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Team Building Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a city between things. In the north you’ll see the beautiful and revitalised Leith docks and a host of 1st class seafood restaurants and pubs -- great for a team night out. If you go south west, you’ll come face to face with Holyrood Palace. Go to the centre of the city, in the dark corners of the Royal Mile and Old Town, and you may find one or two ghosts. Wherever you look, you’ll find a huge opportunity for team building in Edinburgh, and KDM can help you plan and organize the perfect event for your team. Give our award winning team a try today!
Virtual bake off cookery

Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual Bake Off Cookery

Improve your cookery skills in this masterchef experience, from the comfort of your own kitchen.

  • Duration: circa 2 hours
  • Requirements: laptop and a secure internet connection!
  • Group Size: 8 - 100
Hampers for virtual events

Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual Hampers

The perfect accompaniment to a virtual event, food and drinks hampers are a unique personal touch.

  • Bespoke packages available
  • The perfect reward or gift
  • Group Size: Unlimited
Lip sync challenge

Christmas Team Building Activities

Christmas Lip Sync Battle

Do you have a group of budding performers?  This high energy, unique challenge can be used to kick-start a conference, energize your delegates or pro...

  • Duration: 1 hour to film and then an hour of editing
  • Requirements: Room large enough for guests to rehearse and performance space with the green screen and filming equipment.
  • Group Size: 8 -100

Christmas Team Building Activities

Christmas Dominos

A steady hand and creative thinking is crucial in this fast-paced collaborative activity!

  • Duration: 60 – 150 minutes
  • Requirements: An empty meeting room with a solid and level floor.
  • Group Size: 8 - 400

Company Team Building Events & Activities

Garden Games

Create a lovely relaxed atmosphere with a selection of garden games and entertainers.

  • Duration: 60-180 minutes
  • Requirements: Sufficient space outside / inside dependent on final activity choices.
  • Group Size: 10-300

Company Team Building Events & Activities

Combat Archery

Fast-paced and energetic activity perfect for blowing off those late night cobwebs or bringing your event to an exhilarating end!

  • Duration: 1 - 1.5 hours
  • Requirements: Flat lawned area
  • Group Size: Upto 64 guests
girls drumming

Company Team Building Events & Activities

Road to Rio

Find your rhythm with this fast paced and energizing team building experience! Transform your guests from a group of musical novices into a pulsating ...

  • Duration: 60 – 90 minutes
  • Requirements: Dependent on guest numbers
  • Group Size: 10 - 500

Creative Events

Kinetic Energy

A steady hand and creative thinking is crucial in this fast-paced collaborative activity!

  • Duration: 60 – 150 minutes
  • Requirements: An empty meeting room with a solid and level floor.
  • Group Size: 8 - 400

Team Building Events in Edinburgh

But you shouldn’t be fooled. Edinburgh isn’t a tall city like New York. Or a particularly wide city like London. It’s hard to understand its size just by looking at it. You have to let it envelop you before you can really understand it. 

Your team will love to explore the city’s back alleys. Spend a few lowie in one of the city’s shops. And enjoy a well cooked Scottish lunch in a pub that sits in the shadows of St Giles Cathedral. But Edinburgh isn’t only a puzzle. For the unwary traveller, it can also be a labyrinth. 

Luckily, KDM knows that labyrinth very well.  

We’ve spent a lot of time exploring it, and we know the sweet spots from the sour experiences. We know the best times to take your team on a team hike up Arthur’s Seat (certainly not during the Winter). We also know where the real entrance to the Edinburgh Dungeon is. And we know where the best candy shop is (Market Street and Princes Street). We also know, for the gamers out there, that Rockstar North doesn’t do tours.

But Edinburgh, despite its reputation, isn’t just a tourist’s destination. For companies based nearby, an Edinburgh-based day out is a great opportunity to complete some small team building activities. Taking some time out of your busy schedule. To become acquainted with your local city. Is a great way to reinvigorate your team and bring them together in a way that just isn’t possible in a busy office. 

The key to building a great team dynamic is through shared experiences. Experiences that stick in the minds and hearts of your team. Experiences that they’ll think back on and laugh about. It’s those kinds of experiences that KDM aims to build with our list of expertly designed team building activities.

In order to build those shared experiences. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time designing and building our team building exercises with two goals in mind: 

  1. Fun
  2. Building a team up and forging unbreakable bonds between team members

In our thirty years of business, KDM has forged significant relationships with businesses throughout England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Meaning, that when you choose KDM as your Event Management Company, you choose a company with the experience and connections to satisfy your goals. And because our company has these connections and experience. Our event managers have the knowledge to really take your event to the next level. 

The team bonding opportunities from Edinburgh are truly limitless. Whether you’re coming in autumn to do a Royal Heist. Or looking to get out of your office during the summer time and do a GPS Treasure Hunt around the city. Whatever your situation, wherever you’re coming from. KDM can make it happen. 

You can book your event with KDM in full confidence. Knowing that our experience, knowledge, and connections will allow us to make your event truly special.

Team Building in Edinburgh'
Maldron Hotel Glasgow exterior

Maldron Hotel Glasgow

Situated within walking distance to Glasgow’s finest attractions such as The Royal Concert Hall, providing the perfect base to explore.

  • 300 bedrooms & nearby parking
  • 40 capacity theatre style meeting space
  • Close to Glasgow Central Train Station
Maldron Hotel Newcastle exterior

Maldron Hotel Newcastle

A 4-star hotel located in the heart of Newcastle City Centre, within minutes’ walk of many shops, bars and popular tourist attractions.

  • 265 bedrooms & onsite parking
  • 70 capacity theatre style meeting space
  • Close to Newcastle train station
Yorke Arms external shot

The Yorke Arms

Reinvented in 2020 to cater solely for private events, this luxurious Yorkshire venue offers space for up to 28 guests to get away from it all.

  • 18 bedrooms & onsite parking
  • 28 capacity for meetings
  • Close to Harrogate Train Station
Grantley Hall exterior

Grantley Hall

A luxury hotel and wellness retreat on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales.

  • 47 bedrooms & onsite parking
  • 90 capacity theatre layout for meetings
  • Close to Harrogate Train Station

Unique Team Building Events in Edinburgh

At KDM, we believe that no one knows your team better than you do. That’s why we’ve pivoted our company so that we can give our customers the best original and unique experiences possible. 

Not only can we tailor the experiences we already offer to your existing team. Modifying that experience as necessary. But we can also create a completely new one. Whatever your needs. Whatever your budget. KDM is perfectly placed to deliver you a first class team building experience that your team will look back fondly on in years to come. 

Over its long history. KDM has forged strong links with venues and organizations throughout the British Isles and Northern Ireland. Whether you’re hoping to stage an event on a beach in the Outer Hebrides, the heart of Mid Calder. Or the outskirts of Glasgow. KDM can plan, organize and action it all for you. Allowing you to sit back and enjoy your event. 

Our Event Managers have the experience and knowledge that only comes from working as part of an organization. With an extensive history working in the Events Management industry. Our skilled Event Managers have put on thousands of events throughout the country. Many of them 100% unique. 

Whatever your needs. Whatever your team building goals. KDM Event Management has the facilities to make them a reality.

Discover Team Building
Team Building in Edinburgh'

Evening Team Building Events in Edinburgh

A setting sun doesn’t mean your event has to stop. Edinburgh is a city that comes alive at night. And your team is going to cherish the opportunity to go out into the Edinburgh night on a fun team building event.

Whether you’re looking to show your team the true meaning of fear with a tour of the world-famous Edinburgh Dungeon. Or bringing some of that Prussian spirit to the Scottish capital with KDM’s very own Oktoberfest event. We’ve got everything you need to make your nighttime team building activity something truly special!

But that’s not all. Many of our own events are perfectly suitable for night-time hosting. Some of them would even benefit from being held at night! Setting your event during the evening or even later allows your team the opportunity to explore the wonderful city of Edinburgh during the day. It also helps to build up your team’s excitement for the event. It also adds an interesting thematic element to the event that can really make it truly special. 

Why not take advantage of the mysteriousness of a Scottish Winter Night? To add a little something special to your Crystal Mazed or Spy Academy event? 

Our passionate and experienced event managers will arrange everything. And make sure every detail and variable is taken care of. From venue arrangements to allergy monitoring. Bring your team together in Edinburgh with KDM today. 

For more information on what KDM can do for your team in Edinburgh. Get in touch with us today.

Explore Evening Entertainment
Evening Events in Edinburgh'

Top 10 Team Building Events & Activities in Edinburgh

1. Scrapheap

The perfect collaborative event, which includes problem solving and teamwork. This event is designed to help bring the group together, when faced with the challenge in front of them. Your event manager will provide all of the equipment, which may resemble a scrapyard. Once all equipment is linked together and allied correctly, it should create a perfect chain.

2. Sheepdog Handling

Make your next company away day one to remember, with an unusual team activity, that everyone will love! Sheepdog Handling will have everyone talking about the event for months after. A relaxed enjoyable event to help boost morale within the team. Enjoy as a standalone activity or alongside another of our country sports activities.

3. Spy Academy

Made up of 2 different zones. Spy Academy, will help test your skills and knowledge. With a mix of Indoor and Outdoor activities included. Teams will go through each activity and be rewarded along with the way with points toward their overall score.

4. Kinetic Energy

A wonderful collaborative event where communication is key! Express your creativity while creating an elaborate ‘domino’ rally. Where steady hands are a must, and the results are nail-biting!

5. Krypton Factor Indoors

Testing a multitude of skills, this event really is for everyone. Rounds include observation, general knowledge, mental agility, physical challenges and more. A fully inclusive, high-energy competition.

6. Dinner Entertainers

Looking to add a little extra ‘wow’ to your next evening event, we have a range of Dinner Entertainers and performers, from Magicians, Mind Readers, Caricaturists to Singing Waiters & Fire performers. We have an entertainer to fit every event!

7. GPS Treasure Quest

The perfect opportunity to get out and about and embrace the local area of your next conference Play anywhere in the UK and take in local sites whilst challenging your team communication and planning skills.

8. Krypton Factor Indoors & Outdoors

Guests are challenged both mentally and physically in order to determine the champions! With a mix of indoor and outdoor rounds delegates are provided with a well-balanced event that is demanding yet achievable and fun!

9. Master The Task

This one is a head-scratcher! Guests will be presented with a series of tasks with only a one-line description. It is up to you and your team to interpret the clue to beat the opposing team. You will have to apply a level of logic, creativity and some lateral thinking.

10. Ninja Workout

It is time to get physical and release your inner ninja! Take on Ninja Workout and have your Agility, Balance, Endurance and Strength put to the test as you and your teammates tackle the KDM assault course.

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