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How to bond virtual teams?

With remote working becoming the norm in 2020 and 2021, more and more virtual teams are being put together. Whilst some virtual teams may be made up of staff that already know each other, it’s likely that you may be tasked with constructing a new team or adding members to an existing one. If so, it’s vital that you start thinking about how you’re going to get your virtual team to bond, as it’ll be vital for productivity and management.

The Importance of Team Bonding

In order to ensure that your virtual team is working at the highest possible standard, it’s vital that they bond with each other. This doesn’t have to be on a personal level, although that can help. Just developing an understanding of how each other work and building a rapport can dramatically improve efficiency and the communication between team members.

Usually, this can be developed through being in an office setting and observing how people interact. However, with the rise of remote working this year, it’s no longer that easy and extra steps must be taken to ensure that your remote workers are still feeling motivated, inspired and included in the team.

To do this, there are a variety of team building exercises that can be undertaken. From things as simple as a group call to signing onto external events there are plenty of options. In this article, we’re going to introduce you to a few of our favourite tips.

How to bond a virtual team'

Create Space For Personal Chat

As we previously discussed, the removal of the office for virtual teams will take with it, natural chat that happens regarding people’s personal lives. It’s easy to see this as unproductive. However, research suggests that positive non-work related conversations help strengthen bonds and communication between employees.

With that in mind, it’s important that your employees have an appropriate space where they can catch up personally and get to know one another. This could be a separate Slack chat dedicated to non-work related discussions. However, if you’re worried about productivity and chats getting out of hand, organise coffee breaks over a video call each day where everyone can catch up freely for a set amount of time. This could even offer motivation by splitting up the day and giving people something to look forward to.


Get People Working on Shared Projects

Obviously, it’s important to note that not every employee will appreciate this or respond in the same way. Therefore, it’s important that you figure this out before doing it or respond quickly should it not work out. However, if your team is happy to work on shared projects, it can force them to find the best ways to work together whilst hopefully building a shared feeling of accomplishment that will bring them closer together.

This can be a great idea for a new employee coming into the virtual team. If you have a more experienced member of the team that is happy to tutor them, that 1-1 time can get them feeling involved from the start. Not only that, but your more experienced member of staff will be able to lead by example and instil the way of doing things into their work from the start.

Get people working on shared projects'

Book a virtual event

Usually, a team building exercise would be the most common activity to enhance team bonding. However, these have been forced to change since more and more people started working from home. However, there are virtual events available that are specifically designed to enhance teamwork and provide lasting memories for you and your colleagues.

Hosted on the video platforms of your choice, virtual events are bringing innovative, engaging and creative team building activities to your screen. With expert hosts offering a range of activities over Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and other platforms, you’re guaranteed to find something to suit your company’s taste. Capacity isn’t an issue either as some events can take up to 1000 people.

To give you a few examples of the types of virtual events that are out there, here are a few of KDM Events’ range.

Book a virtual event'

Examples of Virtual Events:

Virtual Live Entertainment

Sit back, relax and let KDM Events’ bookings entertain you. With award-winning comedians, highly talented musicians and mystifying magicians available, you’re bound to make memories with your team. Thanks to their experience, each act is familiar with performing to a variety of crowds and interactivity is encouraged. Want to request a song or style from our band? Feel free. Whether you’re looking for someone to close the show or start you off, KDM Events’ have got you covered.

Virtual Cooking Classes

Ever wanted to be taught how to cook by a Michelin star chef? Now is your chance. KDM Events’ cookery classes in sushi, canapes and Asian food are just a few examples of how to get your team firing from all cylinders. With ingredients and equipment sent out to each of your team, you’ll each receive instructions on how to put your culinary skills to the test. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned home cook, you’ll take away amazing memories, new skills and a better relationship with your team.

Virtual Escape Rooms

Perfect for enhancing your teamwork skills and collective problem solving, virtual escape rooms offer more than just the entertainment. Our Event Managers will set the scene for your mystery and escape, so that your team is fully engaged and immersed in the experience. With options to complete these live or off the back of a pre-recorded film, this versatile activity is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Virtual Drinks

Sometimes you just need to unwind and a good staff party can go a long way in providing this opportunity. Here at KDM Events, we understand this and have worked hard to provide a variety of virtual drinks tasting events. Join your colleagues for a wine or gin tasting night and let our expert take you on the journey of how it’s made. Wines, gins and mixers are provided in advance of the event so all you have to worry about is turning up.

Virtual Events with KDM

Here at KDM Events, we’re passionate about bringing teams closer together in an ever changing landscape. That’s why we’ve constructed a wide range of virtual events to cater for everyone’s needs. Our experienced event managers and hosts work hard to make sure that every event is memorable, engaging and provided to the highest standard. Also, anything that’s needed for the event is provided by ourselves, so all you have to worry about is turning up.

If you have any questions or would be interested in making a booking, please contact us. A member of our team will be happy to help you with any queries. For more information, or to see our full range of virtual events, look online.

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