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Go Viral

Time to get creative and produce a short video in a bid to become internet sensations…Let’s Go Viral!
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Go Viral Team Building Event

A fast-paced interactive activity with the emphasis on fun, an opportunity to pool your skills and creative vision in an attempt to produce a video worthy of a million hits!

Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours

Requirements: Table space for each team

Group Size: Up to 180 guests


Can your team win the battle for the most views?

Provided with a tablet loaded with video editing software, a selection of props, and  a variety of equipment for inspiration, the task is to film, edit and upload a clip or series of clips in a bid to gain the most number of ‘hits’. 

It may sound simple in essence, but to capture the exact moment a bottle is flipped onto its target, or a basketball lands in hoop from an impossible angle is both challenging and rewarding in equal measures. 

The content can be absolutely anything as long as its visually interesting enough to capture the viewer’s attention. However, making the video is only part of the task as the team will still need to generate views, shares and likes in order to ‘Go Viral’.

Success can then be measured by the number of views on any given future date, potentially giving the event a much longer-lasting shelf life than just the day of your event. 



How It Works…

After a briefing and inspirational video montage, teams will be issued with props, equipment and tablets in order to complete their vision. They’ll need to storyboard, rehearse, film and edit their piece before handing it over to the Event Manager to be uploaded to YouTube under the teams chosen title. The event concludes with a big screen preview of each video, judged by our event team. Prizes are awarded based on all round creativity from concept to delivery. 

  • Team roles include actors, videographer and editor
  • Perfect opportunity to develop and showcase unusual skills
  • A great way to measure success at future intervals with a ‘hit count’

Photos taken at the event

Go Viral is a brand new event developed for late 2020/early 2021 so we do not have any event photos as of yet… watch this space though!

TBC , [5] star rating

““This is a brand new event developed for late 2020/early 2021 so we do not have any client feedback as yet - please do browse the feedback on our other events for an idea of the standard to expect!” ”

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Creative Events

Body Percussion

A team building event that will energise and boost team morale with no equipment necessary  Just bring yourself and some rhythm.

  • Duration: Upto 2 hours
  • Requirements: Dependant on guest numbers
  • Group Size: Unlimited

Creative Events

Making Perfect Scents

The idea is simple: if Victoria Beckham, JLo, and a host of other celebrities can create their own fragrance, then why shouldn’t you?

  • Duration: 1 - 5 hours
  • Requirements: Cabaret Style
  • Group Size: 5 – 100

Creative Events

Creative Challenges

A selection of fun tasks designed to challenge your guests in a constructive, creative and interactive session!

  • Duration: 10-60 minutes
  • Requirements: Tabletop based activity; space required depends on activities.
  • Group Size: 2-360

Creative Events

Craft Workshops

Informative and interesting a craft workshop allows groups to learn something new in a relaxed, fun environment.

  • Duration: 1.5 – 3 hours
  • Requirements: Indoor or Outdoor Space
  • Group Size: 10 - 300
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