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How To Have A Fun And Engaging Virtual Meeting

Do you find yourself dreading your next virtual meeting? Have no fear! In this article, we'll look at ways you can make virtual meetings and video calls fun and engaging for everyone involved!

How To Make Virtual Meetings Fun

Keeping yourself or your team engaged throughout virtual meetings can be challenging. This is especially true for remote workforces that spend their days hopping from one Zoom call to the other.

As it’s so easy to experience burn out on video calls and feel disconnected from their colleagues, it’s necessary for leaders to take steps to make virtual meetings fun and engaging. But how to go about that? And how can you keep it fresh over weeks, months and years? In this article, we’ll look at ways you can make virtual meetings fun and engaging for everyone, and keep things fresh moving forward.

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Use Icebreakers

Icebreakers are a great way to loosen everyone up before diving headlong into a virtual meeting. These short, engaging activities can be used at the beginning and at regular intervals throughout a meeting to keep attendees focused and interested in the content of the session.

There are lots of different icebreaker activities you can use that don’t require much preparation on your part. This can range from fun ways for attendees to introduce themselves and talk to one another to more involved activities which employ core skills such as communication, problem solving and creative thinking.

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Set An Agenda

While this doesn’t necessarily sound too exciting, an agenda is a great way to help attendees prepare for a virtual meeting and know what is expected of them. When there’s work to be done, there’s not always enough time or room for an all-singing all-dancing meeting, and so it is necessary to get everyone involved and informed about the topic and the task at hand.

We recommend sending out an agenda in advance of the meeting, which outlines any preparation required and sets some ground rules for the meeting. For example, you might stipulate that phones be put away and attendees dedicate their full attention to the meeting.

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Have A Chat

In face to face meetings, very rarely does everyone sit down and launch straight into the meat and bones of the agenda. Instead, there’s time for a chat as everyone gets themselves a coffee and a biscuit. This simple acclimatisation helps everyone to feel comfortable and ready to communicate effectively with one another.

Just because you’re meeting virtually doesn’t mean that these rhythms have to be foregone. To accommodate this, allow some time at the start of the meeting just for everyone to catch up about non-related work subjects. A virtual water cooler if you will!

Make Virtual Team Meetings Fun With KDM Events'

Try Team Building

Team building activities are a fantastic way to get your teams communicating better, thinking outside of the box and working more productively. Many managers think that they can’t accommodate team building activities online, but it’s easier than you might think. There is a whole range of engaging and fun activities you can do which can be used in the course of a whole team meeting, or as a standalone event to reward your team members.


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Team Building With KDM Events

Here at KDM Events, we’ve channelled all of our expertise into designing the very best virtual team-building experiences and activities specifically for remote teams. From themed masterclasses to competitive activities, we’ve got a whole range of ready-made, tried and tested, team building activities you can use to make team meetings fun, engaging and effective.

To find out more, give us a call! Our Event Managers are on hand to provide advice and support tailored to your needs and the requirements of your team and they’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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