We Have A Winner!

In the KDM Christmas Newsletter, KDM launched a Christmas Limerick Competition. To win £50 of Say Shopping vouchers all contestants had to do was write a humorous limerick and send it to us!

The judging was very difficult as we received so many fantastic entries. The whole KDM team voted to decide a winner who I am pleased to announce is:

Michael Walsh, from Kingston Smith, with the following limerick:

Outrage has been caused by Santa Claus himself,
He mistakenly referred to a dwarf as an elf,
This has caused Mrs Claus to say ‘for heaven’s sake’,
Yet Sepp Blatter insists it can be settled with a handshake.

A £50 Say Shopping voucher will be making its way to Michael very soon and the limerick will feature in our digital Christmas card.

The below limericks were favourites too so many congratulations to the writers!

There once was a polar bear named Serge,
Who had a peculiar urge,
To leave his igloo, and join Santa’s crew,
So with the reindeers did he emerge.


There was an old man called Santa,
Who had several reindeer to canter
Up high in the skies
Transporting sacks full of surprise
Enough to make reindeer a-panter!

Many thanks to everyone who entered and look out for more competitions and news in our newsletter. If you don’t currently receive the newsletter but would like to please email events@kdmevents.com.

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