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How to Bring Your Virtual Team Closer Together?

As a manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your team is productive but also happy working together. If you have managed to integrate the members of your team well, you’re likely to reap the benefits of both of these factors. However, a team that’s not bonded in any way can become a recipe for disaster. With the benefits of a bonded team being so important to the success of a business, the KDM team have put together the following guide to help get you started.

Create a Safe and Positive Atmosphere

Without this, none of the other pieces of advice will work. In order to get your staff to start bonding with each other, it’s vital that they feel safe to do so. If they feel like they’re in a strict environment where everyone is silent, they’ll never start to come out of their shell. As the manager, it’s your responsibility to lead the way and set the tone for the atmosphere that you wish to create.

This can be done in a variety of ways. For example, you could create designated coffee breaks where work is off the table. This way, you can still moderate productivity and conversation whilst giving employees an opportunity to bond. You could also create a separate Slack or Skype chat dedicated to non-work related chat. Some managers even take a more liberal approach and allow personal conversations to just play out in the office. This relies on trust though, that employees won’t take advantage and lessen productivity of others. It tends to require a bit of give and take to find the right balance.

How to Bring Your Team Closer Together'

Provide Shared Experiences

One of the most common things for us to bond over is a shared experience. These experiences are what give people a shared interest and stories/memories to reflect on as time passes. Not only that, but they can also help your team to understand what makes each other tick and how to work with each other. However, you may be sitting there wondering what kind of things make for the best shared experiences.

As a team building events management company, we obviously believe in the importance of team building events. Especially whilst people are working at home, it can be more difficult to provide shared experiences outside of work itself. That’s where our virtual events come in. With everything from escape rooms to virtual cookery classes, we can cater to the interests of any team to bring them closer. Designed to be the perfect mix of fun and skill building, your team will undoubtedly come out of their comfort zone and leave a tighter knit group.

Provide Shared Experiences'

Virtual Team Events

Here at KDM Events, we have had to adapt to the new environment that we all find ourselves working within. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have been working remotely, with some companies even deciding that this is the way forward for their business indefinitely. This has made team building difficult for some people. However, that’s no reason to just forget about it as it is arguably more important than ever. For example, according to TotalJobs, ‘almost half (46%) of UK workers have experienced loneliness during lockdown’. For that reason, we have created a wide range of virtual events to keep teams bonded together.

These virtual events have been designed to be hosted over any of your favourite video streaming platforms including, but not limited to, escape rooms, cookery classes, live entertainment and more. To help you decide which might be best for you, here are a few examples.

Virtual Events'

Virtual Team Building Ideas

Virtual Zero Hour

Can your team beat the clock in KDM Events’ Virtual Zero Hour? Perfect for creating a fun environment, this zero hour challenge with pit teams against each other in a range of simultaneous events. With energy and the atmosphere through the roof, you’ll need to keep one eye on the clock and the other on the competition. From simple table top puzzles and quizzes to complex physical challenges and games, there’s plenty to keep you entertained. However, each challenge scores differently and so teams must choose wisely and allocate their resources skilfully to score the maximum possible points.

Virtual Google It Quiz

As the quiz that allows you to use the internet, this is truly cheat proof. Not quite your standard general knowledge quiz, this cryptic challenge allows you to use the internet to find your answers. Each question will be a 3 part conundrum needing you to find information through Google to reach the final answer. Thanks to the use of Google as a part of the quiz, you’re guaranteed quite a rare level playing field. Therefore, everyone has a shot at winning regardless of age or knowledge.

Virtual Escape Room

In this immersive and interactive game that can cater to up to 500 people, you can play in 3-5 person teams to uncover the Rogue Agent. In your teams, you’ll need to work together to decipher clues, solve puzzles and complete the mission, all whilst aiming to be the first team to do it. Hosted by our expert Event Managers, the scene will be set in a tense virtual briefing, logging you into the MI5 dashboard and explaining the mission ahead. The question is, are you willing to accept it?

Virtual Bake Off Cookery

Join one of our Michelin Chefs in a cookery class guaranteed to lift your team’s spirits. It’s proven that cooking is good for the soul and mental well being as it brings a reward of self satisfaction. Our chef will give you all of the skills necessary and then set you off on a challenge against your fellow colleagues judged on presentation and creative use of ingredients. In preparation for your cookery challenge, you will receive a goody box in the post, revealing your ingredients. Therefore, all you have to think about is showing up.

Encourage Collaboration

This piece of advice almost brings the two previous pieces together. Arguably one of the most successful ways to bond employees together is to ask them to collaborate on a task. This could be a series of small jobs or one large project. Either way, it’s a fantastic way to get them to learn more about how each other works. Naturally, with the amount of time spent together it’s a given that they will eventually start to share personal experiences and come out of their shell together.

In addition to bringing your group together, there are a whole host of other benefits attached to collaboration. For example, developing an understanding of how each other works can increase productivity in the future between your team. Not only that, but this understanding will also boost morale as employees know how to approach each other and what pressures each colleague may be under.

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Encourage Collaboration'

Team Up With KDM Events For Team Building Events

If you’re interested in booking or enquiring about our virtual team building events, please contact us. Our expert and experienced team of Event Managers will be happy to help you with any queries that you may have. With over 30 years of experience and 4 consecutive years as the Gold Award Best Event Provider at the M&IT Awards, you can trust us to deliver your event to the highest standards. Whoever you work with to put your event together, we can guarantee a highly professional, passionate and friendly team who won’t make empty promises and always over deliver.

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