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6 Sure-Fire Ways To Increase Event Registrations

The overall success of an event is measured by attendance, engagement and feedback, as well as more traditional metrics such as revenue. Therefore, it’s important to do everything you can to ensure your event is well attended. In this article, we’ll look at 6 sure-fire ways you can increase event registrations. From promoting an early bird registration to collaborating with influencers in your field, there are a number of ways to increase the hype around you event and translate that into registrations. Read on to check out our top tips.

6 Ways To Increase Event Registrations

Collaborate With An Influencers To Promote Your Event
The rise in influencer marketing over the past few years has shown how effective it is to use influential figures as part of your overarching strategy. And that’s no exception in the events world, either.

One way to increase event registrations is to engage with an influencer in your industry and ask them to promote your event. And they don’t have to have millions of followers either. Micro-influencers (someone with between 1,000 and 100,000 followers) can be just as effective for promoting events in a specific location.

When seeking out an influencer to promote your event, it’s important to consider how engaged their followers are and how well their personal brand aligns with your organisations. Essentially, you want to seek out the influence of someone who has an audience very similar to yours in order to drum up event registrations.


Build A Stand-Out Marketing Campaign
The key to more event registrations is to make your event stand out and to clearly convey why a person should attend. To achieve this you should build a stand-out marketing campaign with the aim of driving event registrations. Think eye catching graphics and imagery and compelling copy, all deployed in the right way.

A well thought out marketing strategy makes all the difference for event registrations. Your event should have a website that makes it easy to register with as much information as possible about the event itself, speakers, facilities, transport and accommodation. As well as this you could use a combination of on and offline marketing to reach your target audience too.

Remove Barriers To Attendance
In marketing your event you should address all the objections or questions a person may have about attending. At the very least you should be answering the question ‘Why should I attend?’ but you should also be striving to provide solutions to other problems too.

Lack of transport or accommodation could feasibly hold a person back from registering. Therefore, in planning your event you should take steps to overcome this. For example, you could lay on shuttle buses from the nearby train station or strike up a deal with a nearby taxi or rideshare service to make your event more accessible. You might offer accommodation for free or at a discounted rate of attendees.

All of these perks and bonuses should be promoted in order to entice people to sign-up and attend your event.


Offer A Discount For Early Bird Registration
Your marketing strategy doesn’t start when tickets go on sale. It begins way before that. Therefore, you might consider starting your campaign by collecting email addresses of people who may be interested in your event. You can do this by offering Early Bird Registration to anyone who signs up. Early Bird registration usually involves a discount and puts those who sign up first in line for tickets before they go on general sale.

This is a fantastic way of drumming up interest and creating a buzz around your event, and goes a long way to increasing event registrations.

Play On FOMO
You can also boost event registrations by creating a sense of urgency. Your job is to convince people that they absolutely cannot miss your event and use this as a catalyst for their registration. For example, you may have a headline on your website which shows how many tickets are remaining. This is a very simple technique which can be used to nudge a person into committing through fear of missing out.


Reward Loyalty
If your event happens every year, don’t forget those people who have come before! Reward loyalty by offering them Early Bird registration, or even making them a VIP. Even an email that acknowledges they have been before and you are looking forward to seeing them again can go a long way.

Another way to incentivise more people to register for your event is to create a referral scheme. This will encourage people who do sign up to share the event with their friends and colleagues. Don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth!

Get More Help & Advice With Event Planning

If you have been given the responsibility of planning an event and would benefit from some expert support, contact us! We are an award winning event management company with over 25 years of experience in organising, planning, promoting and executing successful events. From theme development to finding speakers and promoting your event, we are experts in all aspects of event planning and management and we’d be happy to help you.