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Top 15 Team Building Events this Summer

In person team building activities are back!

Top 15 Team Building Events this Summer

Now that in person events are back, many companies are planning their summer events to get the teams back together, reward them for their hard work in the past two years and in many cases for new starters to meet the rest of their colleagues. Marketers and event planners have lots of types of team building events to choose from, with options such as physical, creative, light-hearted fun, or competitive events. It can be sometimes burdensome to choose one or two that suit everyone; however, if you are working with a good event management company, they should be able to give you a choice of team building events that will meet your every need and fulfill the objectives of the event.

With our unpredictable climate and a large number of event venues having little or no outdoor space, holding your activities indoors is a great option to consider. If you have a tight schedule, for example, holding your team building activity indoors allows you to have a fast turnaround, enabling you to better use your allotted time and you do not need to worry about the weather. However, if you wish to take a fresh air break to re-energise and relax as a part of your conference or meeting, the event management company can work with you to choose the right outdoor team building event to make the most of the summer sunshine!

So what are our top 15 picks for team building events this summer? Let’s get into it….

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Game Your Thrones

Inspired by the iconic show, Game Your Thrones, is a challenging event that requires mental skill and physical ability as teams compete to ascend the throne! It aims to challenge each team with riotous tendencies – ensuring only those who work together gain ownership of The Seven Kingdoms. This is an interactive and exciting themed event with the winning team being awarded the honour of reigning supreme! This team building event is suitable for indoors as well as outdoor settings.

Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours

Group size: 8 – 192

KDM Events - Team Building Events - Event Management Company - Game Your Throne Team Building event'

Country Sports

A Country Sports Event makes for a day to remember! This is an exciting option for incentives, rewards or just to break the ice. Available in a competitive format or as informal fun, everyone will take part in a range of activities as they progress around the event. They must work together to complete the tasks and either ‘beat the clock’ or score the most points to gain maximum advantage for their team.

Duration: 90 – 180 minutes

Group size: 10 – 250

KDM Events - Team Building Events - Event Management Company - Laser Clay shooting team building event'

Green House

Green House is a team based indoor event centred around the challenges of sustainability, using a mixture of science, skill and mental based challenges to both test and educate individuals. Teams have to build and maintain a water filtration system and also generate a renewable energy source, as well as look at reducing their carbon footprint with insulation and recycling tasks. The event is therefore a very hands-on activity!

Duration: 2.5 hours

Group size: 8 – 250

KDM Events - Team Building Events - Event Management Company - Green House team building event'

Ninja Workout

A pair of trainers, suitable sports clothing and a positive attitude are all that’s needed as the teams navigate through a Ninja Workout. They are taken safely through their paces in a series of fun challenges, competing not as individuals but instead to be the overall winning team. It’s an enjoyable and supportive team building event rather than a boot camp atmosphere.

Duration: 90 minutes

Group size: 8 –160

KDM Events - Team Building Events - Event Management Company - Ninja Workout team building event'

Missing Link

Missing Link tests time management skills, communication and cooperation which emphasises the benefits of collective input and the power of teamwork. This team building event underlines the importance placed on groups, working both as separate units and all together as one body. The event builds up to a grand finale where individual elements are all brought together and the teams unite to achieve a common goal!

Duration: 1 – 1.5 hours

Group Size: 4 – 84

KDM Events - Team Building Events - Event Management Company - Missing Link team building event'

Squad Game

Squad Game is an immersive team building event based on the Korean TV sensation where the contestants battle it out in a series of playground style games in a bid to stay ‘alive’ and avoid ‘elimination’. Played as teams (or Squads), each game has a schoolyard craze as its core element, with the emphasis on fun as they pitch their skills head-to-head against the opposition. Success in each game is rewarded with a token place in teams Squads Piggy Bank.

Duration: 2.5 hours

Group size: 10 – 250

KDM Events - Team Building Events - Event Management Company - Squad game team building activity'

Crystal Mazed

Inspired by the iconic show, Crystal Mazed is the ultimate outdoor team building event for stretching teams to the limit! They will need mental skill, physical ability and ingenuity to complete the challenges and earn their time in the Crystal Dome! After entering the labyrinth, teams are faced with the task ahead…..a series of challenges in four themed zones – Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic! From spear throwing and earthquakes to cannon balls and a lot of nuts, communication, speed but above all teamwork is essential!

Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours

Group size: 8 – 320

KDM Events - Team Building Events - Event Management Company - Crystal Maze team building activity'

Barista Experience

This is a chance to create their very own espresso blend and learn the intricate art of the Barista. It’s a fantastic opportunity to try something unusual in a relaxed and fun environment, giving everyone a rewarding and creative experience with a difference. It even turned the tea drinkers into coffee devotees!

Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours

Group size: 4 – 60 in teams of 5

KDM Events - Team Building Events - Event Management Company - Barista Experience team building event'

Dragster Race

The group is challenged by designing, building and finally testing their very own Dragster Car in this highly unique and engaging team-based event! Using modelling foam to build the chassis of the car, teams have to balance many variables including aerodynamics, weight and of course style. Only one team will emerge victorious in the final drag race…meaning that testing, design and collaboration as a team ultimately determine the outcome.

Duration: 1-2 hours

Group Size: Up to 210

KDM Events - Team Building Events - Event Management Company - Dragster Race team building event'

Escape the Office

Escape The Office is a hugely immersive activity with plenty of opportunities to keep everyone fully absorbed as they race towards escape! With each team taking on an identical challenge, they must battle to be the first to pool together and decipher enough information to discover the hidden key and break out from the office. As they work their way through the tasks and challenges, the clock ticks and the pressure builds. Each team can cash in a ‘life’ for a clue if stuck!

Duration: 60 Minutes

Group size: 6 – 150

KDM Events - Team Building Events - Event Management Company - Escape room team building'

Hungry Games

Based loosely on the blockbuster trilogy The Hungry Games is a team-based activity where everyone will showcase both their mental skills and physical ability as teams compete for victory. In order to survive the Hungry Games Arena, each district must learn essential weaponry skills and survival techniques. They will be presented with challenges such as Axe Throwing, Combat Archery and Shelter building. Each skill must be mastered should they wish to leave as Victors.

Duration: 2 – 5 Hours

Group Size: Up to 168

KDM Events - Team Building Events - Event Management Company - Hungry Games team building activity'

CSI Experience

In a competitive yet collaborative format, the groups will tackle challenges to earn access to lab results to prove the innocence of those in the frame and continually narrow down the field of suspects to find the true culprit. Teams will participate in a series of time critical tasks such as fingerprint harvesting, forensic photography and even shooting TV video appeals. They will need to adapt to solve problems against constantly changing time constraints and evolving situations, just like a real-life investigation!

Duration: 2.5 – 3 hours

Group size: 5 – 150

KDM Events - Team Building Events - Event Management Company - CSI Experience team building event'

Wiped Out

Wiped Out is a lively, colourful, and competitive outdoor team building event that will allow individuals to have lots of fun and leave in high spirits. Both energetic and exciting, the giant inflatable combination will test their ability to climb, dodge, jump, fall and laugh whilst trying to earn maximum points against opposing teams. Participation, interaction, and fun are very much the order of this team building event.

Duration: 2 hours

Group size: 10 – 192

KDM Events - Team Building Events - Event Management Company - Wiped Out team building event'

The Box

Inspired by live escape room games, this is a fast and furious challenge as each team goes all out to successfully decode the master cryptic message to gain the means to open the box. The teams face the ultimate test of logic, creative thinking, problem solving and hands on puzzles. Once the clock reaches zero the box can never be opened, so teams can’t take their eyes off the clock!

Duration: 60 – 90 minutes

Group size: 10 – 350

KDM Events - Team Building Events - Event Management Company - The Box team building event'

Human Bingo

Human Bingo is an exciting twist on the original, allowing individuals to break the ice with others and learn some unusual facts about each other. Each one will receive a bingo card listing interesting things a person may or may not have done such as ‘Can run a marathon’ or ‘Can say hello in 3 different languages – and demonstrate!’ Great fun and high energy – this indoor team build is the perfect event to encourage networking, get to know each other and converse in an informal and fun way.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Group size: 8 – 500

KDM Events - Team Building Events - Event Management Company - Human bingo team building activity'


So here are our top 15 Team Building Events picks for summer 2022. Whatever your group size or objectives, whether indoors or outdoors you will be able to deliver memorable shared experiences. At KDM Events, we run over 500 events per year so we have a pretty firm handle on what type of Team Building Events and Activities are most popular for our clients to enjoy. We are a highly professional, passionate, and friendly Event Management company. Our goal is to always over-deliver and never make empty promises. We use our experience and expertise to shoulder the stresses of delivering memorable events.


We’re a friendly bunch who love to talk, so if you need help with your event, get in touch with us by emailing or calling 01782 646 300.