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What Makes a Successful Team

“What makes a good team?” Businesses of all sizes have asked us that question time and time again so to help you to create a fantastic team dynamic within your work space, we’ve put together a list of the top 8 qualities which make up a successful team.

What Makes a Good Team?

People in every workplace talk about building the perfect team but few truly understand how to develop an effective team. If each member of the team shares the same common goal and trusts one another, collectively you can achieve fantastic results. What’s more, coming into work can feel like pure joy! Suddenly work no longer feels like “work”, instead you find yourself feeling energised in the morning, ready for the challenges that lie ahead! As Steve Jobs once said, “Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.”

If employees do not gel well together however, problems can arise such as conflict, poor organisation and missed targets – to name but a few!


8 Qualities That Make for a Successful Team

So, what can teams do to ensure that they work in harmony, driving the company forward whilst also creating a positive working environment? Below we’ve summarised some of the key qualities and characteristics that a successful team possesses…

  • Communication

Communication is the foundation of any strong team. No matter what the size of the team, it’s hugely important that each member feels comfortable in sharing thoughts, opinions and ideas with other members. What’s more, it’s also important to take the time to actively listen to one another. Without this, wires can become crossed leading to poor results and a negative atmosphere.

  • Trust

Like communication, trusting one another sits at the core of any great team. Without it, it can be difficult to work collaboratively, hindering productivity due to individuals avoiding risks, avoiding change or simply protecting their own personal interests. A lack of trust can also result in an unwillingness to speak openly and to share ideas, leading to a lack of innovation, creativity and expression. In short, if your team members trust one another, they’re more likely to communicate effectively and work together strongly.

As David Brent once said, “Trust people and they’ll be true to you. Treat them greatly, and they will show themselves to be great.”

  • Goals are clear

A well-performing team understands the goals set and is committed to making them happen. Clear direction and agreement on expectations, accountability and outcomes are essential for creating an effective team. Not only does this create a sense of stability within the workplace, it also ensures that everyone understands the task at hand from the very beginning.

  • Contributions are Valued

Building on establishing clear goals and expectations, it’s also hugely important that each member of the team contributes their fair share of the workload, understanding what is expected of them and where they fit in. Through this, employees can gain a sense of belonging within the wider team and can also take pride in their achievements.

  • Conflict is Managed

A little conflict is good occasionally as it shows that each member of the team is truly passionate about the task at hand and the end goal – it also allows room for growth. Managing this conflict in a healthy and constructive way however is hugely important, especially for leaders. The key goal is to manage and deal with any conflict quickly and directly, working with the key individuals involved to come to a positive resolution. It’s also hugely important that leaders differentiate between what is perceived as a challenge and what could be classed as criticisms.

  • Diversity is Celebrated

Perhaps the most exciting thing about working in a team is the opportunity to work with so many unique people. It’s this diversity that can transform a great team into an exceptional team. Every person is different, bringing varied experiences, knowledge and insights to the table. Through diversity, teams can possess a wide set of strengths and skills which can open a world of creative ideas and insights.

  • Good Leadership

A strong leader is a key component within any effective team. But what makes a good leader we hear you ask? A strong leader is trusted by the rest of the team. They’re drive team development, motivation and are open to feedback. Delegation is also crucial, sharing tasks and responsibilities with the wider team to create a sense of belonging, trust and purpose for others.

  • It’s not “all work and no play!”

Introducing a bit of fun and enjoyment into the daily 9-to-5 is hugely important for improving and maintaining a team’s morale. Teams who work well together tend to enjoy one another’s company, often socialising outside of work and within the workspace, this can make for a relaxed, positive environment which is a win for all involved!

Within these types of teams, with the right planning and considerations, team building events actually don’t suck at all. In fact, they’re heaps of fun! During them, team members work positively with one another to exercise those core skills such as communication, collaboration, and creativity. And, most importantly, they walk away feeling energised and motivated, ready to apply what they’ve learned in their day-to-day routines.

Take Your Team to The Next Level

The 8 points listed above are just some of the key factors involved in creating a well-performing team. If you’re looking to take your team to the next level, why not check out our extensive range of team building activities? Voted the “Best Event Provider” for 2017, 2018 and 2019, we are renowned for delivering high quality team building days out at venues across the UK. You can also contact us directly with any questions!