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The Ultimate List of Team Building Activities

The importance of team building can’t be overstated. According to Katrina Mojica, Editor of 365 Business’s HR Section, this simple act can influence every one of the key areas that differentiate a successful team from an unsuccessful one -- leadership, motivation, collaboration, cooperation and communication. Without it, it can be very difficult for any team to reach its full potential. To help you reach that, KDM have put together this list of the Ultimate List of Team Building Activities. Scroll below to find out more!   

At KDM, we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and practicing the arts of team building. For over thirty years, we have been providing companies throughout the UK with the means to create exceptional team synergy in order to achieve their goals and be the best they can be. 


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Team Building Activities

In order to celebrate team building, and to give you an idea of some of the gains that come from it, we’ve assembled the ultimate list of team building activities that your team will love. Some of them are activities that your team can do themselves, others are activities that KDM have specifically created. 

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Whose Home Is It Anyway?

Based on the hit show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Whose Home Is It Anyway is a great team building game designed to help your team question just what they know about each other. By doing this, you’ll be helping them learn more about their colleagues — which will lead to better cooperation and communication. 



Whose Home is It Anyway is a really simple game. To start with, you have your team members send a photo of their home — preferably their living room or home office, and then have everyone guess whose workspace is whose. To mix it up a little, you can introduce other rounds — such as coffee mugs, desktop backgrounds, or the view outside of their window.



Crystal Mazed

Crystal Maze, inspired by the game show of the same name, is a great way of making a team. Our Crystal Mazed (Indoors) game is another great team building activity because each round is designed to require a particular strength. Through this, your team will soon realize that everyone has a particular strength that they can bring to the task — a lesson that’s just as useful in the office as it is in the maze! 



In keeping with the original game, each of the 8 challenges is based around one of 4 themes — medieval, aztec, industrial, and futuristic. Your team will have to complete all 8 of these challenges in order to successfully complete the maze. 

And what’s more, while the crystal mazed is truly a world-class team building experience, it doesn’t take much. All you need to find the centre of the maze (and thus win the game) is 90 to 120 minutes and an open space — that’s all!



Office Trivia

The next entry into our set of DIY team building activities is probably the easiest activity to put together — it can even be done during a meeting! 

All you have to do is to create a set of 10 to 20 questions about your office. These questions could range from the really easy to answer to the exceptionally difficult, requiring a deep knowledge of your company. The second step is to divide your office into smaller teams of roughly 4 to 8 people, depending on the size of your company.



For the game itself, you just run through the questions with your teams, having them answer each one. For every question your teams answers correctly, they recieve a single point. 

Office Trivia really is a great way of bringing your team together, and we’re sure that your team is going to love it.



Royal Heist

Detectives, the game’s afoot and Scotland Yard’s entire college of detectives are scrambling for clues! Her majesty’s crown jewels have been stolen by some nefarious cad and it’s up to you and your team to find them!  

Inspired by the works of Arthur Conand Doyle and Agatha Christie, Royal Heist is one of KDM’s most exciting games. Part Escape Room, part treasure hunt, Royal Heist is a game like no other. Using a GPS tablet and finger printing kit, your team must use a combination of mental and physical skills in order to solve the crime, retrieve the lost jewels and find the thief.


Royal Heist is a great activity if you’re looking to improve your team’s synergy and performance. By solving the case, your team will experience a boost in their overall confidence — confidence which will improve their overall productivity. What more could you want?



Community Service

Not all of the entries on this list can or should even be attempted in the office. Not all of them are just about work or having fun. Completing community service as a company is a great way of building team synergy while also doing something truly good for the community at large. All you need to do is to find a charity or event that needs volunteers that your team will enjoy volunteering at and pledge your time.


The F1 Method

F1 Teams have to work well together all of the time, with amazing synchronicity and a watch-level of time keeping. If they lose that synchronicity, the race is lost before it even begins. Because of that, F1 teams quickly develop the ability to work to near-perfect synchronicity. 

With our F1 Method challenge, KDM Event Management has recreated that experience so that your team can harness F1’s incredible synergy and synchronicity.

In this activity, your team will take on various roles within the larger F1 team — marketer, pit crewe, and driver — in order to formulate an overall racing strategy. But that’s not all. Our full day event has four stages: 



  • Scalextric Tournament to get everyone in the mood 
  • Pit Stop Challenge — to get everyone working in synch
  • Batak — a game favoured by racing champions all over the world 
  • F1 Driving Simulator 

Like many of our challenges, it ensures that every member of the team has the opportunity to show off their skills in such a way that emphasises overall team synergy.



Create a Mural

Art is usually considered to be a solitary activity, but it really doesn’t have to be. Working in a team to create art can build incredibly strong emotional and intellectual bonds. Because of that, creating a mural is a great way of completing a team building session. 

And it’s really easy to create a beautiful mural for your office, too. All you have to do is to gather some art supplies — a number of coloured pencils, pens and some paper. Then, just gather your team together and have them design and create a mural that works for everyone.



Afterwards, you can hang the mural in your office for all to see – a momento to the team building event. This activity brings everyone together and allows them to exercise their creativity in a fun way while also creating a permanent reminder of the event — meaning that it has lasting results. 



GPS Treasure Hunt

Everyone loves a good treasure hunt. Not only does it let you get outdoors — something that we should all do — but it’s also a great way of getting to know your colleagues outside of work… Even if you are (technically) at work. 

In KDM’s GPS Treasure Hunt, your team will go out and complete a set of challenges, harnessing their natural inquisitiveness and creative skills. Your team will have to complete a set of pre-set challenges in order to get to the next location — the quicker they complete the challenges and get to the next location the more points they win.

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At various points, they will also have to complete a number of extra-challenges in order to win extra points. At the end of the day, the team with the most points wins. 

The Treasure Hunt can be tailored to suit your needs and space. Is your company based within a busy city? 

No problem, we can create a bespoke treasure hunt that will take your team through the best parts of your city. 

Is your company based in an office in a field, in the middle of nowhere? 

Fantastic, your team will love the opportunity to get out into nature.


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Company Coat of Arms

The next DIY team building event that you should think about hosting is having your team design a coat of arms  — one that can stand for the entire team. 

Similar to creating a mural, having your team create a Company Coat of Arms is a really easy event to hold. All you have to do is to present your team with a large piece of card or paper and some art supplies. After that, let them go wild!

There are no rules here, except that it has to be designed by committee — because  it’s going to stand for everyone on your team. When you’re done, you and your team can proudly hang your creation somewhere in your workspace. 


One You Design Yourselves

There’s little reason to consider a GPS Hunt if your team is based in a busy industrial estate with no pavements or grassland, and it would be impractical to do Community Service if your team’s time requirements don’t permit it. By far, the best team building activity your team could do is one that has been custom designed for your team. And, by far, KDM is the best company to do that. 


With over 30 years experience, our event management team knows how to create an event that maximises a team’s fun and creates the most memorable experience possible. Our team will create an event that is perfectly tailored to your team’s tastes, your location, and your budget. Our team will take all the hassle and stress out of your hands and provide you with a great activity that your team will love and remember fondly for years to come. 


Contact KDM Today

First-class team synergy is only a phone call away with KDM Event Management. For more information or help putting together a fun and memorable team building event, get in touch with KDM today. Your team will love the experience!


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