The Day Lady Gaga Came To The Unit

What do James Bond, a Snowman, an Elephant and a Champagne Bottle have in common? They all live in the unit at KDM!

OK so they are props. James Bond is in a silhouette panel and it’s not a real elephant but they look pretty impressive anyway.

Room theming and lighting can enhance any room and turn a good themed event in to a great one. Imagine a Hollywood Awards night without the red carpet walkway, giant Oscars, giant clapper boards and directors chair? The table dressing is fabulous but once you add room theming the effect really can be ‘wow’.

Don’t take my word for it though. The below feedback is from a client’s recent Medici Masquerade Ball: “Your guys did a sterling job and proved that you can make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear (I refer to the venue with that comment). Lighting really is a marvellous thing and the team did marvellous things with it. We would definitely want to work with KDM again on future themed events.”

Our props are made at our offices in Trentham by the very creative Pete and we have a huge list of props already which is growing every day.

Whether you are planning a Midsummer Night’s Dream (OK maybe not for this time of year…a Winter’s Tale?), a Grease theme, an Out of Africa, Prohibition Party or Viva Las Vegas we have the table dressing and room theming to complement your chosen theme making your company party or award night one to remember.

Oh and in case you were wondering, Lady Gaga didn’t actually come to the KDM offices. She’s in a silhouette panel too!

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