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4 Reasons To Host A Virtual Event In 2021

In 2020, more and more of us turned to virtual events for both business and in our personal lives. And they made a big impact on us! So big, in fact, that virtual events are now becoming more commonplace, from conferences to team meetings, quizzes and even team building! For this reason, it’s time for businesses to embrace virtual events and make them part and parcel of their offering.

While there’s no doubt that real-life events will still remain an integral part of business networking and culture, it’s also true that virtual events will continue to become the norm – and for good reason too.

Here at KDM Events, we love all kinds of events. From conferences and corporate events to team building activities, we eat, sleep and breathe these types of gatherings whether they’re hosted on, offline, or a mix of the two. Through our experience, we’ve learned that there are a lot of benefits to hosting a virtual event to your business such as webinars and conferences, and in this article, we’ll cover just a few of them.


They’re Cost-Effective 

If your budget is small, you may be worrying about how you’re going to reach large numbers of people or reach your goals effectively when it comes to hosting events. There’s no doubt about it, real-life conferences and events can be expensive as there are lots of different factors to take into account such as venue, catering, audiovisual equipment, and security. All of these things can eat into your budget and cloud your vision when it comes to event planning. 

Enter the humble virtual event! Events held online have the potential to be super creative and engaging while keeping costs low. Crucially, there’s no delegate travel, accommodation or catering to consider, which leaves a large portion of your budget free for other aspects of the event. In short, virtual events can be a lot more cost-effective and just as fun as in-person events, providing you have a bit of outside the box thinking on your side! 


They’re Accessible 

There are two benefits to virtual events being more accessible. The first being that your event can reach more people. In fact, there’s really no limit on how many people can attend your virtual event, and there are fewer logistics to consider over an in-person event. For live events, getting everyone you want to invite into the same room can be challenging, particularly if many live overseas or lead busy lives. A virtual event can remove many of these barriers, as delegates are able to access it from anywhere without the hassle of time-consuming travel. 

The second benefit to virtual events is they can often be more accessible to individuals who would otherwise be unable to attend, due to location, disability or any other reason. Technology can also support you in making these types of events even more accessible, too. For example, closed captions can be added to keynote speeches or you could offer copies of slideshows and other resources which can be downloaded before, after or during the event. 


They Can Help Save The Planet 

Physical events can be made more sustainable, but it’s fair to say that none are as sustainable as virtual events. While there are lots of eco-friendly options you can add to an in-person event to reduce your impact on the environment, a virtual event removes practically all waste and needs for delegate travel. 

If your business is big on reducing its carbon footprint and managing the impact on the environment, a virtual event is a fantastic way to achieve your goals without the need for generating the kind of waste an in-person event does. 


They’re The Gift That Keeps On Giving 

Making your event virtual provides you with a whole host of resources you can utilise within your business in the future. The beauty of an online event is all aspects of it can be recorded and repurposed in the future, which can lead to more sales, leads and interest in your business. Conferences, for example, can be recorded and made available for the rest of the year. Not only does this give you the unique opportunity to put your business in front of more people, but it can also help to market your upcoming events! 

What’s more, there’s the potential to reuse speeches and other resources from the virtual event in pretty much all areas of your marketing in the future! 



Get Help With Virtual Events from KDM 

We’ve been in the events business for quite a few years now. And as technology has evolved, we have adapted to support our clients in delivering not only fantastic in-person events but virtual events too. It was only a matter of time before virtual events became more mainstream and the day has finally arrived! Luckily for you, we have a wealth of experience under our belts when it comes to planning all types of events, including virtual ones. 

If you’re sat scratching your head looking for inspiration for a virtual event in 2021, speak to us! Our Event Managers are creative, fun-loving and experts in their field. They can help you to brainstorm ideas, plan and deliver your events with your core goals in mind – all to your budget. To speak to us, give us a call today!