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How to Make Corporate Events Fun

Corporate events needn’t be a drag. In fact, they shouldn’t be a drag. Whether your goal is to update your employees, share information, launch a new product, or reward your workforce, corporate events should energise and engage from beginning to end. With that in mind, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you make your next corporate event more memorable and engaging.

Tips For Making Corporate Events Fun

Always Leave Them Wanting More
This is a biggie. We’ve probably all experienced the overwhelming feeling of apathy that washes over us when we realise that something mind numbingly boring isn’t going to end soon. And we’ve almost definitely all experienced how it feels to enjoy something so much that we don’t want it to end!

This is the balance you want to strike with your corporate events. Activities, speeches, even entertainment, should be short and sweet. Not too short that it doesn’t leave your audience satisfied, but short enough that it leaves them wanting more.

When the attention of your audience begins to wane, you lose them. If you’re trying to communicate important information, about a product or in the course of a company update, then do everything you can to make it concise, relevant to your audience and engaging with hands on activities throughout.


Use Technology to Your Advantage

Technology is a wonderful thing, but if not correctly utilised or prepared it won’t take the sting out of a boring presentation.

So, how can you jazz things up? Technology has come on leaps and bounds over the years and has the power to really engage your audience. So embrace it and consider trying something new to wow your audience. Video content, animated graphics, lighting, audio and virtual reality can all play an important part in keeping audiences engaged and entertained.

Tech can also be used to streamline your event and encourage engagements. Social media in particular can be very powerful in uniting attendees whilst creating an exciting buzz. Introducing a branded hashtag is one fantastic option to explore. By doing so, attendees can share photos, videos and insights from the day. Combine this with a livestream and you can turn your event into an exciting interactive day which everyone can get involved with!

Budget constraints will, of course, dictate the types of technology you can utilise. But if you can get creative, there’s lots of ways you can use it, even on a shoestring.

Make Having Fun One of Your Goals

As well as your main goal, you should also make fun a kind of sub goal too. This is because you get the most out of people when they are having fun, and you’re speaking to them in a language they understand.

Stuffy, corporate jargon backed up by a PowerPoint presentation just isn’t enough to capture the hearts, minds and imaginations of your audience. Watch any TED talk and you will see that the most engaging speakers are those who make the audience listen to them through storytelling and (sometimes) interactive elements.

In the planning stages of a corporate event, you should consider how engaging something is, as well as how effective it is. Chances are, if you find it snooze worthy then everyone else will!

Shake Things Up

When it comes to corporate events, many of us have been there, done that and got the t-shirt. So, if you really want to impress and engage your audience it’s time to think outside of the box.

There are a number of ways you can do this. Take your theme, for example. How out there or unexpected can you get with it? Choosing an unexpected theme can also lead to more surprising elements through the course of the event extending to food, entertainment and beyond!

Of course, there’s an element of common sense to be applied to this. Take care to ensure that all aspects of your event are accessible to all guests, and that no one is excluded or left out as a result of your choices.

Mix in Interactive Elements

When you make attendees passive in your corporate events, they’ll disengage. The most effective way to create a fun, memorable event is to have interactive elements. This can range from team building activities, games, contests, or all singing, all dancing interactive stations.

Again, your budget may dictate how large you can go with this. But a little creativity goes a long way. For example, interactive food and drink stations at an event can give people the opportunity to network, come out of their shell and have a bit of fun. Or, within a talk or seminar, a quiz can be an energising way to bring people’s attention to the subject and content.

Get Help in Planning Fun Corporate Events

At KDM Events, our whole business centres around making corporate events fun and entertaining. From team building activities to tailored audio and visual support, we’re bursting with out of the box ideas to help your next event go down in history – for all of the right reasons.

We understand that when you’re planning on spending potentially thousands of pounds on an event, you want to get the most for your money. And we can do just that. From initial planning and ideas generation to execution and post event management, our Event Managers have all the experience and know-how you could need or want in the event planning arena. Even better, we cover the whole of the UK with all our services and take pride in leaving no stone unturned in the planning process.

For an informal chat about how we can help, contact us today! We’d be happy to listen to your ideas and explain how we can help!