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What is employee engagement and why is it important?

Employee engagement is a buzzword we all hear and use in business. But what does it mean and why is it important? In this article, we'll look at the meaning of employee engagement, it's benefits and how you can boost it within your business!

The Importance Of Employee Engagement

For a workplace and its teams to be successful, employees need to be committed to working toward the goals of the organisation they work for. Without employee engagement, businesses can experience low productivity, poor customer service, high error rates and high staff turnover –all of which are costly and time-consuming.

It is therefore important to ensure that employees are positively engaged and emotionally invested in the organisation and the shared goals of the organisation. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the definition of employee engagement, its benefits and some tips on engaging employees in your workplace.

What is employee engagement'

What Is Employee Engagement?

Engaged employees understand the core goals of the business and work productively towards those goals. They are committed to their employees in so much as they care about the standard of their work and are focused on delivering a high standard of work for their company.

While employee engagement is focused on the employee and their participation within a business, it is most definitely a two way street. Organisations must give employees reasons to feel engaged within the company, while providing a solid, secure foundation to work from. Without this, employees might not know where they stand, understand the values or vision for the company, or feel a part of it, which can lead to lower productivity and high staff turnover.

Employee Engagement'

The Benefits Of Employee Engagement

High employee engagement comes with many benefits for an organisation, as you might imagine. When your workforce feels positive about their role within the business and their contribution towards it, you can be sure that they will always go the distance (and then some) in their work. Below, we’ll cover just a few of the benefits of employee engagement to help you to understand why it’s so important to foster it within your organisation.

Provide opportunities to socialise'

Increased Productivity

An engaged employee is a productive one! If each member of your workplace turns up at their desk every morning motivated and determined to succeed, you can feel confident that they are working productively to the shared goals of the business.

As you might imagine, satisfied employees who feel secure and capable in their job role are way more productive than their dissatisfied counterparts.

Track your team's productivity'

Better Employee Retention

How much time, money and effort does it take to source good employees? We’re gonna bet it’s a fair whack. So, for organisations it’s much more cost-effective and efficient to maintain their workforce rather than constantly have to replace them.

When employees are engaged it means they aren’t looking for another job to go to. Neither will their head be turned if they’re approached by your competitor. For this reason alone it’s important to ensure employees are engaged and satisfied, because naturally you’ll want to keep hold of your best talent!

Introduce them to the virtual team'

Better Customer Service

For customer-facing businesses, how their employees present themselves and treat customers is of the utmost importance. Engaged employees are more likely to be attentive, cheerful and friendly, all of the things that keep your customers coming back time and time again.

On the flip side, low employee engagement can lead to poor customer service which can harm the reputation of your business as word of that kind of thing travels faster than you could ever imagine!

Ask For Feedback'

How To Boost Employee Engagement

We could go on all day extolling the virtues of high employee engagement. But we don’t have to tell you the importance of it. You’ve probably felt sides of this double edged sword and know very well which one you want to stay on. But now comes the question of how. How do you boost employee engagement?

There are lots of ways that you can boost employee engagement. We’ve found that a flexible approach works best, as different people respond well to different things. Ways in which you can boost employee engagement include:

  • Encouraging flexibility
  • Asking for feedback
  • Team building activities
  • Clear company vision and values
  • Reward and recognition
  • Offering opportunities for development
  • Promoting innovation and collaboration


KDM Events Virtual Team'

Boosting Employee Engagement With KDM

Here at KDM, we are experts in creating, developing and delivering engaging and enjoyable team building activities for teams. If you’re looking to boost employee engagement, motivate your team and get them firing on all cylinders then take a look at both our virtual and physical team building activities!

We’ve developed a wide range of exciting and energising activities which can be used for remote teams and within a business. We’re also specialists in event management for conferences and corporate events, so if you’re considering an occasion to recognise and reward your workforce, contact us today for personalised help and advice from our team.

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