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Tips for Choosing the Right Team Building Activity

Before you go about choosing a team building activity, it’s important to know and understand the areas your team needs to focus on and improve.

In some respects, it’s kind of like going to the doctor. When you have an illness you don’t just visit your GP, say “I’m ill” and get handed some generic ‘illness’ tablets. Instead, you explain your symptoms to the medical practitioner who then reviews them and recommends the best course of action.

This analogy is perfect for choosing the right team building event or activity because it focuses on diagnosis of the problem first. That is to say, before you make any decisions or commitments you should look to understand what’s not working and the best way to address it.


Diagnosing Team Problems
Before you even think about choosing a team building activity, it’s important to first evaluate the team as it is now. Are there any issues that need tackling? If so, how are they affecting individuals and their capacity to work together?

If you do identify problems in your team, it’s vital to determine what the root cause is and how far reaching the consequences are. While it may not be the whole solution, a team building event that is designed to build on strengths whilst tackling any weaknesses may be the perfect springboard from which to start addressing these issues.

If you find that there are no major issues… First, congratulations! If you have a fantastic team working under you that is firing on all cylinders your main concern will be keeping that momentum going and pushing for better performance. In these instances, you may look at team building activities to promote and develop internal communications, or even just as a way of rewarding your team.

Team building events and activities work most effectively when they are integrated into a program focused on team development in the workplace. It is not merely a single event that takes place off-site but part of an ongoing process. As such, it’s important to choose an activity that aligns with your overall goals and objectives in order to see a return on your investment in the long-term.

Things to Consider When Planning A Team Building Event
To help you effectively plan your next team building activity, we’ve put together a short list of things to consider before you get stuck in. Taking into account all of these considerations will ensure that your chosen team building activity is well-planned and in-line with what you are looking to achieve.

Will the event help facilitate the change you want?
Will all team members be involved in the event?
Do you anticipate any resistance to team building activities?
Is the activity inclusive?
Do you have the time, budget and a suitable venue for the event?
What are the risks? (If you are using an external company for team building, always ask for the Risk Assessment and ensure that adequate Public Liability Insurance is in place.)
Will all members of the team be treated equally and with respect throughout the event? Remember to consider cultural differences and ensure that fun is not had at the expense of others.
Will the event generate an overall feeling of positivity or might it expose fears or generate a sense of failure in some participants?
How will you manage conflict and feedback constructively?
Is your team onboard with the activity? It is usually better to involve your team in the decision-making process rather than leave it to one individual to decide.

Should Team Building Be Indoors or Outdoors?
There was a time when team building seemed to only involve mud, rain and misery for all but the enthusiastic outdoor types. But times have changed, and it’s important to make your team building activities fun and inclusive for your team. In our modern world, team building events are now more heavily focused on delivering the overall objective of the activity in a light-hearted and fun atmosphere.

So, if you’re considering whether your team building event should be held outdoors or indoors, then it’s totally down to you and the participants. Outdoor events and activities are still very popular (and effective, too), however now they are more thought based and modifiable for all types of abilities.

What matters is that you consider sensitively the needs, limitations and abilities of colleagues in order to select the most appropriate activity. Also, if you plump for an outdoor activity then choose an event that is modifiable (or still fun and achievable) if the Great British weather rears its ugly, unpredictable head! Failing to do this could result in the underlying message of your activity being lost as participants simply try and stay warm and dry!

There is an element of seasonality that will affect your decision to choose either an indoor or outdoor event. Outdoor events invariably take place in the summer months, while indoor events can be carried out at any time of year. Indoor activities also fit more seamlessly in between meetings or conference sessions, which is something to consider if you’re planning team building around a bigger event.


Make Time for A Post Activity Review
If you don’t review or evaluate the effectiveness of team building activities, it can be difficult to see if they have made a difference. With that in mind, always plan to reflect on events such as this to better understand your return on investment and next steps.

It could be that your next team building event is a real eye opener in terms of what support your employees need. If that is the case, really drill down into what worked and what didn’t and use this to inform your plan moving forward.

Planning a team building event? Speak to Our Team Today!

If you’re looking to plan a team building event for your business or department, please contact us. We are experts in team building no matter your goals and can provide dedicated support and help in getting you on the right track.

As one of the UK’s leading team building event providers, we have a wealth of industry experience to share with you and our Event Managers can help you to host a fun and engaging event that builds the skills of your team whilst helping to address areas for development. For more information regarding our team building activities, please contact us today.