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3 Virtual Team Building Activities Your Employees Won’t Hate

Virtual team building activities that are engaging can feel like an impossible challenge. But now, more than ever, getting them right is good for staff retention, well-being and morale. Check out our run-down of 3 virtual team building your employees won't hate!

Team building is difficult to get right at the best of times. Past experiences, self-consciousness and a lack of engagement can all be barriers to effective team building activities. Now, in this brave new world, which has driven the work from home revolution, it’s possibly even harder to pull off engaging virtual events that hit the spot for all attendees.

That being said, just because hosting virtual team building activities seem like hard work, doesn’t mean they can be left by the wayside. Now, more than ever, keeping remote teams engaged, motivated and happy is more pressing than ever – especially for staff retention and productivity, not to mention the overall wellbeing of employees.

At KDM Events, we’re experienced in delivering team building activities that don’t suck. And, in the wake of the work from home mandate, we’ve piled all of our knowledge and expertise into creating virtual team building activities and events that don’t suck, too! In this article, we’ll look at 3 team building activities your employees won’t hate and why.

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3 Virtual Team Building Ideas (That Work For Everyone)

The great thing about teams of colleagues is that everyone brings something different to the table. But juggling these kinds of personal preferences and personalities can be difficult when it comes to helping teams ‘gel’ and work together effectively. That’s where team building comes in. Whether face to face or virtual, team building helps you to develop your team, create a sense of cohesion and leave everyone feeling pumped and energised.

But how to do that in a way that doesn’t leave your team banging their head against the keyboard out of boredom? Well, look no further. Here at KDM, we’ve got you covered with virtual team building activities your employees definitely won’t hate.

Team Building Ideas'

Virtual Master The Task

We’re sure you’ve seen Taskmaster, the comedy panel game show created by Alex Horne, where comedians go head to head in a series of simple but bizarre challenges. Well, our Master The Task virtual event is a love letter of sorts to what has quickly become a well-loved TV show.

In Master The Task, your team will go head to head virtually on a weekly basis, performing a variety of tasks from one of four categories: creative, physical, technical and just plain silly! At the start of every work, teams will be sent an instructional video that outlines the rules and parameters of the task at hand before the Grand Final on Friday, where only one person can be crowned the winner.

Why it doesn’t suck: We love Master The Task because it isn’t just a one-off virtual event that ends when everyone closes their laptops. Instead, it gives teams something to carry with them through the week and get excited about before the Friday Grand Final. We also love it because, while silly, it brings out everyone’s competitive side and encourages you to think outside the box!

Virtual Master The Task'

Virtual Cocktail Making

This is our remote working version of Friday nights at the pub! Whether it’s the real deal or a fancy fruity mocktail, who doesn’t like to wind down after all that hard work with a drink in hand and a smile on their face? That’s why we devised our virtual cocktail making masterclass for teams.

There’s no need to head out and get all the ingredients or invest in fancy glassware or cocktail making kits – we’ve got it covered! To each participant, we’ll send out everything required for the masterclass, including recipe sheets they can keep. Over the course of 45 minutes, participants will be guided in making the perfect cocktail by an experienced bartender!

Why it doesn’t suck: Well, it’s cocktails. Need we say more? We know more than anyone else that team bonding is all about getting stuck into something new that you enjoy, we think this combines the two effortlessly!

Virtual Cocktail Making'

Virtual Murder Mystery

We often find that Murder Mystery evenings are one of those things lots of people have always wanted to do but never got the opportunity to. Well, now you can bring the experience straight into the comfort of your team’s homes for a night of super sleuthing, fun and laughs!

In our virtual murder mystery events, teams must channel their inner Miss Marple to discover the murderer in their midst. We offer two options for ultimate flexibility: either pre-recorded or live.

Why it doesn’t suck: Our virtual murder mystery is a relaxed and enjoyable event that is as immersive as it is fun. Teams are encouraged to bring snacks and drinks along for the ride as they solve this mystery from their sofa! Expect lots of laughs and red herrings.

Virtual Murder Mystery'

Explore Virtual Team Building Events with KDM

There’s no hiding from the fact that remote working is here to stay. For teams to succeed in this new working environment, employers should be willing to facilitate virtual team-building events designed to help everyone drop their guard, enjoy each other’s company and get to know each other more. We all know just how important team bonding is, even more so virtually.

As you can see, we have devised a range of team building activities and events that go the distance in pulling your team together. To get the ball rolling on any of them and organise your next virtual team building event, contact us today. Our team of event managers are ready and willing to help, whether you choose an off-the-shelf event or would like us to help create a totally bespoke virtual team-building experience.


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