Inside Out Party

A market leader asked us to create a back to basics team building event with a difference for 200 guests. They wanted teams to pull together on activities to achieve a reward for the whole group later in the evening whilst incorporating the conference and business messages discussed in the morning session. We talked through lots of options, coming together to create an Inside Out Party.

Each team was given a section of the evening event to prepare. We had catering, decoration and entertainment all covered. Teams would work hard on their activity with the results benefiting the whole group at their party in the evening.

The Catering

Section A spent the afternoon preparing mouth-watering hot and cold canapés. Their mission was to create enough canapés to feed the whole group during pre dinner drinks.

Section B decorated large and small cakes to provide both fantastic deserts and additional decoration for the evening. The cakes were themed with the conference strap line and company information.

Section C provided the specials for pre dinner drinks by creating amazing cocktails. There had to be a drink for everyone with all tastes and requirements met. The cocktails also needed to incorporate the company colours.

 The Decoration

Section D created a focal point for the dining room by producing four breathtaking backdrops. The backdrops were produced in a street art style with each team highlighting their take on the company message. These were then displayed for all to enjoy in the evening.

The Entertainment

Section E was in charge of providing the entertainment for the evening. Split into three groups guests were taught dance routines to perform in the evening. Each team tackled a different dance discipline including Morris Dancing, Ballet Dancing and the Can Can. Each team then donned their costumes for the performances after dinner with our band providing additional support and music for the evening.

The evening concluded with sets from our fantastic Country and Western band allowing guests to dance the night away enjoying the riches of their days labour. Everyone had a fantastic time and the event really reinforced the company/conference message throughout the tasks.

Sarah FitzGerald
November 2009

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