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What Is Well-Being At Work?

The average person in the UK will spend 3,507 days at work in their lifetime. That’s nearly 10 years! For that reason, promoting physical and mental well-being at work is vital to keeping teams healthy, productive and happy.

What is Workplace Well-being?

Well-being at work extends to all aspects of working life. This includes the physical environment, how a person feels about their job role, and how a workplace is structured and managed.
Many recent studies have shown that when employees feel safe, nurtured and supported they are more productive and effective in their roles. What’s more, retention is high, and absence is notably lower.

Many organisations and businesses are starting to take well-being at work and the overall well-being of their staff more seriously. Not least because of the benefits it brings to a company. But more than that, many leaders are beginning to recognise that staff and team members aren’t robots, they’re human. And, as such, a humanistic, caring approach to employment and well-being in the workplace is much more effective in getting the most out of employees.


How to Promote Well-being at Work?

If you’re looking to promote well-being at your workplace, here are a few tips to help you get started.

  • Physical Well-being in the Workplace

In a world where many of us spend hours on end at our desks, physical well-being couldn’t be more important.

Promoting physical well-being in the workplace doesn’t have to come as a grand gesture. In fact, many businesses either couldn’t accommodate or afford the installation of an on-site gym on their premises! There are however other things that can be done to promote physical well-being in the workplace.

This could start with encouraging employees to take breaks from their desk and giving them ample time on their lunch break to take a walk. Or setting up a sports team for those who might be interested. There are also a range of schemes employers can sign up to that help promote physical well-being, such as the Cycle to Work scheme or employee engagement scheme.

Promoting physical well-being in the workplace also extends to health and safety practices. That is, preserving the safety of employees through training, safe environments and well-maintained equipment. For employees who spend a lot of time at their desk, a workstation assessment should be implemented for employees to ensure the workstation, equipment, work conditions and furniture promote physical well-being and special requirements are accommodate for those who need them.

  • Mental Well-being in the Workplace

Mental well-being in the workplace is just as important as physical well-being. In fact, according to a poll by Mind in 2013, 60% of employees reported that they would feel more motivated if their employer took action to support mental well-being.

There is no doubt that our work has a direct effect on our mental well-being. And as such, employers have a responsibility to promote mental well-being and have structures in place to support employees in this respect.

  • Promoting Well-being for staff

When members of a team feel valued and supported by an employer, they are more likely to show commitment and motivation toward their job role.

Ways to achieve this include making sure that your staff understand how mental health is managed within the business, and what support is available to them. Training should also be given as and when possible to raise awareness around mental health and its importance at work.

Further to this, channels of communication for feedback and engagement should be open and honest. This can be achieved with surveys, focus groups, forums, reviews, away days and innovation events.

  • Work/Life Balance

A poor work/life balance can very quickly cause team members to burnout. So, promoting a health work/life balance is imperative to any workplace. Ways to do this include encouraging staff members to take their full breaks, discouraging working outside of their normal hours, and encouraging them to take their full annual leave entitlement.

Rest and recuperation are key to ensuring everyone is refreshed and ready to face the working day. And employers are responsible for promoting this where possible in order to get the best out of their staff.

Promote Well-being at Work with KDM Events

At KDM, we are specialists in creating, organising and planning fun & innovative events that promote well-being. For example, we regularly support employers to deliver team building sessions that not only work to build the skills of employees but also allow them to blow off a bit of steam and let their hair down.

Alongside this, we also deliver staff conferences and away days designed to recognise and reward achievements – another fantastic way to keep up morale. To find out more about our services, head over to our team building pages, or give us a call.