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Why Is Remote Team Building So Important?

At times during the pandemic, almost half of the UK’s population has been working remotely. Whether these people have had to adjust from office working or started a new job in a remote team, it’s vital that they soon settle in. Whereas the office provides natural opportunities to strengthen your team, you have to work a little harder to do this remotely. In our latest blog, we wanted to explore the importance of team building for remote workers.

What is Remote Team Building?

Teams of people being asked to work from home more often in the current climate and virtual teams are becoming more and more popular. However, this means that a lot of managers and colleagues have been forced to quickly adapt to working in brand new surroundings and conditions. If not managed smoothly, this could be quite a tough adjustment, risking productivity, efficiency, and the wellbeing of staff.

This is where remote team building events can help. Whereas the office presents a number of natural moments where a team may bond and get stronger, working from home often doesn’t. Instead, the onus is very much on the team leader/manager to find ways to bring their team closer together. Recognising the need for this, KDM Events adapted during the pandemic to start offering a wider range of its virtual events to promote remote team building. Combining fun activities with those that get your team thinking and working together, there isn’t a better way to bond your virtual team.

However, you may be wondering why this is so important and whether the benefits outweigh the costs. If so, let us explain why we think remote team building is so important.

Remote Team Building'

Minimise Loneliness Amongst Colleagues

Studies on remote working have often suggested that one of the biggest problems faced by remote workers is loneliness. It makes perfect sense as an employee can go from working in a busy office, or a small tight knit team to working alone in their own home. Not only that, but it’s important to recognise that an office offers much more natural opportunities for interaction than remote working.

Remote team building is a perfect remedy to this, offering the chance to make up for lost time with colleagues. By partaking in activities, team members are able to relax together, creating a better atmosphere to share stories, catch up and strengthen relationships. Having an event like this to look forward to will give your team something to discuss together during breaks and a great memory to reflect on.

As a result, your team should come out of the other end enthusiastic to catch up, rather than feeling nervous or isolated at home.

Lonely remote worker'

Maintain Motivation

When working from home, it can take a while for the space to start feeling like the workplace. This can be disorienting at first with working from home often offering more distractions than the office. You may be left wondering how to motivate your team so that they keep hold of the same desire to meet objectives and targets.

Whilst 1-1s and meetings can also help, a virtual team building exercise can often provide the best motivation. By working together to achieve a common goal, colleagues will soon be looking to their next project to chase that feeling of accomplishment. Not only that, but adding a little competition to the event can motivate staff to maintain that energy across their work.

Motivated Remote Worker'

Promote Team Development

When working from home, training and collaborating can be slightly more challenging than being together in person. For example, people may work quite differently at home compared to in the office. It’s important that if that is the case, each colleague understands that. Communication may not come naturally to those working from home as they all of a sudden have to use different tools altogether to speak to each other. Without an understanding of each other’s workloads, personalities, ways of working and situations, this can be quite difficult.

Some of KDM Events’ virtual events are perfect for developing this understanding. Virtual Escape Rooms such as our MI5 mission or Escape the Box activity require top teamwork to be successful. To succeed, your team must find ways of virtually working together, which will undoubtedly transfer in some way into their work.

Team building'

Virtual Events for Remote Workers at KDM

Here at KDM Events, our event managers understand the importance of remote team building. That’s why our vast array of virtual events are tailored to cater for any need. If you’re looking to build teamwork, our Virtual Escape Rooms are a great way to collaborate. If you’re looking for more personal development, our gin tasting, and bake off could suffice. We even have live entertainment, perfect for occasions when you may want to celebrate as a team and let your hair down.

Each of our virtual events are led by an experienced event manager that can help tailor the event to your company and colleagues. Not only that, but in order to ensure quality, our events are often led by leaders in their field. For example, you can work with a Michelin Star Chef in our Asian Flavours Cookery Class or a top professional bartender in our virtual Cocktail Making Class. With some events capable of holding up to 1000 people, and all events available on your preferred video platform, there truly is something for everyone. Not only that, but all ingredients, equipment and recipes required for your event will be sent out to your doorstep way in advance. All you have to worry about is showing up.

If you have any questions regarding any of our events, please contact us. Our team of event managers will be happy to assist you with any questions and guide you towards the perfect remote team building exercise. Here at KDM Events, we have earned an unrivalled reputation within the industry for quality service and dependability. Having won the Gold Award for “Best Event Provider at the prestigious M&IT Awards four years in a row, since 2017, you can count on us for the highest quality service. Using our 30 years of experience, we provide a professional, passionate, friendly service that can shoulder the stresses of delivering a memorable event.

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