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What Are The Types of Team Building?

Team building can take many forms. It can be used to help develop and refine skills, improve relationships, or unite groups of people in working toward a common goal. In this article, we’ll look at the different types of team building, and how you can use them within your organisation.

How Can Team Building Help You?

Team building is vital in supporting teams to work more productively. It not only helps your employees refine their skills, try something new and (safely) step out of their comfort zone. It encourages the stages of group development and also brings them closer together and acts as a refreshing way to get out of the office for a few hours.

To find out more about how different types of team building can help you to develop your employees and facilitate better work relationships, contact us today.


1 Activity Based Team Building

Activity based team building is about getting your team working to achieve a common goal. It normally takes place out of the office and is typically designed to push team members out of their comfort zones and challenge them.

Often activity-based team building is physical in nature. For example, at KDM Events we regularly host outdoor activity-based team building such as The Hungry Games, Out of Office Olympics and Ninja Workout.

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2. Problem-Solving Team Building

Problem solving team building is designed to challenge your teams on an intellectual level. Often, it involves your team having to solve a puzzle, or a series of puzzles, to ‘win’ the game. This type of team building activity is particularly good at getting teams to assess each other’s strengths and apply them to a task.

Here at KDM, our problem-solving team building activities include our GPS Treasure Quest, Bushcraft Survival Skills, CSI Experience & Escape the Office.


3. Skills Based Team Building

Skills based team building is designed to focus on a skill or set of skills. These could be communication, problem solving, decision making, or adaptability. It can also extend to trust building activities, which aims to strengthen bonds between team members for more effective work relationships.

Skills based team building usually blurs into other types of team building activities too, as many require participants to use certain skill sets to succeed.


4. Team Bonding

While all the above types of team building are focused on developing teams professionally, team bonding activities promote better social relationships between colleagues. These types of activities are usually organised just for fun but can vary widely in their execution.

On a simple scale, team bonding activities can take the form of a team meal or after-work drinks. But they can also be more structured too. For example, many of our team building activities are designed to help colleagues let their hair down and have a fun day away from the office.


5. Ice breakers

With hybrid working, it’s not often that all your staff/colleges are all in one place. Using Ice breaker activities at a team building event is the perfect way to kick it off to ensure communication, collaboration, and connection building.

Ice breakers can also reduce staff anxiety, large events can create nervousness in some, ice breakers are a good way to ease tension and get people ready to participate.

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6. Outdoor

Outdoor team building activities provide a welcome break from the office, offering a change of scenery that stimulates creativity and reduces stress. They are often physical challenges that build trust among team members, contributing to a sense of unity and camaraderie, while also positively impacting employee morale and well-being.

In addition to the immediate benefits, outdoor activities cultivate adaptability and flexibility, essential for navigating workplace challenges. Overall, these activities offer a holistic approach to strengthening teams, promoting individual growth, and fostering a positive workplace culture.

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7. Indoor

Indoor team building activities, held within the office or events spaces, focus on promoting collaboration through problem-solving challenges and interactive games. These activities enhance communication and teamwork, providing a structured yet relaxed environment for employees to engage with one another.

Effective for improving interpersonal relationships, indoor team building fosters trust and understanding among team members, contributing to a more cohesive and productive work environment. These activities are a convenient option, adaptable to different group sizes, and can be tailored to address specific challenges or goals within the team.

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8. Physical

Physical activities can take place both indoors and outdoors and may include activities like ropes courses, obstacle courses, or sports. The physical nature of these challenges encourages participants to collaborate, strategise, and overcome obstacles together.

By engaging in shared physical experiences, team members develop a deeper understanding of each other’s strengths and build trust. These activities also promote a sense of accomplishment as teams work towards common goals, contributing to a positive and collaborative workplace culture.

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9. Food and drink

Food and drink activities provide a unique twist to traditional team building. Whether exploring wine pairings or mastering the art of mixology, participants collaborate in a relaxed atmosphere, discovering each other’s preferences and strengths. The interactive nature of crafting drinks adds a creative dimension to the team dynamic, allowing individuals to showcase their skills and enjoy a shared, memorable experience that extends beyond the workplace.

Combining food and drink elements in team building activities creates a flavourful and sociable environment. It not only enhances camaraderie and communication but also adds a touch of creativity and enjoyment to the shared experiences of preparing and savouring delicious treats and beverages.

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10. Creative

Creative team building events provide a dynamic and imaginative outlet for teams to collaborate and innovate together. These activities can range from art workshops and brainstorming sessions to team challenges that require creative problem-solving. 

Creative team building events provide a lively and innovative approach to enhancing teamwork and communication. By tapping into the collective creativity of the team, fostering a culture of innovation within the group.

From ice breakers to culinary experiences, each team building type caters to unique preferences, underlining the crucial role of team building in creating a cohesive and productive work environment. You should cater your team building activity to your business. Get in touch for all your team building needs.