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What Are The Benefits of Team Building?

Often a business’ success depends on how well its employees can co-operate on a day-to-day basis. Team building can play a vital role in not only strengthening and developing workplace relationships, but also ensuring that goals and deadlines are met. If we look through the lens of Bruce Tuckman’s group development theory at team building, there are many benefits…

What Is Team Building?

Team building is a process where leaders aim to create a team that will cohesively work together towards a common goal. The main purpose of this is to create a strong team through forming bonds and connections throughout the group. Creating bonds through team building is very beneficial to businesses as it can help to increase communication, planning skills, employee motivation and collaboration among many other team building benefits.

In the ‘Forming’ stages, team members may be full of positivity, but they may also feel nervous or anxious. At this point, team building activities break the ice and allow a group of people to get to know each other in a friendly, non-work-related environment.

It also gives new teams their first taste of working with each other, as they negotiate roles and test out lines of communication. In a team building activity, the stakes are much lower, and people feel more able to put themselves out there without fear of making a mistake.

Are Team Building Activities Effective?

Team building activities can be an effective tool for improving the overall performance of a team they will help your employees to connect and bond with one another and encourage them as individuals to contribute to a good employee experience. Plus, team building will also help to inspire your team members to think and behave as a cohesive unit not just as individuals.


Teams in the ‘storming’ phase can use team building to reconnect with one another, understand the ways in which they communicate and generate synergy. Certainly, in this situation team building exercises can help ‘reset’ a team to a certain extent and re-energise them, eventually leading to ‘norming’ and ‘performing’.

Does Team Building Effect Productivity?

The benefits of team building are long-term. They help to pass along a clear message to the team that their employer is willing to invest in their employees as individuals as well as invest in their successes within the workplace. This helps to motivate team members and in turn will likely increase productivity in the workplace.

What Are The Advantages Of Team Building?

One of the biggest benefits of team building events is that if they are designed well enough then your employees will naturally grow stronger by taking part in them. Advantages of team building include better problem-solving skills increased job satisfaction, and increased team collaboration. 


Why is team building important?

As we’ve covered earlier within this article, team building is essential to reaching the successful phases of group development: norming and performing.

In order to get the very best out of your team, they must be clear of the intended goal, understand their role and its importance (as well as the roles of others) and communicate effectively. Team building gives them the opportunity to try out different techniques and work on the communication skills needed in order to do so.

This, alongside appropriate support and continued professional development within the workplace has a transformative effect on teams as they pave the way to success.

If you would like to find out more about team building, contact us for more information. We are constantly formulating new ideas around team building exercises from Escape Rooms to Treasure Hunts and outdoor pursuits that are ideal for any group of individuals, all of which are designed to help develop a series of important skills as well as promote better team working.


What Are The Benefits Of Team Building?

There are many benefits of team building and the benefits will be different for each business and for every individual. However, we have put together a list of the most common benefits of team building activities below so that you can see just how effective team building events can be.:

Increased Productivity

Another way team building benefits businesses is that it can help a to further its positivity by encouraging employees to work towards a common goal or to reach team objectives. If a team feels connected they’re more likely to apply themselves to their work and the tasks that they are responsible for. This can also help to eliminate longer working processes as team members will likely communicate with each other more frequently and provide each other with regular updates on their progress with tasks.

Building Camaraderie

Socialising and making friends in the workplace is very important and is a vital part of truly feeling like a member of the team. Having fun together and bonding socially is one of the best ways to increase positivity within the workplace. Not only will a social team building activity increase morale but it will allow team members to adapt to a virtual or hybrid work environment with greater ease.

When every team member is contributing to the shared outcome at their best it will set a tone for a positive working culture. Each team is different and every individual has unique contributions to offer. Once a leader can identify and everyone reaches their individual potential your team will be able to reach a collective potential too.

Encouraging Creativity

Taking teams away from their usual work environment can help them view normal work situations more creatively. Discussing creative ideas with coworkers can provide employees with a fresh perspective on how to approach situations at work. This can help them to become more efficient problem solvers and collaborate with their coworkers to solve problems via new ideas too. 

People usually have a larger imagination if they are surrounded by people they feel comfortable with. Successful team building events help to bring people together to develop bonds with one another. Still, they also allow people to make creative contributions and think of creative solutions to problems, in turn creating a more successful and creative workplace.

Better Communication

Team building activities allow people to understand each other in a better way and encourage more open communication. Team members are more likely to develop bonds with one another outside of the office and team building provides them a platform on which to form natural conversations with each other. This can help to improve workflow and can make sharing thoughts with each other much easier. 

Some businesses choose to hold team building events and activities with the sole purpose of working on communication and trust. While this is a common goal among many workplaces there may be a specific area of communication that your business could work to improve upon.

Building Connections Across Departments

Connections are often stronger between team members who work within the same department as they have the most in common and will likely come to the job from a similar background of experience and education. However, the connections between employees across different departments are much weaker and when trying to build the strongest team possible these connections need to be fostered.

Urge employees to familiarise themselves with people in other areas of the business instead of working uniquely with their immediate teams. Many businesses find that this practice helps employees feel much more comfortable in the workplace and will help to form new relationships and bonds across the business.

As more companies have employees who work remotely it is beneficial to find ways to connect those working from a variety of locations. Team building can help remote teams get to know each other which may create a more positive work environment.

Identifying Potential Leaders & Developing Confidence 

Another way team building benefits businesses is by helping leaders to identify employee strengths and weaknesses based on their performances in team building events. Team leaders can then use this to form more effective teams in the future and understand how best to utilise team members.

You may find that certain employees flourish in more relaxed and creative environments. Leaders often arise during team building activities and can surprise other team members. Having regular team building events can feed employees the confidence to come forward and display or develop their leadership skills within the workplace.

When employees succeed they develop more confidence this can help them to feel more established within a team and make them feel more comfortable to share experiences with their fellow team members. Confident employees usually have an increased amount of trust in their coworker’s abilities which can lead to an improved workflow.

Increasing Employee Morale and Wellbeing

Team building has many benefits and often involves a fun activity and this can be an effective way to boost employee morale. Completing an enjoyable activity with coworkers can aid employees can help team members notice shared goals and help them feel appreciated. 

Not only this, but team building can be beneficial for promoting good physical and mental wellbeing. Team building activities often require teams to engage with each other to solve problems and take them away from an office environment. This allows employees to complete tasks that are away from the norm and in turn, increases positive wellbeing.

Giving Employees Adequate Problem-Solving Tools

Exercises that work to build teams can help businesses prevent future problems from arising as they help to provide employees with the tools they need to be able to identify and address issues within their day-to-day workflow. Team building benefits employees in understanding and appreciating their colleague’s perspectives and opinions. It can allow them to practice effective communication which may help them to resolve conflicts in the workplace.


Team Building Helps To Create A Better Workplace Culture

Workplace culture can be described as your business values, norms, goals and attitudes. It defines the environment that you work in and gives the company a personality. Using team building activities regularly can help to improve the workplace culture by providing a space for you to understand your employee’s wants and needs.

Often the understanding of workplace culture the managers have differs vastly from that of their employees so using team building activities to find a common ground can be a vital step to moving towards a more positive working environment.

If you would like to find out more about team building, contact us for more information. We are constantly formulating new ideas around team building exercises from Escape Rooms to Treasure Hunts and outdoor pursuits that are ideal for any group of individuals. All of which are designed to help develop a series of important skills as well as promote better teamwork.