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Why Is Virtual Team Building So Important?

Here at KDM Events, we specialise in bringing colleagues together through the use of virtual team building events. Therefore, we’re firm believers in all of the benefits that they can bring. These have truly never been more important than they are now, with the pandemic leaving many people across the globe trying to adjust to a new way of working. In order to bring some clarity towards how our virtual events can help you, we’ve put together the following guide. !

What Are Virtual Events?

Before going on to explain their benefits, it’s a good idea to share exactly what our virtual events are and how they work. Here at KDM Events, we have been providing corporate events for over 30 years to great success, having won the Gold Award for Best Event Provider four times at the prestigious M&IT Awards. Since the COVID-19 pandemic we have adapted to provide a wide variety of virtual events that can be hosted and enjoyed through the video platform of your choice.

These events range from anything like a cookery class or a wine tasting evening to an escape room or activity challenge. All of our events are hosted by expert Event Managers or in the cases of the cookery challenges, our Michelin star chefs. Our live entertainment is also performed by experts in their field with our comedians and live band encouraging audience participation. Now that you have a good understanding of our range of events, we can discuss the benefits that they bring.

Why is Virtual Team Building So Important'

Prevent Loneliness and Isolation

As a result of the pandemic, this is one of the most important factors. According to Total Jobs, ‘almost half (46%) of UK workers have experienced loneliness during lockdown’. Amongst young workers, it was also found that ‘74% said they had struggled with the social isolation of remote working.’ For this reason, it’s important to find ways to connect your colleagues and avoid any of these negative feelings developing amongst them.

Virtual events are a fantastic way to do this, as they create an informal environment for your colleagues to connect on a personal level. The best way to battle social isolation is to get your colleagues to socialise and virtual events create an opportunity for that to happen. Due to the way that these activities are set up, employees will also get a sense of satisfaction which should encourage them to keep driving forward.

Lonely Remote Worker'

Help to Induct New Employees

We have already covered this topic in depth as a part of our ‘How to Introduce a New Employee to Your Virtual Team’ article. At some point in our lives, we’ve all faced the daunting prospect of walking into a new job and trying to fit in. This can seem especially difficult if the team that you’re coming into has been together for a long time. The key to making that new employee fit in as quickly as possible is to integrate them into the team with shared experiences.

In our guide for this, we recommended that you could get them to shadow a colleague or ask them to work closely with someone on a project. However, another really effective way to get them to bond with new colleagues is as a part of one of our virtual events. By choosing one of our teamwork based events such as an escape room or virtual zero hour, they will need to collaborate with their team members to be successful, all whilst taking part in some fun activities. Alternatively, for a more relaxed evening of conversation where everyone can get to know each other, our wine tasting evenings are perfect.

Induct New Employees'

Develop New Skills

One of the other major benefits of our virtual events is that they are tailored to develop the skills of your colleagues. Here at KDM Events, we recognise the importance of a motivated team that understands each other’s needs. Understanding each other’s needs and the way in which everyone works is vital to operating like a well oiled machine.

That’s why we’ve integrated activities that promote teamwork and problem solving into our events. From working together to find the perpetrator in our escape room to taking part in our Google It quiz, your team will have to find a way of working together to be successful at the end. By discussing your desired end product with our event managers, they will be able to tailor to your request.

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Develop New Skills with virtual team building'

Boost Productivity and Morale

Especially in the difficult times that we find ourselves at the minute, productivity and morale are likely to lull at times. As a manager, it’s your responsibility to find ways to motivate your team and keep them on track. We feel that taking some time out to complete a virtual event can be just the thing to reignite the spark between your team and motivate them towards hitting their targets.

The key is to remind them of how much satisfaction they get from their jobs. This could come from successfully solving a problem or even the people that they worked with before the pandemic. Our virtual team building events can help reignite both of those feelings. By selecting one of our problem solving challenges or even a bake off, your staff will get a sense of achievement towards the end of it. This could be all they need to start feeling positive and driven again. Alternatively, if it’s the company that they miss, then creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere in a wine tasting event can allow your staff to share personal stories and catch up with each other.

Boost Team Morale'

Get Started on Virtual Events With KDM

Here at KDM Events, we understand the importance of motivating and integrating your employees to your business. That’s why we’ve put together our range of virtual events to provide your team with an opportunity to bond despite being at home. If you have any questions regarding our events or services, please contact us. One of our Event Managers will be happy to help.

KDM Events Virtual Events'