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5 Quick Ways To Promote Team Building In The Workplace

The difference between a team that works well together and one that doesn’t is truly astounding. When a group of people tasked to work toward a common goal don’t gel the results can be not only unproductive but destructive, too.

How Do You Promote Team Building

It is simply untenable for a team that doesn’t communicate well or trust one another to continue to work together effectively. Problems need to be addressed swiftly with a focus on improving areas where individuals aren’t collaborating effectively and nurturing skills and qualities that are present to encourage them.

Which is where team building comes in. Team building goes great lengths to repairing broken relationships, encouraging creativity, fostering collaboration and increasing productivity. But, to be successful, everyone needs to be on board with team building. If it is met with resistance and cynicism, it doesn’t work, and all your meticulous planning will fall on deaf ears. Not good!

So, how do you promote team building in the workplace and get everyone on board? Here, we give you a few tips and tricks that you can implement from today. They will prime your team for their next team building activity and encourage them to carry the desired skills and activities through into the workplace.


Get Your Team Involved in Planning

We’ve all been there. Thrust together into a team building exercise you don’t understand the point of. At best it feels like a waste of time. At worst it feels awkward and cringeworthy.
If your team is resistant to the idea of team building, get them involved in planning. Do your research and select a range of activities and present them to your team. Ask them to vote on their favourite or put forward suggestions on activities they would like to do.

If you feel confident asking, hold a meeting and get your team to discuss the areas they would like to improve on when it comes to working together. And how best they would like to address them. Obviously, you need to maintain ultimate control over the final decision (especially if you’re working to a budget), but the more involved the team is, the more likely they are to engage with the activity and understand the reasons behind it.

  • Start Small

Team building activities don’t have to involve grand gestures. At least not straight away. In fact, they can be simple 10-minute exercises to help get employees in the right frame of mind. Short and sweet team building games can be used throughout training, or at the start of meetings, to give groups of employees the chance to break out of the ‘day-to-day’ mindset and view working together from a different perspective.

Regular use of mini team building games or activities could then lead to a larger event or day out. Building up to this is useful if you feel that a full-on team building day may be intimidating or met with resistance.

  • Get Leaders Involved

If you plan team building activities for a group of employees, but don’t get involved yourself, how do you expect them to respond? To effectively promote team building and its effectiveness, it’s important to get all ranks and organisational levels involved in the activity. Remember, you are part of the team too – and a pretty important one at that!

When you’re planning and executing team building activities, be sure to get everyone involved, especially senior members of staff. And make sure they’re enthusiastic about it! As leaders, one of the best things you can do to promote effective team working is to lead by example. So, drop rank (and ego) at the door and get stuck in!

  • Have A Clear Goal

The key to effective team building is to have a clear goal in mind for which areas of teamwork you’d like to improve. This involves really drilling down into what isn’t working and identifying the skills that need tightening up. It’s no use choosing a team building activity with no clear goal in mind. Or how else will you measure its effectiveness?

Not only that but having a clear goal in mind for your team building efforts will allow you to communicate this to the team. Rather than just telling them they are participating in a team building activity, be clear as to what it means for them. How will it benefit them? How will they be able to apply it in their day-to-day work?

  • Be Positive

Positivity is contagious. Honestly! If you take a positive, happy-go-lucky approach to working together with your team, this will rub off on them. There’s nothing worse than a workplace that solely seeks to blame and dress down those who are wrong. In fact, often it leads to people becoming closed off and afraid to take accountability for their actions.

If you take an approach to leadership which is open and positive, then in return your teams will be open, honest and positive too. Both with you and with each other.

  • Promoting Team Building in The Workplace

Promoting team building in the workplace can start small and lead to bigger things. As we’ve mentioned above, it may begin with simply asking your team where improvements are needed and getting them involved in choosing activities they may like to be involved with. This may then grow into more concentrated efforts to drill down into developing specific team building skills, either throughout the working week or as part of an office away day.

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However, you choose to approach promoting team building in the workplace, the key is to lead by example. If you can demonstrate effective team working in everything you do, then the effects of this will trickle down through your team and create a cohesive atmosphere driven by collaboration. If you would like some support in choosing team building activities for your team that are fun, engaging and effective click here to see our full list of customisable team building games or contact us to find out more.