding service for corporate events, with the ability to travel to any location throughout the UK. Contact our friendly team for inspiration or email



How to Book Group Team Building Activities

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