Tackling An Under-Performing Team

How To Tackle an Under-Performing Team

Turning around a poorly performing team takes time and it needs patience. It will not be achieved overnight but it is something that is achievable with the right attitude, approach and tools.

Teamwork calls for collective effort on the team’s task and the mutual cooperation of members across all of the team’s areas of responsibility. Building a team is not an easy task and most teams have a few teething problems before they begin to bond and work well together. Initial hiccups are quite normal whilst team members are still trying to understand each other's work styles and personalities and whilst rapport and trust is building within the team. To help speed up the process an effective team building event should be considered as it will enable team members to work closely together to achieve a common objective but in an informal non-confrontational situation.

Sometimes, even after some months, teams seem unable to work well together. The problems within a team and its poor motivation levels can create a roadblock in the performance of the organisation as a whole. Quite often teams are unaware of the larger repercussions of their poor performance and unless the "problem team" is carefully dealt with and put back on track, the organisation's performance objectives may be compromised.

The team's problems could be anything from a lack of trust and poor communication to poor role clarity or personality clashes. If the problems are caused by one or more individuals causing friction then it must be tackled early on and them replaced if they are unable to modify their behaviour. If this is not the cause of the problems then an off-site team event with outside facilitation will help identify the factors at work and expose the underlying reasons why the team does not work effectively together.

Ways of Putting the Team Back on Track

Providing strong leadership is important for all teams and a good leader can drive the required changes and stimulate substantial and committed reform in work approaches rather than the alternative of a half-hearted attempt at leadership.

Bringing back the team spirit will put the spark back into the team and instil a sense of pride in the group. A team building event will charge them up to perform better and make a positive statement to emphasize that 'You can do it', 'You have what it takes to deliver better results' and 'the company is looking forward to greater contribution from this team in future'.

Providing the right Team Dynamics will emphasize the importance of providing a challenge when an organisation wants to create a high level of motivation towards a task and energize the team effort.

Reaching Your Goal

As part of your strategy you should consider some possible aides to reaching your goal: