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Team-Building Activities In Liverpool

John Lennon once sang that the best things in life are free, but team-building activities in Liverpool -- especially good ones -- cost a lot of time and money. When you hire KDM Events to manage your event, however, you’ll be getting a memorable team-building event which matches your budget that your team will love. Whether you’re based in the city or coming from out of town, we can make your team bonding ambitions a reality.
Importance of team building

Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual Master the Task

A weekly series of events specifically designed for lockdown 3.0!

  • Duration: circa 15 minutes per week
  • Requirements: laptop and a secure internet connection!
  • Group Size: 4 - 300
Race Night table dressing

Themed Evening Events & Parties

A Night at the Races

Bring the thrill of the racetrack to your event in an evening of sophistication and razzmatazz – place your bets please!

  • Duration: As required
  • Requirements: Large room with additional space once dining tables are in situ
  • Group Size: unlimited
Wild West table dressing

Themed Evening Events & Parties

Wild West Hoedown

Saddle up partners and dust off those spurs as we head for a Wild West Hoedown.

  • Duration: As required
  • Requirements: Large room with additional space once dining tables are in situ
  • Group Size: unlimited
girls drumming

Company Team Building Events & Activities

Road to Rio

Find your rhythm with this fast paced and energizing team building experience! Transform your guests from a group of musical novices into a pulsating ...

  • Duration: 60 – 90 minutes
  • Requirements: Dependent on guest numbers
  • Group Size: 10 - 500
Tile painting

Creative Events

Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture is an excellent collaborative event which requires teamwork and communication from your entire group.

  • Duration: 1 - 2 hours
  • Requirements: Table and chairs for each team
  • Group Size: 10 - 500

Christmas Team Building Activities

Chocolate Advent Challenge

Create your own range of delicious chocolates! An engaging and indulgent experience to educate, stimulate and entertain.

  • Duration: 1.5 - 2.5 hours
  • Requirements: Table & chairs for each team
  • Group Size: 8 -500
Man racing a kart indoors

Competitive Events

Race to Success – Indoor

Are you ready to design, construct and race your pimped-up man powered Kart!

  • Duration: 1- 2.5 hours
  • Requirements: Large clear room based on numbers involved
  • Group Size: 10 - 160

Company Team Building Events & Activities

Missing Link

Missing Link is an event of problem solving and teamwork to demonstrate the benefits of communication and cooperation.

  • Duration: 1 – 1.5 hours
  • Requirements: Empty room - size is dependent upon guest numbers
  • Group Size: 4 - 70

Team Building In Liverpool

The past few years have emphasised the importance of having strong interpersonal relationships for team cohesion. Both for those team members working in the office and hybrid team members. As a result, not only has it never been more important for managers to promote team building within teams but there’s never been a better time to do so. 

And there is no better city to do that in than Liverpool. One of the world’s key ports. Liverpool has always been known as a city where things get done. Whether it was the huge docks that brought trade from all over the world, that sent people out to every corner of the map, or the young men of the city who literally wrote the book on pop music. Liverpool is a city where drive, inspiration, and industry have led to incredible things. 

And it’s not just visiting teams that would benefit from that wondrous, industrious energy. Teams based within the city would also benefit from taking time out of their busy schedules for team-building activities in Liverpool. Team-building improves communication skills, and time management, and develops leadership skills in people.

Whether you’re taking your team on a day out to Liverpool One. A light lunch at the Royal Albert Liverpool Docks. Or a tour around Matthew Street. Your team is sure to have fun and absorb some of that energy from the city. 

But if you want to really take your team-building strategy to the next level, you really should consider a KDM Event. 

Liverpool team activities'
Aloft Liverpool exterior

Aloft Liverpool

Aloft Liverpool is centrally located for shopping, business, dining, or culture.

  • 116 bedrooms & nearby offsite parking
  • 120 capacity theatre style meeting space
  • Close to Liverpool Lime Street train station
Leasowe Castle exterior

Leasowe Castle

Leasowe Castle was originally built in 1593 by Ferdinand, 5th Earl of Derby, second heir to the English throne and is now a thriving hotel.

  • 47 bedrooms & onsite parking
  • 350 capacity theatre layout for meetings
  • Close to various Liverpool train stations
The Chester Grosvenor exterior shot

The Chester Grosvenor

The Chester Grosvenor has been creating memories since 1865… perfectly located in the heart of Chester.

  • 79 bedrooms & onsite parking
  • 350 capacity theatre style meeting space
  • Close to Chester Train Station
Bliss Hotel Southport exterior

Waterfront Southport Hotel

Waterfront Southport Hotel is all about breaking the rules and doing things in a way that’s forever bold, proud, stylish, and exceptional.

  • 131 bedrooms & onsite parking
  • 220 capacity theatre layout for meetings
  • Close to Southport train station

Why Choose KDM Events For Liverpool Team-Building?

For over 30 years, KDM has been providing first-class team-building activities to organisations throughout the United Kingdom. During that time, we’ve discovered that effective and meaningful team building doesn’t come from boring team meetings, or from putting teams to work on strange, abstract projects. It comes from shared joy and experiences. Experiences that everyone in your team can look back at years later and smile. It’s because of that, we’ve designed our team-building games and activities with two requirements in mind:

  • Our games and events must be as fun for visiting teams as possible.
  • Our games and events must maximise the level of synergy between team members.

We have a full range of team-building activities in Liverpool to suit every kind of team. Whether you’re looking to test your team’s intellectual skills in a scavenger hunt that takes them around the city or get their hearts pumping with a series of athletic challenges in a single space, we can arrange it for you. 

Our events have been designed to suit every price point. And can be fully adjusted to suit your needs. Whether you need to modify an event to suit a smaller-sized team or want to change the setting of your team-building activity in Liverpool. Whatever you need, we can provide it for you.

In our 30 years of trading, we’ve forged some great relationships with some fantastic local venues. See above for our full range of partner venues.

Team Building Activities
Liverpool team building'

Bespoke Team Building Events in Liverpool

Some teams are better suited to intellectual challenges, while others prefer physical ones, some teams require a mix of the two, and there are many teams who require something else. As well as having a full catalogue of team-building activities in Liverpool from which you can choose. KDM Events also can create fully bespoke events just for you.

Your event will be designed specifically to match your brief. Throughout the process, we will tailor your event to your needs and budget, ensuring that you are getting the best that you can afford. 

All it takes is one conversation with one of our Event Managers to make your ideal activity a reality. Whether you have an existing idea or a vague set of goals that you wish to accomplish. Or are simply interested in setting what kind of event we can provide you with? Our experienced team will be able to help make your event a reality.

KDM Events has created thousands of unique team-building activities in Liverpool over the years, and we’re very excited to show you what we can do for you.

Why Businesses Choose Liverpool For Team-Building Events

Liverpool is an incredible city with a very interesting history and as a port city, it is a location like no other. Lots of movies have been filmed on location in Liverpool city centre due to its stunning architecture and scenic town centre, it is something that you and your teams can appreciate during your team-building activities in Liverpool.

The city has a young and vibrant atmosphere due to the city’s two universities that populate the city centre with their campuses. This brings a complete sense of joy to any team-building activity that takes place in Liverpool.

Bespoke Entertainment
Evening events Liverpool'

Top 10 Team-Building Activities In Liverpool

We offer a huge variety of team-building activities in Liverpool and we have some of our most popular Liverpool team-building events below so that you can get a good idea of what we have to offer.

1. Wiped Out

Inspired by the Wipeout craze, our inflatable extravaganza will bring teams together as they are scrambling, dodging, jumping and laughing! Following a gentle warm up, the competition begins with teams going head-to-head to earn as many points as possible. What do points mean, PRIZES!

2. World Cup Challenge

Can you get it in the back of the net or will there be a hand of god? Our football themed challenge is a high energy, competitive and allows for all skills, even if you’ve never stepped foot on a pitch! They think it’s all over… is now!

3. Merry Mega Quiz

“Celebrate the festive period and test your knowledge of all things Christmas with our highly interactive Merry Mega Quiz – including multiple Christmas Trivia, Movie and other specially themed rounds, to separate Santa’s little helpers from Mr Scrooge!”

4. Murder Mystery (Modern)

Our Murder Mysteries are performed by comedy actors. There are lots of different plots to choose from, soon everyone around the table will be talking and having fun whilst using their detective skills to work how who committed the worst of crimes – murder!!

5. Photo Booths

Green Screen Photo Studios, 360 Video Booth, Selfie Pod, Magic Mirror, The Photo Cube we have lots for you to choose from.  We can suggest one to suit your event and venue.

6. Play Your Games Right

For all wannabe TV game show contestants. Well here’s your chance to take part in them all! ‘Play Your Games Right’ comprises more than a dozen shows from days gone by to popular hits on your screen now. ‘Play Your Games Right’ is a multimedia experience with music and visuals all appearing on a giant screen. Fingers on buzzers………

7. Wreath Making

A festive activity that will particularly appeal to the creative types, this crafty wreath making workshop will provide a long-lasting memento with your customised wreath on display for hopefully years to come!

8. Music Bingo

Do you know your Stormzy from your S Club 7? Can you spot a Madonna song in just a few seconds… and identify in which decade it was a hit? If the answer is yes, then Music Bingo is just the event for you as each card contains 25 songs split across several decades of musical history!

9. Retro Rockets

This fast-paced icebreaker activity sees each team tasked with designing and building their own rocket – with the winning team that can propel their rocket the furthest distance, with distances of up to 50 metres being possible with the right design!

10. The Haka

This legendary war dance, historically used by Maori warriors and popularised by the famous rugby All Balcks – is a sure hit to raise energy levels at your next conference, as well as being a memorable experience that engages your entire group.

Ready To Start?

Frequently Asked Questions About Liverpool Team-Building

What is a team-building day?

Team-building days are usually whole days that are organised by a company for their employees to participate in and bond over fun and exciting activities. Typically, a team-building day will last for a full working day and involve the entire workforce with catering and transportation arrangements provided on the company’s behalf.

What happens at a team-building event?

Having regular team-building events such as team meals, movie nights or activity days will allow your team to bond over shared experiences and strengthen their relationships. This will boost collaboration and increase staff morale.

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