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CSI Experience

A major miscarriage of justice is about to transpire and only your group of crack investigators can clear the innocent party.
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CSI Experience Team Building Event

In a competitive yet collaborative format, the groups will tackle challenges to earn access to lab results to prove the innocence of those in the frame and continually narrow down the field of suspects to find the true culprit.

Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours

Requirements: Ideally 3 separate areas but it can be adapted to fit into one large room

Group Size: 5 - 150

Checking fingerprints'

Can you crack the case!

Working to eliminate characters from a list of suspects, teams must learn and use a variety of CSI skills to find and analyse crucial evidence. Using their newly acquired knowledge of forensic science and Police procedures, teams will be assisted by our facilitators and instructors in a series of time critical tasks such as fingerprint harvesting, forensic photography and even shooting TV video appeals. 

Your teams will need to adapt to solve problems against constantly changing time constraints and evolving situations, just like a real-life investigation.

Van crime scene'

How It Works…

Our facilitators will share their knowledge with nominated team members, in turn they will train their teams to use these techniques to tackle tabletop and site focused tasks which will each earn them valuable points.

All teams will come together at the end to view their TV appeals and final criminal photofits.  Once the perpetrator is found…the winning team with the most points overall is crowned the CSI Experience winners! 

  • Each member of the winning team will be awarded with a winner’s medal!
  • We provide all team investigation & deduction equipment, crime scene layouts, forensic technicians, protective coveralls and masks.
  • This event can be tailored to add content specific to your business needs.

Photos taken at the event

Please see the following selection of images taken at a recent CSI Experience team building event – please note that any crime scenes depicted are purely fictional!

We also have a short video of the event, please click below to view this:

Bluestone Leasing , [5] star rating

“The event was a tremendous success I am pleased to report, in no small part because of the dedication and hard work of Pete and his team. Happy to elucidate further when we have our meeting but the headline is all positive.”

NHS Nottingham , [4] star rating

“We had a really good day thank you to you, Peter and his team for the organisation of our activity. Peter and his team were excellent, could not praise them more for their enthusiasm and commitment to ensuring we all enjoyed the afternoon. The CSI experience was so different compared to other activities and involved everyone without it being too physical or too complicated, the balance is perfect. I’ve had a lot of comments from people today stating that they had a really good time so thank you very much! ”

UTC Aerospace , [5] star rating

“The event went really well. Everyone enjoyed themselves and became more competitive throughout the day. The equipment provided on the day was good and Peters team were very entertaining. ”

Reckitt Benckiser , [4] star rating

“Everything seemed to go really well and the team really enjoyed it – it was a lot of fun. Very hot in those white suits though 😊 I think the only feedback I really got was that some people were a bit frustrated and didn’t understand why when communicating on the radio you had a middle man with the control (they wanted to just do the one relay) but Tim explained that to me when I mentioned it (which was very logical to me 😊). ”

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Company Team Building Events & Activities


Ever fancied the opportunity to get one over your landlord… our take on the classic board game will offer you the chance!

  • Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Requirements: Suitable Outdoor Space
  • Group Size: 8 -192
Get Me Out of Here team build

Company Team Building Events & Activities

Get Me Out of Here

Too weak to brave the jungle? Fear not, we can bring the experience to you with our Get Me Out of Here event!

  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Requirements: Suitable Outdoor Space
  • Group Size: 10 - 256
Game Your Thrones indoors team build

Competitive Events

Game Your Thrones indoors

Inspired by the iconic show, a challenging event which requires mental skill and physical ability as teams compete to ascend the throne!

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Requirements: Table & chairs for each team
  • Group Size: 8 - 144
SolarBuddy device in use

Team Building Indoors

SolarBuddy Hour of Power

A highly unique and rewarding activity, that will see your group assemble solar-powered lights for the benefit of children living in energy poverty.

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Requirements: Table & chairs for each attendee
  • Group Size: 8 - 1,000
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