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Team Building Events In London

London is definitely calling when it comes to iconic events and team-building activities. Explore exciting venues and exclusive team-building in London with KDM Events.
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Company Team Building Events & Activities


Ever fancied the opportunity to get one over your landlord… our take on the classic board game will offer you the chance!

  • Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Requirements: Suitable Outdoor Space
  • Group Size: 8 -192
Virtual comedian

Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual Live Comedian

Book a live comedian to bring some jovial fun and laughter to your evening, enjoyed from the comfort of your lounge!

  • Duration: circa 30 minutes
  • Requirements: laptop and a secure internet connection!
  • Group Size: 8 - 300
Ice queen performer

Themed Evening Events & Parties

A Winter’s Ball

A wintry world of opulence and mystery awaits your guests as they enjoy the magical and glittering spectacle of a grand winter’s masked ball.

  • Duration: As required
  • Requirements: Large room with additional space once dining tables are in situ
  • Group Size: unlimited
Chocolate factory gates

Themed Evening Events & Parties

Golden Ticket Wonderland

Fairground rides, stall games, sweet treats and live music can all be combined to provide that magical sweet experience!

  • Duration: As required
  • Requirements: Large room with additional space once dining tables are in situ
  • Group Size: unlimited

Evening Entertainment Events

Wine Tasting

Not just Around the World in 90 days – this is a 90-minute vino trip to remember! Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or a relative novice, this dip...

  • Duration: 60-90 minutes
  • Requirements: Sufficient space for a table and chairs for each team
  • Group Size: 10-300

Company Team Building Events & Activities

Boomwacker Blast

An ideal event for dynamic group interaction, regardless of musical ability.

  • Duration: 10-60 minutes
  • Requirements: Room to sit all guests
  • Group Size: 10-300

Company Team Building Events & Activities

Dragon Boat Racing

An ancient Chinese tradition with over 2000 years of history, Dragon boat racing gives a real and lasting sense of individual achievement and team spi...

  • Duration: 1.5 - 3 hours
  • Requirements: Conference room and filming areas
  • Group Size: 6 -220
Crystal Maze inflatable dome

Competitive Events

Crystal Mazed – Outdoor

Can you make Mumsey proud by completing the zones and earning enough time crystals to make you a winner in “The Dome”?!

  • Duration: 2 - 2.5 hours
  • Requirements: Flat open field or small pockets of land
  • Group Size: 8 - 384

Events In London

KDM Events is an award-winning events company servicing the whole of the UK. We are well known for our track record of delivering memorable London team-building experiences and evening events. From indoor chariot building to themed evenings and Christmas events. We are the best place to start when it comes to team events in London.

If you’ve got the big job of organising London team building activities, or team events in London, don’t struggle alone. There’s a lot of information out there, and knowing where to start can feel very overwhelming. With the help of our Event Managers, we can support you in the planning, organisation and execution of engaging, memorable events. Thanks to the strong relationships we’ve built over the years with venues in the London borough and beyond. We can help you find the best London location at the very best price.

A bustling, creative and exciting city, London truly is not to be missed. Home to an absolute abundance of museums, galleries, hotels, bars, restaurants and theatres. When it comes to planning team-building in London you’ll never be stuck for choice and certainly won’t be disappointed!

Explore Team-Building
Show stopping Events in London'
Nomad London atrium

NoMad London

Near the Royal Opera House, this stunning venue is based in the heart of Covent Garden.

  • 91 bedrooms & nearby parking
  • 175 capacity theatre style meeting space
  • In the heart of Covent Garden
26 Leake Street graffiti entranceway

26 Leake Street

This unique multi-arch Waterloo event space offers a multi-purpose setting that is perfect for a wide range of events.

  • Central London location for plentiful accommodation options
  • 1200 capacity for meetings
  • Close to Waterloo train station
Oxo2 terrace


A breath-taking riverside events venue with panoramic views of London’s landmark buildings.

  • Central London location for plentiful accommodation options
  • 160 capacity theatre layout for meetings
  • Close to Waterloo train station
Banking Hall dinner setup

Banking Hall

Banking Hall is an art-deco gem with an enviable location in the heart of London’s historic financial district.

  • Central London location for plentiful accommodation options
  • 250 capacity theatre layout for meetings
  • Close to Bank tube station

Why Choose KDM Events For London Team Building?

Team-building is a fantastic way to develop relationships and build confidence. Whether you have a venue in mind for your team-building in London, or if you just need support to organise the whole thing, we can help! If you need expert advice on the best London venue for your event, then we can offer over 30 years of industry experience and access to a huge database of venues in London and nationwide. When you work with KDM Events. You get the most up-to-date information, the best prices and inside knowledge to help you make the right choice.

We have delivered exceptional team-building events in London for groups and colleagues across a whole spectrum of industries. There are many benefits of these kinds of activities, from strengthening working relationships within a new team, to simply providing a day of fun and much-needed stress relief. With us, you can be sure to gain the very best quality for you and your staff.

Planning your own London team-building events can be difficult to get right. When you do it alone it falls to you to spin all the plates whilst making sure you stay on track and within budget. There’s also the pressure of getting it just right, sometimes events planned in-house don’t hit the mark. Whether that’s due to time constraints, costs, or lack of resources. With our bespoke team events in London, you can rest assured that all your bases are covered and that the end result will be an experience enjoyed by all.

Why Businesses Choose London For Team-Building Events

London, much more than just the capital city, with a buzzing atmosphere it feels like the city never sleeps But, under the bustle of the tourists and crowds there are some very special and exciting team events in London all around the borough.

Take in the sights and sounds of the city on a Thames river cruise or if you’d prefer to be on solid ground we can find you the perfect venue amongst all of the glitz and glamour. Put on the Ritz this year and organise a London team-building event.

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Evening Team-Building Activities In London

Themed evenings are a fantastic way to help colleagues and team members wind down and destress. Perfect as a way to round off conferences or celebrate milestone achievements. KDM Events can help you to organise fun evening team events in London that are memorable for all the right reasons. From Celebrity Juiced (hosted by our very own Keith Orange) to our casino evenings, and cocktail making receptions. It doesn’t matter how zany or elegant the event. Our team has the expertise to make it happen.

Regardless of occasion, we have the resources and know-how to create unforgettable evenings. The KDM Events team has inside knowledge of the very best venues and locations across London to suit your needs. When you work with us, you get exclusive access to this comprehensive database and our Event Managers. They will negotiate all the finer details from prices to contracts on your behalf, all with your requirements and budgets in mind.

Our event management services are also super flexible, so you can pick and choose what you need from us. And if your requirements evolve, we can rise to the challenge with ease. From theme development and decoration to after dinner speakers, activities and entertainment, we are on hand to help, and we never do anything by halves! If you want to stand out from the crowd when it comes to team events and team-building activities, then get in touch with us today!.

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Top 10 Team Building Events & Activities in London

We offer a huge variety of team-building activities in London and we have some of our most popular London team-building events below so that you can get a good idea of what we have to offer.

1. Wreath Making

A festive activity that will particularly appeal to the creative types, this crafty wreath making workshop will provide a long-lasting memento with your customised wreath on display for hopefully years to come!

2. Music Bingo

Do you know your Stormzy from your S Club 7? Can you spot a Madonna song in just a few seconds… and identify in which decade it was a hit? If the answer is yes, then Music Bingo is just the event for you as each card contains 25 songs split across several decades of musical history!

3. Retro Rockets

This fast-paced icebreaker activity sees each team tasked with designing and building their own rocket – with the winning team that can propel their rocket the furthest distance, with distances of up to 50 metres being possible with the right design!

4. The Haka

This legendary war dance, historically used by Maori warriors and popularised by the famous rugby All Balcks – is a sure hit to raise energy levels at your next conference, as well as being a memorable experience that engages your entire group.

5. Wheel of Fortune

Often known as America’s Game, this hugely popular TV show on both sides of the Atlantic makes for an ideal icebreaker to kick-start your conference – with multiple categories of questions ensuring a broad appeal, plus a fast-paced and competitive one that is bound to waken your guests up!

6. Rib Blast

Speedboats across the River Thames, are probably the most exciting way to see the famous London sights! The boats are designed to create the ultimate rollercoaster journey, our guide will provide you with lots of knowledge about the sights that London has to offer.

7. School Sports

School Sports will take you right back to your school days. All you will need is a pair of trainers and suitable sports clothes. We will recreate the old school races and games, where teams will have the chance to compete head-to-head.

8. Scrapheap

The perfect collaborative event, which includes problem solving and teamwork. This event is designed to help bring the group together, when faced with the challenge in front of them. Your event manager will provide all of the equipment, which may resemble a scrapyard. Once all equipment is linked together and allied correctly, it should create a perfect chain.

9. Sheepdog Handling

Make your next company away day one to remember, with an unusual team activity, that everyone will love! Sheepdog Handling will have everyone talking about the event for months after. A relaxed enjoyable event to help boost morale within the team. Enjoy as a standalone activity or alongside another of our country sports activities.

10. Spy Academy

Made up of 2 different zones. Spy Academy, will help test your skills and knowledge. With a mix of Indoor and Outdoor activities included. Teams will go through each activity and be rewarded along with the way with points toward their overall score.

Find Your Team-Building Activities In London

Outdoor or Indoor Team-Building in London?

Indoor Team-Building Activities In London

Indoor team-building in London provides a cosy, intimate environment in which your team can get to know each other comfortably. Indoor team events are also a great way to prepare for all weathers and all situations as the event will be held in a controlled environment where it is easy to improvise if needed. We have a wide variety of indoor team-building events in London for you to choose from and we will take care of all venues and catering needs. All you need to do is turn up with your team!

Outdoor Team-Building Activities In London

Outdoor team-building days in London are a fun and exciting way to get your team’s blood-pumping and a lot of our outdoor team events in London have a competitive spin so that your team can really get stuck into the day.

Being outdoors is a great way to spend your team-building day in London as being amongst some fresh air can be really exhilarating and much different from the day-to-day norm for you and your team. Allow the team to get to know each other better and demonstrate their skill sets in a fantastic outdoor team event in London.

Freight Management client , [5] star rating

“The team at KDM worked very hard to make the Crime & Dine team building event that we held at the Hilton London Tower Bridge engaging and highly fun. Please send them my thanks! ”

Govt organisation , [5] star rating

“The Games Galore event held at Hilton T5 London Heathrow hotel went amazing and I really appreciated all your help with this. The Balloons, looked amazing, really transformed the room and everyone commented on them, And the Evening games went down a treat, people were getting very competitive and Joe/ Team were great – thank you so much. ”

Ready To Start?

Frequently Asked Questions About London Team-Building

What can you do with your team in London?

There are many brilliant team-building days in London for you and your team to enjoy, we have lots on offer that may pique your interests, such as, our Rib Blast event that involves you and your team speed boating across the river Thames on a trailblazing tour of London. Whatever it is that you are looking for, KDM Events can help you from the ideation stages right through to the execution of the event.

What are the 4 main types of team-building activities?

There are usually four main types of team-building events on offer to teams these include:

  • Problem-Solving activities – These activities involve teams coming together to work to solve a puzzle, they usually require many different skill sets and the team will be expected to work together and put their brains to the test.
  • Skill-Based activities – These activities usually persuade team members to show off their skills and talents and demonstrate their strengths to the rest of the group.
  • Activity-Based activities – Team-building often involves many fun activities that will create memories that the team will share together for years to come. 
  • Personality-Based activities – This type of activity encourages teams to work out their own personality type and how best they would work with others who may have a different personality type.

What are the three C’s of team-building activities?

The three C’s of team-building are: 

  • Communication
  • Collaboration, and;
  • Coordination

It is important for your team to collaborate and work together during the team-building activity and coordinate their skills and strengths to help their team to problem-solve and compete against one another and to do this they must demonstrate good communication skills.