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KDM goes ‘Strictly … Dancing’

September 2010

Strictly Come Dancing is back on the BBC, and ‘Strictly … Dancing’ is also back on the road with KDM and appeared this week at Eastbourne in a highly creative corporate event.

Here a group of 60 clients, coached by our professional dancers, will be strutting their stuff in four groups – dancing Disco, Salsa, Jive and Charleston – in a fierce competition to win the coveted ‘Strictly’ medals. Complete with glamorous frocks (girls only!), a dance off before a themed dinner will lead to a nervous meal as guests eagerly await the judges’ scores which will be revealed following dinner where the happy winners will again perform their winning routine.

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KDM Help George

August 2010

When our client Provident Insurance requested Sponsorship for a ‘Stars in Your Eyes’ fund raising event we were keen to find out how we could help. Supported by a programme of (read more …)

Hello to Caroline and Matt

August 2010

Two new members join our corporate event sales team today as new graduate Caroline Archer joins us fresh from an events management degree at Sheffield Hallam and Matt Brown – a colourful character! – joins to develop his sales career twelve months after graduating from Keele. We’re delighted to have them both on board and feel sure they will quickly settle in – they’ll certainly hit the ground running as we embark upon the busiest months of the year! Good luck to you both.

Green Shoots of Recovery?

July 2010

It seems ironic that a Government elected to cut public expenditure and hence take money out of the economy seems to have created a sudden surge in demand for corporate events. The private sector has been watching its corporate entertainment and team building wallet very closely for the last eighteen months. Having minimal exposure to the public sector purse gave KDM no cushion as the private sector retrenched, and like everybody in our sector, sales dropped alarmingly and sadly job losses resulted.

Now with cuts in public expenditure en route we would expect the private sector to feel the first cuts as central and local government outsourcing and consultancy work dries up. The result should be to stifle any upturn in demand for discretionary expenditure as the corporate belt remains firmly tightened. Whilst it is early days and a minor recovery this time last year died with the cancellation of the corporate Christmas in 2009 seems not to be the case in 2010 and there is a growing demand for corporate events and away days.

Can it be that corporate Britain sees more economic stability ahead with a Government determined to keep public spending in check and, whilst many economic uncertainties abound, feel that they are in a position to retain profitability as they chart a course through the coming year? Or alternatively have we all got used to economic crises and now accept them as the norm?

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A Good Night Out for a Good Cause

July 2010

Had a fantastic night out at the Donna Louise Trust Summer Ball last Sunday. The Trust is our local Children’s Hospice and does fantastic work but needs to raise over £3m each year to keep up its work. Whilst not the usual corporate event that we might organise the principles are broadly the same; KDM designed the table centrepieces and dressed the tables, created the theme – ‘A Flight of Fantasy’ – produced the graphics and media stings, theming and props whilst Jonathan Wilkes used his show business contacts to create some fantastic entertainment. With 300 guests the event had fantastic support from local business and over £30,000 was generated to help the hospice.

It’s not always Corporate Entertainment!

June 2010

Whilst most of our events are for corporate entertainment we also provide activities and entertainment for private parties and weddings – in fact we are providing some informal games for a Premier League football player’s wedding in the summer. Last Saturday was fun though when a local lady passed her fortieth birthday (still looks twenty-five though!) and wanted to celebrate in true Western style. Guests turned up in Stetsons and denim and we dressed the room in the style of a wild west saloon complete with bucking bronco, tin can alley shooting stand and quick draw shooting game to keep everybody busy. It was a great night all round and the lady herself has booked us for her fiftieth!!


Product Launch and Party … Scintillating Corporate Entertainment

May 2010

My client, a major Pharma, was holding an internal re-launch of one of their best selling products and asked us to help as they raised internal awareness over three days leading to a night of company entertainment – the celebratory party. For their main office staff reception area we provided props and lighting to match the theme – ‘Re-Light my Fire’ – and this provided a taste for the launch party to come.

On the night of the party guests were welcomed by fire-eaters and flame ball jugglers and the marquee was set with candelabra table centre-pieces with black table linen and vibrant orange chair covers to set the mood with props and lighting effects to further develop the theme. After dinner entertainment, of close-up body burning and fiery tricks followed by a Take That tribute act and disco, completed the evening – that’s Corporate Entertainment!


Lib – Tory Team Building Anyone?

May 2010

I was asked to do a short piece for our local radio station the other day on how team building might be effective for the new Government coalition. My instinctive response was that the issues of bringing together two political parties with what would often be two contradicting views on issues would be an unusual challenge – but, as with a lot of things, my instant reactions were wrong.

After all each party is itself a mix of individuals and factions with conflicting views, aims and ambitions – it is just that with the Liberal / Conservative coalition there becomes an even wider mix of aims.

What is the difference between political team building and corporate team building – very little I would say after giving the matter some more thought. In a corporate environment individuals are seeking to achieve their personal aims which often might conflict with or to a lesser extent deviate from the corporate goal – ever heard of office politics? The team leader has to recognise this and establish clear objectives for the team as a whole and then create the environment in which the disparate ambitions of the individuals are harnessed to the good of the team – and this is the area in which team building plays an important part.

Every day the corporate world brings together different teams and competitors to work together in mergers, acquisitions and more pertinently joint projects, ventures and major engineering works. It’s just taken the politicians a while to catch up.

I’m awaiting David Cameron’s call.

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Team Building is a Waste of Time!

April 2010

Whilst we all know that a poor journalist has to make a living somehow however that cannot be accepted as an excuse for poor journalism.  Not so for Kate Devlin the Medical Correspondent for the Daily Telegraph.

   She wrote a fascinating article on Team Building when, obviously feeling in need of a break, she took time out at the British Psychological Society’s annual conference in Stratford-upon-Avon. (read more …)

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Team Building with Animals!

March 2010

My client was looking for a fun and interactive team building event to run after dinner on the evening of their event conference for sixty sales staff and managers from regions across the UK. It needed to be memorable and within a strict budget, whilst taking the delegates away from the bar!

We provided a Horses, Hogs and Hounds Race evening with each dining table forming a team. This event was ideal as in teams guests needed to work together to make group decisions on their bets and work hard on the odds to gain the most cash! The team who gained the most fun money was crowned the champions and took away the much coveted champagne prize.

The feedback says it all “Everyone had a brilliant time and it was really good fun – I am really pleased with the event. I had managed to get some ‘horse space hoppers’ so we turned the evening into a ‘Horses, Hogs, Hounds and Humans’ with two space hopper races!  All in all we had an excellent night and Alan and Tony were good fun and really got into the spirit of things.”

March 2010

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