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What are virtual events?

With people working remotely more and more over 2020 and 2021, new ways of managing teams and working effectively have had to be introduced. In order to work effectively as a virtual team, it’s important that your employees still get to know how eachother work and bond effectively. This is why team building is still just as important when moving to an online platform. In this article, we explore the different types of virtual events and their importance to an effective virtual team.

What is a virtual event?

A virtual event is a session that can be organised by management or a team member to further improve the bond between their team members. It usually includes an activity of some form and can be hosted on a variety of platforms. Led by an expert host, entertainer or speaker, team members will work together or simply relax together as they undertake what’s involved.

Virtual events can vary from entertainment to education and are adapted to be held on Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack or any other software that your company may prefer. Thanks to event leaders embracing the digital aspect of virtual events, they are tailored to be just as immersive, entertaining and engaging as those held in person.

Over the past five years, remote working has grown by 44% and as a result, virtual events have been called upon to motivate employees. As mentioned in our ‘key communication challenges for virtual teams’ guide, giving team members the opportunity to connect informally is vital to avoid conflict, misunderstandings and people feeling left out.

What are virtual events?'

Examples of Virtual Events

KDM Events offers a wide range of virtual events to cater for teams of all interests. Therefore, whether you’re looking for something to promote teamwork and new skills or just a relaxed night to bond, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few examples of the types of virtual events we offer:

Examples of virtual events'

Live entertainment

Whether you’re looking to rock out or laugh out loud, virtual events with live entertainment could help you make lasting memories with your team. With award-winning stand-up comedians and highly talented musicians available for bookings, you’re guaranteed a night to remember. Our acts are experienced in tailoring their event to suit the audience so song requests and interaction are encouraged.

Cooking Classes

Fancy yourself as a bit of a culinary expert? Join our Michelin Chef for a variety of different cooking and baking masterclasses. With options in Asian flavours, canapes, chocolate, sushi and a bake off, KDM Events can cater for every pallet.

Drinks Tasting

Combat the stresses and the strains of working from home with a drinks tasting or making session. From expert cocktail makers to help you bring your ideas to life, to wine and gin experts taking you on a journey through stories and drinks, there are plenty of options to keep you guests entertained.

Escape Rooms

Fantastic for team building and improving teamwork, escape rooms offer an entertaining and subtly educational experience for your colleagues. Work together to crack the code in our MI5 mission, escape the box or get to the bottom of our murder mystery.

How do they work?

Each virtual event is different. However, all that you’ll tend to be expected to have is a laptop and a secure internet connection. We’ll send the rest. Whether it’s ingredients or equipment that you need, KDM will have you covered. We’ll send it well in advance of the big day. The events last between 30 minutes and two hours depending on which one you choose. As mentioned before, they can be hosted on whichever platform you prefer to use. This can include Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Slack etc.

Virtual events are hosted by experts in the field. For quizzes and escape rooms, KDM Events’ Event Managers will set the scene and engage with viewers. Michelin star chefs host the cooking masterclass and expert chocolatiers host the chocolate making experience. Live entertainment acts are experienced in performing for a variety of different audiences. Whatever event is chosen by your company, it’s guaranteed to be hosted to the highest standard. Prizes are included in some events and could be incorporated into most. Once you’re logged in, you can sit back and enjoy, knowing that you’re being left in capable hands.

How do virtual events work?'

Importance of team building

Here at KDM Events, we understand the importance of team building events. Whether you’re introducing a new employee, taking over a new virtual team, or simply looking to motivate your existing staff, there’s no better way to do it. With remote working bringing challenges such as an increased chance of loneliness and potential breakdowns in communication with it, they’ve never been more relevant.

By bringing teams together to work towards a common goal, bonds will be formed, and your company will benefit. Your employees will develop an understanding of how to best interact with each other. This can help them feel more comfortable approaching each other virtually. Your team will hopefully also get to know each other more personally, allowing them to support each other and reach out to each other if they need help.

Importance of team building'

Why choose KDM Events for your virtual events

Here at KDM Events, we’re experts in team-building events and activities for all kinds of people. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic leading to a surge in remote working, we adapted and created a range of virtual team building exercises to keep your teams connected. With activities tailored to be the perfect mix of personal development and fun, your team will no doubt come out of the other side working together better.

If you have any questions or would like to get started, our fantastic team of event managers would love to hear from you. Everyone at KDM would be delighted to support you in developing your team and tailoring an event to suit your needs.

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