Top Secret Brew!

A well-known brewer (our favourite sort of customer!) came to us looking for ideas for the conclusion of their conference. The conference theme was to be “stand out from the competition” and working well as a team was vital to their success. With a top-secret product about to be launched there was only one solution…

…Spy Academy!

Our client wanted an active team building event designed to emphasise communication and working together. As the department had two separate, distinct functions cross function communication was important so we made sure the teams were mixed. The event needed to ensure that everybody involved interacted fully, used a range of skills and were rewarded for their decision-making.

After discussion we recommended Spy Academy due to its mix of physical and mental activities. The outdoor elements also gave delegates the opportunity to get some fresh air after three days conferencing. The secret code element of the event tied in with their conference message and reinforced the business objectives.

Garry, Mark, Rob, Daz and the rest of the event team made sure that everybody had a fabulous time and the feedback was all very positive leaving us with the challenge to top the event for next year!

Lady Fitz
January 09

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