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What are the Objectives of Team Building?

When organising any form of event, it’s always important to have a clear understanding of what you would like to get out of it. By considering this, our Event Managers will be able to tailor your event to suit the needs of your team. Whether it’s to gain new skills or just boost team morale, we can help. To explore this in more detail, we’ll be dedicating this article to explaining what to consider when you’re interested in team building.

What are Team Building Exercises?

Team building exercises have been a popular tool for management for quite a while. These exercises come in many shapes and sizes to cater for all interests and preferences. Recently, we as an event management company, have also started to offer virtual events to ensure the benefits are still reaped throughout the pandemic. From virtual cooking classes to challenge based activities, there is sure to be something to strengthen the bond between your team.

Team building exercises can be used for a variety of reasons and tailored towards whichever of these are communicated to us. By having a clear understanding of how you wish to benefit from the exercises, our expert team can specifically tailor your experience to ensure that you get the outcome you were hoping for. In order to help you to understand what these outcomes could be, we’ll be explaining them in more depth.

Virtual cookery event'

Boost Your Team’s Morale

One of the most common targets that managers come to us with is to boost their team’s morale. This has never been more of a challenge than in the current environment as in addition to the COVID-19 pandemic’s physical effects, it’s also taking a toll on people’s mental health. For example, according to an ONS study, 30.9% of the people asked reported that their well-being had been affected by loneliness in the seven days prior. A virtual team building exercise can help to bring your team together again in a more informal setting and prevent these feelings of loneliness.

For those looking to challenge their team but in a fun setting could be interested in partaking in our Michelin star chef led cookery classes. Alternatively, if you would just prefer to relax together, one of our live entertainment bookings such as our live band may be perfect. By boosting your team’s morale in this way, it can help to promote feelings of determination and as a result, the productivity of your team.

Boost your team's morale'

Develop New Skills

Another reason that you may be interested in booking one of our virtual events could be to develop new skills. Whilst your employees may be perfectly competent at their jobs, you may wonder whether they’re lacking in skills elsewhere. Whether that’s their capability to work in a team or their problem solving ability, we have plenty of opportunities to help.

For those looking to improve the problem solving ability of their team, our challenge events could be perfect. For example, our virtual the box escape event will require your team to be a cohesive unit to crack the code. Our escape room will also need your team to work together to identify the rogue MI5 agent. In addition to our one off events, we also offer a weekly activity called Virtual Master the Task to keep your team motivated throughout the latest lockdown.

Develop new skills'

Strengthen the Bond Between Your Team

Team building activities can be especially helpful for those that are working with a new team or welcoming new employees into an existing one. For more detailed tips, you can find them in our guide dedicated to introducing a new employee to your virtual team. We’ve all been there, as the new starter and it can be a daunting prospect getting to know everyone. By creating a new experience for everyone in your team it can create a level playing field for all of your staff to work together and collaborate with the new employee. Not only that, but by creating a shared experience, it gives your employee a good idea of how each of your existing team members work.

From more collaborative exercises such as escape rooms and cookery challenges to more relaxed activities such as live entertainment or wine tasting exercises, you’re sure to find something to get your new employee settled in.

Strengthen bond between colleagues'

Create a Positive Atmosphere

If you work for quite a serious company or deal with sensitive matters, you may wish to create a more positive atmosphere for your staff. This can be difficult to instil whilst you’re doing your job. However, we have just the range of activities to help. If you communicate this to your Event Manager, they will be able to pick the right event to suit your team’s taste. Our cookery classes are perfect for the foodies in your team with a choice of anything from being a chocolatier for the day or working with our Michelin star sushi chef.

If you think that your team could benefit from a more hands off activity, you may be interested in booking one of our live entertainment options. From magicians to comedians, each of our professional entertainers will personalise your performance to ensure a night to remember for your team.

Create a positive atmosphere'

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Now that you know what to consider before contacting our Event Managers, it’s time to get in touch. Our team of experienced and friendly staff will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect event for you. After 30 years in the business, we can be trusted to provide you with the best possible event to achieve your business’ goals. These aren’t just empty promises either, having won the Gold Award for “Best Event Provider” at the M&IT Awards for four consecutive years. What is even more special to us about that is that it’s only voted on by clients and members of the events industry.

If you’ve found this article helpful, you can find plenty more just like it in our Help page.

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