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Team Building Bristol

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that Bristol is a cool city. Home of revolutionaries like Banksy, Trip Hop trailblazers Massive Attack, and world-famous rogues like Edward Thatch, Bristol is the kind of city where new ideas are born. As such, Bristol is an ideal location to stage a team building activities - whether your company is from the local area or you’re coming from further afield. Scroll below to see how KDM can help make your Team Building Experience in Bristol a truly memorable one.

Team Building Events In Bristol

There’s a lot to do in Bristol. That’s true of any British city, but with its world class aquarium, arts scene, and cultural hub, Bristol really is the kind of place where you can get lost for a day and find yourself with a brand new way of thinking and looking at things. 

This makes it a great venue for a corporate event. Even if your team is permanently based in the city, pulling your head away from your work for a while and taking a look around to refresh yourself is never a bad idea. 

That’s because the secret to team building is shared joy — a common, joyous event shared between people. Most professional relationships exist only in the professional setting — the workplace. These professional relationships, while adequate, are superficial; they lack the depth that true bonding requires. 

Through common joy, people begin to relax. They let their guard down and they start to get to know each other in ways that just isn’t possible in a superficial relationship. The bonds between people grow stronger and their relationships deepen. 

There are a lot of ways you could do this in Bristol. You could take your team out for lunch to one of the fantastic restaurants near the old Bristol City Docks. Or you could take your team back to nature with an afternoon at the Bristol Zoo. Or, maybe you want to do something after hours and want to take your team to the Smoke and Mirrors Comedy & Magic Theatre pub? 

Any of these would be a great choice if you want to bring your team together. But that’s just bringing your team together. It’s fun, and no doubt there it brings shared joy to everyone involved — except, of course, the person who has to arrange it all. But those activities don’t come with a guarantee, do they?


Clayton Hotel Cardiff

Clayton Hotel Cardiff is only minutes’ walk to the shopping and business hubs of the city and right next to Cardiff Central train and bus stations.

  • 216 bedrooms & nearby parking
  • 100 capacity theatre style meeting space
  • Close to Cardiff Central train station
Voco Oxford Thames Hotel driveway

Voco Oxford Thames Hotel

Enjoy the crisp Oxfordshire air, and the Riverside views straight from our door into the heart of Oxford City Centre.

  • 104 bedrooms & onsite parking
  • 200 capacity theatre style meeting space
  • Close to Oxford train station
Arden House exterior

The Arden Hotel

Located in the heart of historic Stratford-upon-Avon, The Arden Hotel is the perfect destination for a Warwickshire meeting venue.

  • 45 bedrooms & nearby parking
  • 40 capacity theatre style meeting space
  • Close to Stratford-upon-Avon Train Station
Saints Events exterior

Saints Events

The home of Southampton FC, with a range of meeting spaces in a unique setting.

  • 0 bedrooms & onsite parking
  • 500 capacity theatre style meeting space
  • Close to Southampton Central train station

Team Building in Bristol

On the other hand, hiring KDM Event Management for your team building event does give that guarantee. 

As an Event and Conference Management Company with over 30 years’ experience, KDM has a proven track record of providing customers with first-class team building events and industry conferences. Our Events Managers have the knowledge and experience to provide you with a first-class team building experience, taking all the hassle and stress of organising out of your hands — allowing you to sit back and be part of the team bonding! 

But that’s not all. KDM Event Management has put together an exceptional list of team building activities, designed specifically with two goals in mind. The first, quite simply, is to make sure that your team has as much fun as possible during the event — it is ‘shared joy’ after all! Our second goal is to bring teams together. 

KDM’s activities come in a variety of styles and types, and only you will know the best one for your team.

  • Some teams, for example, would really enjoy a chance to do some athletic exercise or at least test themselves physically. As such, we’d recommend something similar to our Dragon Boat Race
  • Other teams, meanwhile, may prefer a more intellectual and narrative-driven challenge. In this case, we’d recommend something similar to our Royal Heist challenge. 
  • Others may just want to get out and do some nice outdoor activities on a nice day. For those people, we’d usually recommend something similar to our GPS Treasure Hunt

KDM has dozens of already designed team building activities available for your team right now. You can find some of them below.

Team Building Activities

A KDM Event For Your Team Only

But sometimes your team wants something different. Maybe they want a combination of physical challenge that also combines their love of sightseeing, so would prefer something akin to a fun-run around the city. Or maybe you think they’d like something intellectual like a quiz, but you’d prefer it to be thematically focussed on your company. 

KDM is unique in that we can not only provide plans and organize bespoke team building activities, but we can also design and build unique props for your event, too. We’ve found that small touches like this — where effort is made to go above and beyond — really takes the activity to the next level. 

For times like these — times when you have specialized needs — KDM is more than happy to provide your team with a unique team building exercise designed specifically for them. All it takes is a conversation between you and your event manager and we can get something designed and executed based on your needs, goals and budget in mind.

Over the years, KDM has created hundreds, if not thousands, of such events. Some of them have gone on to join our catalogue. Contact us today to speak to one of our experienced and dedicated team members about your desired event, and you’ll be amazed at what we can do.

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